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Chocolate Lover's Guide To Omaha

If you know me, you know I love all-things-chocolate and I love Omaha. Naturally, I have to share that love with you all. I invited readers from my Oh My! Omaha Facebook page and travel writing friends to share some of their Omaha favorites. So, here’s our round-up guide to Omaha for the chocolate lover.

Updated: This was first published in 2017 and was updated in January 2020 to reflect new restaurants and restaurant closings.

Keep reading to find the best chocolate in Omaha!

Love all things chocolate? Here's your guide to dining in Omaha! Find out where the best chocolate pastries, ice cream, and artisan chocolates are sold in Omaha. #Omaha #Nebraska #chocolate #desserts #Midwest

Where to find the best chocolate ice cream

Conveniently, a lot of the best ice cream shops in Omaha, in general, have really good chocolate ice cream and spin-offs of the standard chocolate. Among my favorites, though, are:

Scoop of chocolate ice cream at Ted and Wally's

Ted & Wally’s

Where: 1120 Jackson St. and 6023 Maple St.

I love all kinds of flavor combinations for ice cream, but I have been known to school my nieces and children in recognizing that Omaha has the best homemade chocolate ice cream – with no add-ins – at Ted & Wally’s.

I found another person, Cindy K., who agrees with me: “Simple but oooohhh so good.”

Exterior of Coneflower Creamery located in the Blackstone Neighborhood of Omaha

Coneflower Creamery

Where: 3921 Farnam St.

Locally-sourced ingredients make for some OMG flavors. You may be tempted to try one of Coneflower’s more creative flavors, but if you’re a true chocolate fan, you can’t go wrong with the dark chocolate.

A scoop of chocolate ice cream at eCreamery in Dundee.


Where: 5001 Underwood Ave.

While I’m a purist and will 99% of the time choose good, plain chocolate ice cream, I do love added goodies to my ice cream from time to time. 

I have to let you know that eCreamery is ah-mazing, and you have to try Shark Bait when you’re there. It’s one of the flavors they fed to the “sharks” when they pitched to them on “Shark Tank.” Shark Bait is sea salt caramel gelato with chocolate-covered pretzels, and yes, it’s as tasty as that sounds.

Best artisan chocolates in Omaha

Chocolat Abeille

Where: 555 Cornhusker Road, Suite 210, Bellevue, Neb.

This Old Market chocolate shop is artisan chocolates at its best. Their hand-painted chocolates are almost too pretty to eat (almost).

Chocolate Abeille is also known for its Tea & Chocolate Tasting Room sessions – which have filled up in the past.

Chocolaterie Stam

Where: Shadow Lake Towne Center, 7474 Olson Dr #123, Papillion, Neb.

Stam, as it’s known around here, was recommended more than once. This store specializes in the old-world Dutch tradition of chocolate making.

Adrienne S., a member of the Omaha foodies group I belong to, also recommended Stam. “Stam’s in Shadow Lake has the most amazing chocolate pieces and gelato!”

Danell T. wrote about his winter daddy-daughter date to Stam – note for those looking for hot chocolate!

Exterior of Old Market Candy Shop in Omaha, Nebraska

Old Market Candy Shop

Where: 1005 Howard St.

Flavor-wise, Old Market Candy Shop competes with the best candy shops in Omaha. You won’t find works of art quite like you’d find at, say, Chocolat Abeille, but if you’re looking for a bon bon or just some sort of cluster, this is a great shop to find it.

Related post: Do you want straight-up candy? Like old school candy or, maybe, a Snickers? Go to Hollywood Candy, which is also located in the Old Market.

Best Omaha bakeries & restaurants to find chocolate pastries

If you’re looking for baked goods, pastries and other delightful sweets, look no further than these Omaha restaurants and bakeries.

Jones Bros. Cupcakes and my smiling daughter in the background.

Jones Bros. Cupcakes

Where: 2121 S. 67th St., 2615 S. 180th St., and inside Westroads Mall, 10000 California St.

Confession: I’ve kinda outgrown my love of cupcakes, and don’t frequent cupcake shops quite like I used to. But, if you ever get the chance to step foot into a Jones Bros., I dare you to not be entranced by their cupcake display. They were on “Cupcake Wars” for good reason.

These cupcakes are behemoth cupcakes, by the way. It’s totally acceptable to split one.

Le Petit Paris – French Bakery

Where: 567 N. 155th Plaza

A little taste of France in a West Omaha strip mall? Yes, it’s true. Laura I. said she had to recommend the pain au chocolat from Le Petit Paris although “everything they make is heaven!”

M’s Pub

Where: 422 S. 11th St.

Brian W. recommended M’s Pub, a long-time Omaha favorite,because they had “the chocolate mocha fudge torte is No. 1 on my list of chocolatey things to eat in Omaha.” If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Interior of The Omaha Bakery located in Midtown Omaha.

The Omaha Bakery

Where: 10503 S. 15th St., Bellevue, Neb., and 725 N. 210th St., Elkhorn, Neb.

The Omaha Bakery has made me a fan just based on the motto on their T-shirts: “Legalize frostitution.”

Carrie A. is a fan, too, and suggested you try the bon bons there. Jennifer B. seconded The Omaha Bakery, noting that “The brownies at Omaha Bakery are sinful. In a good way!”

Summer Kitchen Cafe

Where: 1130 Sterling Ridge Drive and 12010 Giles Road, La Vista, Neb.

You knew there was going to be at least one cupcake on this list if it was about chocolate in Omaha, didn’t you? Mary Eileen S. recommended the giant red velvet cupcake at Summer Kitchen Cafe. “I crave them.”

Twisted Cork Bistro

Where: 10730 Pacific St.

Gretchen H. said for the best chocolate in Omaha, look no further than the chocolate cookie at Twisted Cork. Though she added the word “cookie” does not do it justice.

I’ve always thought of Twisted Cork as a great little bistro for dinner on date night, but now, I might just have to reconsider why I go there.

Exterior of V. Mertz in the Old Market of Omaha

V. Mertz

Where: 1022 Howard St.

Dana Z. recommended two desserts from V. Mertz. She said their candy bar and the chocolate dessert she recently had there “It was lick-the-plate yum.”

V. Mertz, by the way, is definitely more of a date night spot than a restaurant you’d bring your kids to.

If you have a sweet tooth and really love chocolate, this is your guide to Omaha restaurants. The chocolate lover's guide to Omaha shares locals' recommendations for bakeries, restaurants, artisan chocolatiers, and ice cream shops, all guaranteed to satisfy chocolate cravings. #Omaha #eatlocal #restaurants #icecream #dessert #chocolates #Midwest #Nebraska #sweets

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Erin O'Brien

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

I'll second Le Petit Paris! Delicious pastries!


Wednesday 6th of September 2017

I need to go there, still. For being such a fan of pastries, I'm a little disappointed in myself for taking this long to visit Le Petit Paris.


Monday 27th of March 2017

I am late to the party but I would be remiss to not mention the Fried Brownie from Keystone Tavern and Grill. It was so ridiculously decadent. I posted a photo on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BR_9wejgqQO/?taken-by=thekitchenarium


Monday 27th of March 2017

That sounds ridiculous...I have to try it! Thanks, Jamie!

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