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Foodie’s Guide To Restaurants: Where To Eat In Omaha

Imagine having all the best restaurants in Omaha at your finger tips. This collection of stories is all abut dining in Omaha, including guides for best breakfast, best pizza and best date night restaurants. If you’re looking for a good place to eat in Omaha, browse these stories!

Best reviewed restaurants in Omaha

Start with the top Must-Try Restaurants in Omaha for recommendations on the best restaurants to try in the city. You’ll see why Omaha has developed a reputation for being a foodie city — and why we have so many restaurants featured on the Food Network

Next, try one of the city’s newest restaurants. This round-up features Omaha’s newest restaurants to try in 2024. If you’re looking for an Omaha restaurant to impress, you’ll want to read about Omaha’s most romantic restaurants.

When the weather warms up, diners head outdoors. Here’s a look at Omaha’s best outdoor patios and food trucks to look for around the city. Just reading about sitting outside makes me also Happy Hours around town.

Dining in Omaha by cuisine

What are you hungry for? There’s an Omaha restaurant for that! Browse Omaha’s top restaurants by cuisine or meal:

Dining with kids in Omaha

Don’t you feel like you hit the jackpot when you find a local restaurant that has delicious food AND has a kid’s menu? Here are the stories that will help you navigate family-friendly restaurants in Omaha.

Most visitors will find themselves in downtown Omaha during their trip, so it’s good to know about all the family-friendly Downtown Omaha restaurants. If you’re going to see a game at Schwab Field or CHI Health Center Omaha, you’ll want to save this story: Downtown restaurants near the ballpark.

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