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13 Awesome Food Flights & Drink Flights In Omaha In 2023

It seems in the last six months or so, the demand for food flights and drink flights has grown tremendously in Omaha. It started with a coffee shop announcing its hot and ice flights of four flavors, and then suddenly, we all started craving samples of everything. Read on for what Omaha restaurants, bars and coffee shops have come up with!

A cider flight at Glacial Till in Ashland, Nebraska

Drink flights

You’d think breweries and wineries would have cornered the market, but no, there are plenty of drink flights in Omaha that go beyond those. From coffee to martinis and boba tea, there are samples to please just about any taste.

1. Arnold Palmer Flights

Where: Karma Koffee, 587 N. 155th Plaza

What: Karma Koffee has combined black tea with lemonade and added ingredients to make a new Arnold Palmer Flight. Get a choice of five for $14.99, including flavors like Julep Palmer, Peach Palmer, Violet Palmer, Garden Party Palmer, and Black & Blue Palmer.

2. Beer flights

Where: The Benson Brewery, 6059 Maple St.; Site-1 Brewing, 2566 Farnam St.; Thunderhead Brewery (1037 Jones St. and 13304 W. Center Road, suite 126); Upstream Brewing Co., 514 S. 11th St.; Vis Major Brewing Co., 3501 Center St.

A beer flight at The Benson Brewery

What: You’ll find a lot of breweries offer flights sample four or more their beers. I’ve only included a handful here, but you can check this list of Omaha breweries to find more.

Tips: Thunderhead has been known to pair a beer flights with Girl Scout cookies. The Benson Brewery has a buy two flights, get on free deal on Wednesdays.

3. Boba flights

Where: The Bánh Mì Shop, 923 Galvin Road S, suite 101, Bellevue, Neb., and Jones Bros. Cupcakes (Aksarben location) 2121 S. 67th St.

A flight of boba drinks at Jones Bros. Co. at Aksarben Village
Photo courtesy Jones Bros. Cupcakes

What: Boba drinks are basically bubble drinks. They’re tea-based drinks that typically have chewy tapioca balls in them, but they can be made with other toppings. Jones Bros. offers flights of four boba flavors to taste. The most popular flavors are are watermelon, Dragonfly (passion fruit and strawberry), and grape.

4. Champagne flights

Where: Homy Inn, 1510 N. Saddle Creek Road

Photo courtesy Homy Inn

What: Homy Inn is known for having champagne on tap, so it only makes sense that the flight they offer is champaign. You can try a flight of all four varieties on tap (dry, sweet, strawberry, and peach) for $15.

5. Cider flights

A cider flight at Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard in Council Bluffs, Iowa
Photo courtesy Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard

Where: Glacial Till Cider House and Tasting Room, 1419 Silver St., Ashland, Neb.; Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard, 19475 225th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa

What: Neither of these places listed are in Omaha, but trust me, driving to them is worth it. Glacial Till has a variety of their ciders on tap, but definitely include their original in your tastings to compare everything to – it’s the gold standard.

Ditmars offers a $5 flight of its hard ciders, and there are six usually on tap (as of this press time, they had on tap: Harvest Apple, Strawberry Basil, Black Raspberry Pie, Black Cherry, Eagle Eye Sapphire, and Bone Dry Apple). They partnered with Sacrilegious Ciderworks in Glenwood, Iowa, to make them.

6. Coffee flights

Where: Karma Koffee, 587 N. 155th Plaza, and Zen Coffee Co., 132nd and Center street

Photo courtesy Zen Coffee Co.

What: Karma Koffee has flights that include five drinks at 8 ounces each, and they can be iced or hot. They’re available for $19.99. Note that reservations aren’t required but are helpful, so call 402-885-8892.

The flights at Zen are four 6-ounce drinks. You can choose from hot and iced beverages, with more than 30 options. No blended drinks, though. A few favorites include Honey Bee, Belgian Waffle, Smores, Matcha, Chai, and Lavender Lemonade.

For a unique twist, since this is mostly an adult list of beverages, Zen Coffee makes kids boards with kids lattes (no espresso) and lemonade.

7. Margarita flights

Where: MULA Mexican Kitchen, 3932 Farnam St.

What: MULA offers a flight of three popular margarita flavors: house, cucumber and jalapeño.

8. Martini flights

Where: West End Cocktails and Appetizers, 1529 S. 203rd St., Suite 1

What: Choose any four of their signature martinis for a flight with 5-ounce rocks glasses. You can substitute signature cocktails for an additional fee.

9. Wine flights

Where: Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard, 19475 225th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa

What: The orchard has partnered with Prairie Crossing Vineyard to offer $5 flights (in addition to the cider flights mentioned above). Wines are on the sweeter side, and you get your choice of five from 15 wines available. I’m told their most popular wines are Barely Legal (“named because it was created the week Lyle’s daughter took her bar exam, but it also fits because it dangerously tastes like Welch’s grape juice…”) and the dry wine, Neighbor.

Food flights

Come hungry when you plan on getting a food flight in Omaha. Or at least, bring a buddy to help you finish. Here are a few of the tasty food flights in the city.

10. Dessert flights

Where: The Bubbly Tart, 3020 Leavenworth St.

Photo courtesy The Bubbly Tart

What: Dessert flights at The Bubbly Tart feature eight different kinds of desserts and it’s definitely enough for two people. For $20, it comes with cookies, cookie sammies, cheesecake, macarons, brownies, and tarts.

11. Ice cream flight

Where: Graley’s Creamery & Confections, 147 N. Washington St., Papillion, Neb.

A flight of seven ice cream flavors at Graley's Creamery & Confections in Papillion, Nebraska
Photo courtesy Graley’s Creamery & Confections

What: Graley’s ice cream flights consist of seven flavors of your choice. It’s the time to be adventurous, as there are always a few pretty unique flavors (recent ones have been Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chicago Popcorn, Lavender Honey, and Black Raspberry). In the summer, flights are only available Mondays through Thursdays and served indoors only. In the winter, they’re available every day.

I’ve had Graley’s ice cream and was not disappointed. I added it to my list of best ice cream shops in the Omaha metro!

12. Meatball flight

Where: The Blackstone Meatball, 3910 Harney St. and 18101 Chicago St.

What: Try all five meatballs (Classic Beef, Romesco Pork, Pesto Chicken, Mushroom & White Bean, and Special Ball/Chef’s Creation) and all five sauces (Bolognese, Marinara, Pesto, Garlic Alfredo, El Diablo) in the meatball flight.

13. Wonton flight

Where: Wonton Jon’s food truck, various locations through they are regulars at Trucks & Tap

Flights at Wonton Jon's
Photo courtesy Wonton Jon’s

What: All of Wonton Jon’s wontons are options for the four-wonton flight. If you ask me, the Crab Rangoon Wonton is a must on your plate. However, I asked the food truck what’s the most ordered, and they said the Crab Rangoon Burger and Peanut Butter Chicken ‘Tons.

A new way to explore Omaha bars, restaurants and coffee shops: Flights! Here's a list of food flights from ice cream to meatballs, and a list of drink flights from boba tea to coffee or champagne flights.

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Did I miss any? Please leave a comment if you’ve come across other flights in the Omaha metro area!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.