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5 Tastiest Donut Shops In West Omaha In 2023

Omaha loves a good donut. I’m more of a traditionalist in that I like frosted cake donuts with much showy toppings. They taste the best (though I love looking at the over-the-top-almost-art creations). Depending on your preferences, you’ll find a donut shop on this list that meets it. And they’re all in West Omaha.

UPDATE: This post was published in 2022, and has been updated in April 2023 because, regrettably, several shops have closed. If you are looking for midtown donut or downtown donuts, you’ll want to see this more comprehensive Omaha donut shop post.

What is considered West Omaha?

Even if you are from Omaha, where exactly is West Omaha is up for debate. Depending on who you ask, West Omaha could have very different boundaries. Is West Omaha anything east of 72nd Street?? Should West Omaha include Elkhorn or La Vista??

Am I over-thinking things?? Yes.

For the most part, I’ll be a little loosey-goosey with the boundaries and say that shops on this list are west of about 90th Street (so that Pettit’s western location can make the list), and yes, Elkhorn is included.

West Omaha Donut Shops

Is your favorite bakery or donut shop missing?

I didn’t include national chains on this list, as there are many, many in Omaha and they’re super easy to find. However, if you have a local favorite that has flown under the radar, let me know!

Donut shops in West Omaha, plus recommendations on what type to try at each place!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.