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Honest Opinions About 13 Attractions In Wisconsin Dells

We pulled up in front of the Wilderness, excitement quivering in the car. All of the planning and the hours of driving were about to culminate into one big jump into the first pool we saw.  

My husband asked me to check in while he got the bags unloaded for ultimate efficiency. As I reached down to grab my purse, I realized it was missing. Instantly, a video played in my head of hanging it on the chair at Hardee’s in Dubuque while we ate lunch. And that’s where it stayed when we left. 

Two kids stand in front of a sign at Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. The sign reads
Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Unfortunately, the media pass for The Dells was included inside, so somebody had to make the two-hour drive back to get it. (Thankfully the employees had located it and placed it in their safe with not a thing missing from inside. I’m so grateful for that!)

As my husband pulled away from the hotel on this unplanned road trip, I felt terrible. But we got settled into our unit just the same and took off to explore the first water park. 

The Dells has become a yearly tradition in our family, and the story of the forgotten purse will just become another piece of lore to include in our adventures. If you make the journey, here are some of the things we have explored and our true feelings about each of them. 

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Wisconsin Dells Attractions

This is just the beginning of what is offered in the Wisconsin Dells. We plan a yearly trip because there are so many things left that we haven’t had time to do yet. Next up for us includes Mt. Olympus, the Wisconsin Deer Park, and Sneaky Pete’s Wild West Dinner Show. 

The best part of The Dells is that despite it’s location in a cooler climate, there is no lack of activities.  Indoor parks provide a tropical respite, and the variety of other activities will keep you as busy as you’d like. 

Frequent visitor's guide to Wisconsin Dells attractions - Includes family's favorite waterparks ad restaurants!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.