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Most Irresistible Pizza In Omaha: A Local’s Guide

Omaha has been quietly perfecting its culinary game, and one dish that stands out is pizza. Far from just another Midwest city with standard pizza fare, Omaha boasts a rich tapestry of flavors and techniques that come together in its pizzerias. Whether you’re seeking the comfort of Detroit-style pizza, the rustic charm of a wood-fired Neapolitan, or a fusion that tells a story of its own, Omaha has a slice (or two) for everyone. Dive into the curated list of the best places for pizza in Omaha, where every choice promises a memorable slice.

UPDATE: This post was first published in 2016, and was updated in April 2024.

Via Faria Pizza
Via Farina

Factors Considered in Ranking Pizzas

When it comes to the sacred task of ranking the best pizza joints in Omaha, it’s not a matter taken lightly. The love for pizza runs deep, and every aficionado has their unique checklist that makes a pizzeria stand out. For this list, I considered a combination of key factors to ensure a comprehensive and unbiased look at Omaha’s pizza scene. Here’s what we kept in mind:

Inventive Menu: A menu that not only showcases classic favorites but also introduces eaters to innovative creations. Pizzerias that experiment, blending traditional with the contemporary, get bonus points.

Authenticity and Uniqueness: Omaha’s pizza scene is diverse. You’ve got to appreciate places that honor the traditions of pizza-making from around the world, be it the thin-crust perfection from Naples or the hearty depths of a Chicago deep-dish. However, a touch of local flair or a unique twist makes a pizzeria stand out.

Customer Reviews and Great Pizza Challenge Ranking: Word of mouth is powerful. And you can’t overlook popularity. So, I’ve considered who ranked high in the Great Pizza Tournament I held that asked readers to vote each round, as well as customer reviews and ratings, to understand which pizzerias have left an indelible mark on the hearts (and palates) of Omaha residents.

Friday Pizza Night Feedback: If there’s only one type of food my whole family can agree on, it’s pizza. Every Friday is “Pizza Night,” and every so often, we’ll order pizza from a new-to-us place. That’s why I continue to updat this post. We’ve tried A LOT of new pizza over the years, so it was time to add some names to the list.

Price Range and Value for Money: Good pizza doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. 
In essence, these rankings aim to reflect the multifaceted world of Omaha’s pizzas, from the undeniable classics to the hidden gems. As you explore these picks, know that each establishment has been thoroughly assessed to offer nothing but the best of what Omaha’s pizza world has to offer.

Top 10 Places To Get Pizza In Omaha

Omaha Pizzeria Honorable Mentions

Below are additional locally-owned pizza shops in Omaha that didn’t quite make the Top 10, but deserve a mention. This list doesn’t have any Council Bluffs pizza shops, so head over to this post highlighting the best pizza in Council Bluffs for recommendations. 

Villagios Pizza
Villagio Pizzeria
  • For more than 25 years, Mama’s Pizza has been dishing some really good pizza. I tried it many times, and the crust is definitely unique among the pizza places on this list. I’m still partial to thin crust, but if you love pizza that can hold all of its toppings without getting soggy or floppy, try this place.They have three locations in Omaha, so there’s a good chance you’ve dined there if your child has ever played a team sport. The small arcade is a hit with kids, and keeps them distracted while the grown-ups sit and chat. Locations: 715 N. Saddle Creek Road, Omaha (the OG location); 15615 Pacific St., Omaha; 8146 S. 96th St., La Vista, Neb.; 10156 S. 168 Ave., Omaha
  • Villagio Pizzeria flies under the radar since its location is a little out of the way (you’ve got to take the Irvington exit off Interstate 680). But, it’s worth the drive. They have some inventive flavors like River City Steak and the decadent White Garlic Chicken. Location: 6922 N. 102nd Circle, Omaha
  • New York-style pizzeria Zio’s Pizzeria has been in Omaha staple for decades. The OG location in the Old Market has a lot of character, and the further west you go, the newer and shinier things get. I love the Original Thai pizza there, though sometimes the toppings overwhelm the crust to the point of saturation. They give kids some dough to play with while you wait. Locations: 1109 Howard St., Omaha (OG location); 12997 W. Center Road, Omaha; 7834 Dodge St., Omaha; 18110 Wright St., Omaha
  •  Via Farina is a charming and chic Italian restaurant near one of my favorite theaters, The BlueBarn. Their wood-fire oven is in full view of the restaurant, so it’s somewhat entertaining to keep an eye on it while you’re waiting for your meal. The Neapolitan style pizzas are a little pricey, but on the plus side, the ingredients are locally-sourced and the outcome is delicious. If you’re feeling it, order an egg add on top of your pizza. Location: 1108 S. 10th St., Omaha
  • One of the newest pizzerias to open in Omaha is Williamsburg Pizza, a legit New York pizzeria setting up a location in Omaha. The original location opened in 2012 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and has since expanded with four additional shops across both Brooklyn and Manhattan. And now, you can get a slice of their classics or some Omaha-exclusive items. I recommend a classic like the Grandma, with the most divine, fresh mozzarella on top. Location: 16869 Audrey St., Omaha
  • Pitch Pizzeria goes a little different route with its Neapolitan pizza. They use a coal-fired oven versus wood-fired. They have creative toppings and a great Happy Hour discount on signature pies. Locations: 5021 Underwood Ave., Omaha (OG location); 17808 Burke St., Omaha
  • Looking for deep dish, Chicago-style pizza in Omaha?  Try Pizzeria Davlo. Jamie from The Kitchenarium recommends this place especially for anyone looking for gluten-free crust. “I think Pizzeria Davlo has the best gluten-free crust in town – Der Bamberg is what we order. Have to love sauerkraut on pizza!” Location: 14220 Fort St., Suites 101 & 102, Omaha
  • Lyle’s Pizzeria is a newcomer to the Omaha pizza scene. Early reviews have been positive. Their unique spin on pizza is a sourdough crust topped with fresh ingredients. Location: 5213 Leavenworth St., Omaha
  • A long-time player in Omaha’s food scene (actually, it’s THE longest-running restaurant in Omaha), Orsi Italian Bakery & Pizzeria. It’s a take-out rather than dine-in kind of place. It’s thick, rectangular pizza that’s got a healthy amount of sauce on it. I’m more of a fan of their cheese bread, to be honest. Location: 621 Pacific St., Omaha
  • Johnny Sortino’s Pizza Parlor has been serving up pizza since 1965. Bolton Carley says it’s the Saturday night pick-up she and her husband go out of their way to get. She tells me they use different cheeses that just makes it better and the sauce has just the right flavor and isn’t chunky. As a bonus, it reheats well. She recommends the Hawaiian, but her husband goes for all-meat combos. This is a popular spot for sports teams. Location: 7880 L St., Omaha
  • Bernie’s Original Pizza Parlor was once a big spot for pizza in Millard (AKA, West Omaha), opening in 1971. It was reopened by Bernie’s nephew, and using the same recipes, dishing out the thick-crusted pizza to new fans. This is a take-out kind of place. Go with a classic topping like sausage and mushrooms. Location: 13522 Cottner St., Omaha
  • The family that owns Noli’s Pizzeria was inspired by New York pizzerias, and has tried to bring that flavor to Omaha. Their OG location is in the hip Blackstone Neighborhood, but has since expanded to more locations. They’ll tell you the secret New York pizza is the water, and according to their website “we have partnered with a local filtration company to bring the city water to your plate.” Locations: 4001 Farnam St., Omaha; 10730 Pacific St., Omaha
  • Going with a traditional Nebraska favorite, Lisa from The Walking Tourists suggests Valentino’s cheeseburger pizza (it’s cut into squares). It’s an unpopular opinion, but I think Valentino’s is a little boring in terms of flavor. It’s also one of the few local places that has a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day. Locations: There are several locations in Omaha and Bellevue.

