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Where To Get The Best Steaks In Omaha

Omaha has garnered a rich reputation for its delectable steaks, to the extent that my inbox brims with enthusiastic readers seeking the steakhouse recommendations. Rather than repeat myself in every reply, I decided to cultivate list of top Omaha steakhouses. This list has my favorites as well as input from other local bloggers who share my passion for exploring gastronomic wonders. Together, we have curated an exquisite list of the finest restaurants where you’ll get a hearty steak meal in Omaha.

UPDATED: This post was first published in 2016 and updated in September 2023.

Discover the Finest Steaks in Omaha

In Omaha, you will find yourself spoilt for choice between the charming old-school Italian steakhouses and the chic, modern establishments, all vying to offer the most exquisite quality of beef in an ever-competitive landscape.

Interior of The Drover Restaurant, a popular steakhouse in Omaha.
Photo courtesy Visit Omaha

Time-Honored Omaha Steakhouses

Omaha cherishes its historic eateries — a testament I can personally vouch for, given my extensive experiences chronicling their stories. (It’s true, I wrote the book)

Nestled within the heart of the city are vintage steakhouses that have witnessed eras go by. This includes the legendary Original Johnny’s Café, an institution since 1922, the revamped Gorat’s Steakhouse that first flung open its doors in 1944, the ever-resilient Cascio’s Steakhouse, a gem from 1946, and the beloved Drover Restaurant, gracing Omaha since 1969.

However, one must tread carefully as not all steakhouses age well. Despite its legion of devoted fans, my venture into Johnny’s did not quite hit the mark, though I would be remiss to completely dismiss it; their prime rib still commands a hearty following.

The Drover holds a special place in the hearts of Omahans, having resurrected splendidly from a tragic fire in 2019 to continue its legacy. A visit here is incomplete without indulging in their celebrated whiskey-marinated steak.

Amongst these revered establishments, Gorat’s has stolen my heart with its delightful offerings, especially catering to the little ones with a dedicated kid’s menu, a gesture much appreciated by parents like myself.

Neon sign in front of Gorat's, one of Omaha's oldest steakhouses.


  • Cascio’s Steakhouse, 1620 S. 10th St.
  • The Drover, 2121 S. 73rd St.
  • Gorat’s, 4917 Center St.
  • Johnny’s Cafe, 4702 S. 27th St.

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Unforgettable Omaha Steakhouses with a Unique Flair

Omaha’s vibrant culinary scene is graced by a few unparalleled restaurants where sumptuous steaks are accentuated by unique, immersive atmospheres.

At the forefront is Brother Sebastian’s Steak House & Winery, a captivating establishment that transports you to a serene monastery, complete with servers adorned in monk attire. A stalwart since 1977, it promises not just a meal but an experience that transcends time.

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Adding a splash of contemporary luxury to the city’s dining scene is The Committee Chophouse, nestled within the illustrious Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel. The ambient, dimly-lit dining room echoes the grandeur of the past, reminding visitors of the rich history encapsulated within the original Blackstone Hotel’s walls.

Delmonico steak at Committee Chophouse in Omaha

I had the privilege of dining here recently and can vouch for the impeccably crafted steaks and the unparalleled service that makes it an ultimate destination for an opulent date night. Incidentally, the hotel also has an excellent brunch, though that’s a bit off-topic.


  • Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse & Winery, 1350 S. 119th St.

Honorable Mentions: Much-Anticipated Steakhouse Ahead

As much as I dream of traversing every culinary corner of Omaha, time stands as a barrier. However, my passion fuels my determination to explore these acclaimed steakhouses that have yet to grace my culinary journey:

Close up photo of Omaha Steaks
  • Omaha Prime – A revered Old Market establishment, boasting a clientele that includes the likes of Warren Buffett and Alex Rodriguez. Surely, a place that commands such attention warrants a visit. 415 S. 11th St.
  • 801 Chophouse Paxton – A stalwart downtown, whose presence seems to have eluded me till now, beckoning with promises of culinary delights. 1403 Farnam St.
  • Jerico’s Restaurant – A name that resounds often within the vibrant Omaha foodie circles on Facebook, guaranteeing a steak experience worth cherishing. 11732 West Dodge Road.
  • J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks & Seafood – A fresh entrant that piques curiosity, promising a delightful blend of fiery steaks and sumptuous seafood. 1010 Capital Ave.
  • Mahogany Prime Steakhouse – A West Omaha gem that aims to redefine the dining experience, creating waves of excitement. 13665 California St.
  • Spencer’s For Steaks and Chops – A cornerstone at the edge of the Old Market, awaiting my inaugural visit with much anticipation. 102 S. 10th St.

As I continue on this delightful quest, I invite you to share in the joys of discovering Omaha’s finest steakhouses, a journey peppered with flavorful adventures and culinary wonders.

Steak entree at Monarch in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska

Which steakhouses are near downtown Omaha?

If you’re visiting Omaha, chances are you’re staying in a hotel near the Old Market or in downtown Omaha. If you’re wondering which of the restaurants mentioned above are near downtown Omaha, here’s that list:

  • 801 Chophouse Paxton
  • Cascio’s Steakhouse
  • J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood
  • Omaha Prime & Bar
  • Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops
You can't visit Omaha without trying a steak! Here's a list of recommendations for best steakhouses, made by locals! If you're craving a hamburger (or veggie burger), there are tips on where to go for those, too. #Omaha #Omaharestaurants  #eatlocal #steakhouses

Your turn, Omaha and beyond: Share your favorite places in Omaha to get steaks!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.