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Ultimate Omaha Birthday Party Guide

You plan enough birthday parties — and attend enough of them — you start to get a good idea of Omaha’s best party locations. Where you’re celebrating your little one with a small gathering or celebrating your own birthday with a big party, this guide will have all the information you need!

Party ideas for first birthdays, pre-teens & teens

Like kids’ interests, the places where they want to have a party changes over the years. That’s why this section highlights party ideas for kids at different stages in life! There are a ton of birthday venues in the Omaha metro, and some cater to the elementary age group while others are great for younger kids and even toddlers. And then, there are the trick teenagers and their birthday celebrations are completely different from the younger set. Click the link to get ideas for your kid’s age group!

Birthday party ideas for adults

Why should kids have all the fun? Celebrate your milestone birthdays or just celebrate you being you. Below, find two story options: One with ideas on celebrating your birthday in Omaha as an adult, and the other featuring party rooms in Omaha (as well as fancy private dining options).

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