What was The Great Pizza Tournament of Omaha?

In 2018, pizza got pretty competitive in Omaha with The Great Pizza Tournament. Things kicked off on the Oh My! Omaha Facebook page, with Twitter tweeps weighing in, also. See the brackets below.

A tournament bracket for Great Omaha pizzerias.

We started off in head-to-head competition with 32 area restaurants. Sadly, quite a few restaurant in the tournament are no longer open.

  • Virtuoso vs. Night Flight
  • Noli’s vs. Big Fred’s
  • Pizza King vs. Papa Reno
  • Pitch vs. Sgt. Peffer’s
  • La Casa vs. Dudley’s
  • Don Carmelo’s vs. Brick Oven
  • Roman Coin vs. Pizza Counter
  • Pizzeria Davlo’s vs. Pudgy’s
  • Dante vs. Valentino’s
  • Lighthouse vs. Villagio
  • PizzaWest vs. Mama’s Pizza
  • Orsi’s vs. Ragazzi’s
  • Frank’s vs. Via Farina
  • Mangia Italiana vs. Piccaso’s
  • Zio’s vs. Tasty Pizza
  • Piezon’s vs. Johnny Sortino’s

After many weeks of competition, the winner was… Mangia Italiana.

Here’s how the brackets played out:

2018 Great Pizza Tournament in Omaha -  Winners bracket with the grand champion crowned (Mangia Italiana)

I highly recommend checking out the pizzerias in the tournament that you’ve never been to. You may find a new favorite!

The ultimate guide to the best pizza in Omaha, with a local's tips on what to order! Omaha's pizza option range from wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, New York style and even Detroit style pizza.

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Lynnette Staroska

Friday 19th of April 2024

Hi Kim,liked your pizza list, some very good ones! My very favorite, Caniglia's on S.72nd in Papillion is one to really try. Unique kinds like Philly Chicken. Jordan, the owner, is a grandson of the Omaha famous Caniglia restaurant owners. Lunch special of a xlarge slice (actually 2 slices),delicious salad & drink is just around $12.99. Lynnette Staroska

Mark Adkins

Thursday 27th of August 2020

Sigh. I love Godfathers for a good, old fashioned, toppings heavy, just chewy enough crust, greasy small group or family meal pizza. Shun me if you must, but the (cholesterol blocked) heart wants what the heart wants.


Friday 28th of August 2020

No judgement from me. Sometimes I crave Godfathers golden crust. It's good stuff!


Wednesday 17th of July 2019

Noli's is very good pizza!


Wednesday 17th of July 2019

I should go back and give Noli's another try. I had a negative experience the first time and haven't returned.

Christopher Dalton

Saturday 11th of February 2017

Lighthouse Pizza.is the best, very unique combinations http://lhpizza.com


Thursday 9th of February 2017

Brick Oven Pizzeria...the best! Dantes Pitch And YES...Piezons!!! They make a delicious pizza


Thursday 9th of February 2017

Thanks, Michelle! Brick Oven is now on my radar to try.

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