March 8, 2017

Where To Find Good Mexican Food In Omaha

Omaha has a vibrant Mexican community. Head to South 24th Street sometime and feel transported to Mexico, with its shops and restaurants advertising in Spanish,  and the colorful streetscape. There’s an abundance of great Mexican restaurants in Omaha thanks to that community, and not just on South 24th Street.

Ready to try some new Mexican food? I asked Oh My! Omaha Facebook fans to share their favorites, and they delivered a great assortment of options. Here’s are some local Mexican favorites:

Best Mexican restaurants in Omaha - Locals share their favorite tacos, food trucks and enchiladas#Omaha #localtips #dining

El Dorado

5134 S. 24th St.

Katie L. and Krynn P. both recommended El Dorado. “The paradillas and seafood cocktails are INCREDIBLE. It is SO GOOD!!,” said Katie, who also wanted to point out the strawberry margaritas are “pretty yummy.”

Krynn said El Dorado was a household favorite. Her husband’s favorite thing to order there are the chicken enchiladas.

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

7630 Burlington St.

For good soft shell tacos, Laura S. recommended Maria’s Mexican Restaurant, located in Ralston.


380 N. 114th St. and 7555 Pacific St.

Donna W. recommended Fernando’s, though with two locations in Omaha, I’m not sure which one she’d steer you to. Her grandaughters’ favorite thing to order are the chicken enchiladas, but Donna’s can’t narrow it down (and no, Donna, the margarita doesn’t count!).


12047 Blondo St.

“Rivera’s is the best! Hands down!,” said readerAmy B. “Their menu is amazing and the staff is great too!”

I asked her what she’d recommend there, and she suggested pastor tacos, and for more a unique variety, try the enchiladas potosinas, pollo a las brasas, or the carne asada. “You won’t be disappointed.”


3932 Farnam St.

Dana Z. from Mom’s Good Eats recommends Mula in the trendy Blackstone neighborhood, especially the guacamole and the strawberry margarita.

Dos de Oros Food Truck

3310 S. 24th St. (O’Reilly’s parking lot) and another parked near 24th Street and H Street

Two fans of Dos de Oros recommend a food truck called Dos de Oros. Brian W. said “Dos de Oros taco truck can’t be beat. I honestly don’t crave any other Mexican food anymore. Theirs is sooooo good.” His favorite are the tacos and burritos.

Laura S. agreed with Brian, “Their burritos and tacos are the  💣.”

Maximo’s Cantina

2613 N. Main St., Elkhorn, Neb.

According to Wendy S., everything at Maximo’s is good, plus a “rocking happy hour and amazing staff.”

Jacobo’s Grocery

4621 S. 24th St.

Yes, I agree with Lori S.  on this one, while Jacobo’s is a small grocery store and not a restaurant, its food counter should be included on this list. “The burritos at Jacobos are TDF! And the salsa! and the tamales…,” wrote Lori.


1020 Howard St.

Tim T. with The Walking Tourists recommended Trini’s, a charming restaurant in the Old Market that I like too, mostly because of the atmosphere and location.

Tim also added two more restaurants to his recommended list: La Mesa and Romeo’s.

Your turn:

Where in Omaha can you find the best Mexican food?

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  1. I would add Corner Kick Cantina to the list. I just heard of them for the first time a few weeks ago. They serve delicious street tacos -seriously just get one of each! Their happy hour specials aren’t too shabby either. While they have high top tables they were still kid friendly to my two-year-old.

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