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Better Than Camping: Glamping At Cunningham Lake

I didn’t camp as a kid. Once I had kids, I had idealistic dreams of what it would be like to be all cozy in a tent with them in a picturesque setting. Here’s the reality of camping, though: The ground is hard, and it’s either way too hot or way too cold, and somehow, a kid’s foot is resting on my cheek. Once glamping was invented – and glamping close to Omaha, no less – I’ve once again started to believe that I too could “camp with the kids”… without really camping.

Exterior of the safari tent at Lake Cunningham in Omaha

Disclosure: We were guests of Prairie Fireflies and received complimentary food from Gravy Train. This post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.

Glamping in Omaha

Prairie Fireflies didn’t invent glamping. They did, however, create a glamping experience so close to Omaha that it could be a game changer of how people plan a staycation. This venture, owned by two Omaha sisters, has a pair of tents at Cunningham Lake, a city-managed park that is within Omaha city-limits.

Interior of the Safari Tent at Cunningham Lake in Omaha

My family stayed a night in the Safari Tent, the larger of the two tents. It was ideal for us since it had the bunk bed for kids in addition to a queen size bed.

All linens were furnished, and we’re not just talking typical, scratchy cabin linens. I cuddled up with a faux fur blanket once the temperatures dropped below 60. It was peak hygge.

My kids were over the moon at the campsite, not even minding that there wasn’t a single screen available to them. They found some games and wooden blocks to play with, and then invented a scavenger hunt for the family. Later, my 10-year-old went looking for monarch eggs around the lake.

(There is electricity there, just in case you’re wondering. You could theoretically bring handheld devices and charge them. Camp however you want to.)

Kids building with wooden blocks outside glamping tents

And while we’re talking about camping, there are a few things to note about glamping in a tent: It’s still a tent. There are some unavoidable things that go along with camping.

Yes, there is no air conditioning or running water in the tent. There is a fan, though, and a small stove that serves as an excellent space heater (as I found out when my daughter turned it on when it was already 85 degrees outside).

You will have to walk to use the bathroom or to wash your hands. There is a shower house, as well, for a fee.

What to bring for glamping at Cunningham Lake

The great thing is that both tents are equipped with some excellent amenities, so I didn’t have to bring lawn chairs or our own towels, for instance. They even thoughtfully provided a roasting stick and a s’mores kit (you can add it to your stay here). However, if your kids are s’mores fiends, you’ll want to bring more ingredients and probably more roasting sticks (lest a fight breaks out).

There is a small refrigerator, which comes in handy, as well as a Keurig machine (with pods for hot cocoa, as well as coffee and tea).

Things you will want to bring:

  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Food and beverages (there are water fountains at the park to refill your water bottles). If you aren’t much of a cook, or if you really want to feel pampered, Prairie Fireflies has partnered with two women-owned businesses who can bring food to you. There’s Good Life Charcuterie for your evening or afternoon nibbles, as well as the breakfast and brunch options from Gravy Train. The buttermilk biscuits and savory gravies were divine, but if your kids don’t like spicy, avoid the jalapeno biscuits.
  • We brought flashlights but honestly, the campground is very well lit. They’re not 100% necessary, but if you glamp with your kids, they’ll become their favorite toy at night.
  • Matches and kindling for the fire pit. You can purchase wood from the campground host or bring your own.
  • Fishing poles
  • Your dog! The glamping tents are dog-friendly. Be sure to mention your dog on your reservation so there will be bowls placed in the tent for your pooch.
A girl walking a dog at Lake Cunningham in Omaha

Cunningham Lake has a marina and a boat launch, so you could bring your watercraft if you want. There were several people kayaking and doing standup paddle boarding, as well as a few fishing boats. I don’t have a watercraft, so I had to stand on shore and envy theirs.

Glamping in the Midwest

There few options for glamping near Omaha, and I’ll be sharing those in a post in the near future. In the mean time, check out some of my recommended Midwest glamp sites, including several gorgeous options in Missouri.

Glamping tents in Omaha, Nebraska - Real beds, stylish decor and more amenities at these glamping sites around Lake Cunningham

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