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16 Ways To Celebrate A Birthday In Omaha As An Adult

At what age should you stop going out with friends to celebrate your birthday? Trick question. There is no age limit to having fun and making your birthday special. If your birthday is coming soon, and you want to celebrate it in Omaha, keep on reading. 

If money or time wasn’t holding you back, you could plan an epic trip to celebrate your birthday — a lot of people plan them for milestone birthdays. Take, for example, this list of 40th birthday trip ideas.

You don’t need to travel to have a fun birthday celebration when you’re an adult, though!

A group of friends at Axe Games in Omaha

Celebrating Your Birthday In Omaha (For Adults)

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

There are a number of themed scavenger hunts for groups, including one that takes you into Omaha bars and another that has you trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Laugh Hard At A Comedy Club

When’s the last time you had a good belly laugh with your friends? Reserve a table at one of these comedy clubs if it’s been too long to remember.

Celebrate At A Rooftop Bar

Omaha has a surprising number of roof-top bars. If you want a rooftop bar with a pool, head west to Barrel & Vine. You want a chill rooftop to people watch from afar, try 1912 in Benson. For a little upscale night out, there’s a bar at The Peregrine Hotel in downtown Omaha called The Takeoff.

Healthy Competition Among Friends

If you and your friends always has some sort of bet or competition going on between you, there's a good chance you'll enjoy one of these places to hang out with them:

Take An Omaha Brewery Tour

Omaha’s craft beer scene is ever-growing, and a few of the breweries will take you behind-the-scenes to watch how your favorite beer is made.

Take The Patio Ride Pub Crawl

If you’ve spent any time in the Old Market on a warm day, you’ve likely seen (or at least heard) a group riding the Omaha Patio Ride. Essentially, you and your friends paddle a multi-seat bike around downtown Omaha (someone else “drives”), while enjoying a beverage or two.

Get Creative With Friends

Visit one of the creative make-and-take spots and it’s a win-win for everyone: Both you and friends get to be creative and everyone gets to bring home their creations.

Don’t forget, a number of Omaha restaurants have free entrees, desserts, or other treats for birthdays.

Just because you’re over 21, doesn’t mean the celebrations end when you have a birthday. It also doesn’t mean you have to bar hop with friends (unless you want to). There are plenty of memorable ways to celebrate your day.

Group of girl friends at a board painting session in Omaha

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.