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Spas, Salons And Self-Care Options In Omaha

I recently shared a picture of myself post-facial and captioned it “A girl could get used to this.” And one brilliant friend commented on it saying, “Just remember, you are a kick-ass wife and mother, you deserve this.” Damn right. So, I’m going to embrace this new me and pamper myself a little. Luckily, Omaha has plenty of massage options and med spas and nail salons.

The sign at Harmony Med Spa in Omaha

Two Omaha women — Heidi O’Connell, APRN, and Tamara Doehner, MD — recently opened Harmony Med Spa at Aksarben Village. Heidi’s a friend of mine, and when she as describing the new business venture, I had my doubts that it’d be a place for people like me. I’m not lazy. I just don’t do the whole skin care thing really well. But she talked me into trying a facial, and it turns out, I could get into it.

Disclosure: I’ve been friends with Heidi for years and I am completely biased when I say she is awesome at everything. Also, I received a complimentary facial so I could review the spa.

Self-care is important

I can’t be the only 40-something woman who never had a facial before. When given the choice of a facial or a full-body massage, I’m gonna pick the massage, all right?

But then I got a facial at Harmony. And while I’m not giving up my occasional massage, I have decided that yes, I could become a regular facial person.

Kim after her facial at Harmony Med Spa

The experience starts similarly to a massage: Your asthetician takes you to a cozy private room, with serene music playing on the speakers, and leaves briefly so you can strip down to your comfort level and hop onto a heated table with a snug blanket over you.

And then, it’s bliss. Melissa, my new bff at Harmony (sorry, Heidi), customized the facial to my needs (old lady skin, slightly dehydrated, really stressed out). For one hour, I had zero cares in the world.

When it was over, my skin look dewy and felt soft and smooth. In other words, I didn’t look like a really stressed out 40-something woman. At least for a few hours.

The glow lasted long enough for me to look presentable on live television the next morning at 7 a.m. for my day job at Omaha Children’s Museum. The facial didn’t make me talk any more coherently, but at least it made me look healthy and exuberant. I barely needed makeup (just kidding – it’s TV, I put on a lot makeup).

Kim one-day after her facial prepping for a 7 a.m. television interview

Anyway, it’s been decided: I’m getting monthly facials from now on.

About Harmony Med Spa in Omaha

As it turns out, Heidi and Tamara had people like me in mind when they started Harmony.

“We created Harmony Med Spa as a place for people to focus on their own health and wellness because we see a great need for self-care support among our peers,” said the duo. “We wanted Harmony to provide a wide variety of services to support a wide array of needs. Our goal is to support everyone on their journey to their best self. We are an inclusive med spa that is comfortable for people new to med spas, as well as people who have been going to med spas for years.”

A part of the lobby at Harmony Med Spa in Omaha

So, what do they offer?  

  • Neo EmSculpt treatments. They have the first Neo EmSculpt machine in midtown. It is an FDA approved HIFEM body-sculpting machine. Treatments are a 30-minute, non-invasive procedure that help diminish back pain and abdominal separation by strengthening your core.
  • Emsella chair. What’s that you say? If you’ve given birth vaginally, you know the embarrassment of sneezing and peeing yourself. And this chair is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor…while you’re completely clothed. It helps men and women not only improve urinary incontinence, but also sexual function.
  • Spectrum laser. It removes hair and remove tattoos, as well as treat sunspot and skin discoloration and spider veins.
  • Injectable treatments with filler, Botox, and Kybella
  • The Hydration lounge offers IV hydration focused on providing vitamins and fluids the body needs to combat fatigue, promote energy, improve immunity and wellness. Our wellness injection series focus on boosting metabolism, supporting the immune system, promoting inner beauty for skin, hair and nails, and increasing energy.   
  • In addition to facials, you can get chemical peels, dermaplaning, lash and brow tinting and lamination, waxing and more.  
  • They also have clubs for different monthly services that offer special pricing.
One of the private treatment rooms at Harmony Med Spa

10+ recommended Omaha spas, massage, and nail salons

If you’re not a regular “treat yo-self” kind of person, you probably don’t have a go-to spa or salon. I’m just starting to indulge in more treatments, so I’m by no means a regular at any of these places. But here are my favorites in Omaha:

  • FacialsHarmony Med Spa, 6750 Mercy Road, suite 4
  • Massage: Becky with Utopia Massage (she comes to you, or you can book with her at Urbane Salon and Day Spa, 1007 Farnam St., suite 1). Text 402-505-0701 to get the booking process started or request her at Urbane.
  • Nails: I’m rather non-committal with nail salons. I’ve had good experiences at Martini Nails & Spa, 1008 S. 74th Plaza, as well as Loveland Nails & Spa, 8900 W. Center Road, suite 102 (ask for Maria).
  • For a spa getaway, I recommend a road trip to The Elms Hotel & Spa, located in Excelsior Springs just outside of Kansas City.

Want more recommendations? I asked my Facebook audience for their favorites, and here are a few more suggestions:

Manicured nails
  • Massage: Lisa H. recommended Sara Comstock at The Health Practice, 8329 Cass St. “With her massage experience and continuing education in wellness & nutrition coaching, aromatherapy and acupuncture, she is a one stop shop to help your mind & body function like it should.”
  • Massage: A different Lisa H. recommended the massage services at Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa at 12025 Pacific St. and BalanceWorks Massage Center, 8790 F St.
  • Nails: Debbie W. recommended Kala Nail Spa, 15475 Ruggles St., suite 111. “I’ve been going there for 12 years. Never have a nail lift or crack. My sister and niece also go there. We have standing appointments for every 2 weeks. Excellent pedicures also.”
  • Nails: Nail technician (and from what I hear, nail artist) Ocean Englehart had two people recommend her. Jen B. said Ocean is amazing. “She pays great attention to detail. Her designs are true works of art!” Susie C. seconded Ocean’s work. Ocean works at Chroma The Salon, 14505 W. Maple Road, suite 103.
  • Nails: Lisa F. recommended Papio Nails & Spa, 754 Gold Coast Drive, suite 109, Papillion, Neb. “I love their option to pick a scent and features of the pedicure and of course that they always do a great job.”
  • Nails: A former co-worker of mine, Kelli Z., recommended Bamboo Nail Spa, 7826 S. 123rd Plaza A, La Vista, Neb. “The service is excellent, management is great, and Sophia and Dean always do a great job!”
  • Nails: Laura at Our Next Adventure says American Nails and Spa, 3618 N. 165th St., is her go-to for nails.

I’d love to know where you go, so leave a comment with your spa or salon recommendations!

Recommended spas for nails, massage, hair, and other self-care treatments

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