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16 Super Unique Coffee Shops To Try In Omaha

Java. Joe. Lifeblood. Brew. Whatever nickname you use, Omahans love their coffee. More than 61,000 coffee shops pepper the American landscape, with Omaha accounting for all but a dozen. Just kidding. With dozens of local and national coffeehouses around town, it may seem that way sometimes. We all have our favorites, and loyalty is strong with some. From old-fashioned coffee shops to innovative coffeehouses, Omaha has an amazing collection of establishments. While it’s impossible to include all the coffee shops in Omaha on this list here’s a look (in no particular order) of some of the best local coffeehouses in the city.

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Interior of The Mill on Leavenworth in downtown Omaha
The Mill on Leavenworth

Omaha coffee shops to visit next

Hardy Coffee Co.

With four locations in the Metro, it’s a challenge not to be close to a cup of Hardy Coffee java. The original location in the Old Market features an open space, perfect for working or relaxing with friends.

The Highlander location near 30th and Hamilton serves as Ground Zero for Hardy’s coffee bean roasting and bakery. While at Hardy, order a cinnamon roll and cold brew coffee, including seasonal flavors. You may want to grab a bag of Hardy beans or ground coffee before leaving. Hardy’s other locations are in Benson and a drive-thru in Sarpy County near Interstate 80 and Highway 50.

Locations: 6051 Maple St., Omaha, Neb.; 14450 Meadows Blvd., suite 5, Omaha, Neb.; 2112 N. 30th St., Omaha, Neb.; 1031 Jones St., Omaha, Neb.

Myrtle & Cypress

Tucked in the Gifford Park neighborhood on North 33rd Street is one of the newer coffee houses and roasters in Omaha, Myrtle & Cypress. The homey atmosphere invites people to stick around for while.

Exterior of Myrtle & Cypress in Omaha
Myrtle & Cypress Gifford Park location

Myrtle & Cypress’s determination to keep things local and clean makes it a stand-out. As much as possible, they use only natural sweeteners and aim for organic products. They also source their products locally (or at least, within 400 miles of the store).

Location: 517 N. 33rd St., Omaha, Neb.

Note: The shop will open a second location inside the Omaha Conservatory of Music soon. The opening date is set for late spring 2024.

Archetype Coffee

When Archetype Coffee opened in the Blackstone district in 2014, Little Bohemia and Millwork Commons weren’t on the drawing board. But, eight years later, Archetype has added locations in those areas.

Scone and coffee at Millwork Commons

Little Bohemia is an impressive coffeehouse, with its open area, comfortable seating. It’s perfect for meeting people or doing a little work at your table. The coffee isn’t too shabby, either. Slow drip, pour over, and regular drip each offers distinctive flavors and experiences. Of course, Archetype has seasonal and flavored drinks.

Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop is located in the same building at Millwork Commons, so it’s a good idea to grab a pastry to go with your Archetype coffee!

Locations: 3926 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.; 1419 S. 13th St., suite 101, Omaha, Neb.; 1229 Millwork Ave., Omaha, Neb.

The Mill on Leavenworth

The Mill has been a well-loved establishment in Lincoln’s Haymarket for years. And finally, in 2023, The Mill opened its first Omaha location, The Mill on Leavenworth. It’s been a lively location ever since. The building was once a grocery store-turned-paint shop, and with an eclectic past like that, the designers went eclectic inside.

The colorful bookshelf inside The Mill on Leavenworth coffee shop
The Mill on Leavenworth

And I for one love it. Being a bookworm, the large, colorful bookshelf is the most memorable area in the space. But, you may find something else to love inside. It’s gold and glam and has endless things to look at.

In addition to coffee and a few pastries, The Mill also has a liquor license.

Location: 3105 Leavenworth St., Omaha, Neb.

Coffee Society Cafe

The exterior of Coffee Society Cafe doesn’t do it justice. It’s located in a La Vista strip mall. But, once you’re inside, you’ll see why this coffee shop made the list. It’s filled with natural light and Instagrammable seating. If you’re into getting photos for the ‘gram, there’s a sofa that’s perfect for you (as long as the sun isn’t blazing through the window!).

Interior of the Coffee Society Cafe in La Vista
Coffee Society Cafe

As for the coffee? Yeah, Coffee Society Cafe serves up a pretty great cup of coffee. Or iced coffee, in my case, on my first visit. The cafe also has a small food menu that had a good amount of items for those with food or dairy allergies.

Location: 10748 Virginia Plaza, La Vista, Neb.

Karma Koffee

With mystical coffee flavors, such as Yin and Yang, an espresso with milk and dark and white chocolate sauce, and Zen Chakra, espresso with honey and lavender, Karma Koffee offers a relaxing, spiritual environment.

White mug of coffee

From the moment you enter the coffeehouse at Pepperwood Village, you feel the vibe that Karma is the perfect name for this location. With breakfast items, lunch sandwiches, and pastries, it’s easy to spend time at Karma Koffee, centering your inner being (and enjoying tasty coffee).

Location: 587 N. 155th Plaza, Omaha, Neb.

Stories Coffee Co.

From a small coffee shop and boutique, Stories Coffee Co. has grown into a charming coffeehouse and retail outlet, complete with its own roasting operation. Stories seeks to be a place where friends can meet, share experiences and come away with a sense of community. The coffeehouse’s menu also features craft beer and wine.

A close-up photo of a black and white to-go cup from Stories Coffee Co.
Stories Coffee Co.

Locations: 11432 Davenport St., Omaha, Neb.; 15555 West Dodge Road, Omaha, Neb. (inside Lifegate); 10520 S. 204th St., Gretna, Neb.; 3201 Farnam St., suite 6112, Omaha, Neb.

Roast Coffeehouse

Among Omaha’s earliest coffee roasters, the owners of A Hill of Beans sought to create their own twist on the coffeehouse landscape. Roast Coffeehouse opened at Aksarben Village in 2016 and had an immediate impact on the neighborhood.

A line at the counter of Roast Coffeehouse, with bags of coffee beans in the foreground
Roast Coffeehouse

While it’s a small location, you can count on Roast being busy during the day. A popular spot for meetings and UNO students studying, Roast is a nice spot for a coffee break. The store is accented with bean bags, depicting coffee sources. Order a pastry, such as an almond croissant, and flavored coffee for a truly scrumptious visit.

Location: 1904 S. 67th St., Omaha, Neb.

Dundee Double Shot Bar

Of course, a Dundee neighborhood coffeehouse had to make this list. Dundee Double Shot Bar has a labor of love for its owners for nearly a decade. With hand-crafted coffees, such as the caramel-flavored Salty Irishman, Dundee Double Shot Bar has carved out a nice niche.

Enjoying coffee outdoors at Dundee Double Shot Bar, a laptop and a takeout cup sit on a blue tabletop
Dundee Double Shot Bar patio

Basically across the street from Dundee Theater, the coffeehouse makes for a nice spot to gather to discuss films or other socially relevant issues. Grab your drink and embrace the art inside the shop or relax under the vines on the patio.

Location: 118 N. 50th St., Omaha, Neb.

Zen Coffee Co.

Have you ever wanted to try a variety of coffee flavors, but wasn’t sure? Well, at Zen Coffee Co., consider a fight of coffee? Similar to a sample of drinks at a winery or brewery, a coffee flight at Zen Coffee West, near 132nd and West Center Road, consists of four 6-ounce drinks – hot or cold – from a menu of 30 options. Consider a waffle coffee, which includes a mini waffle on top of the cup.

A drink flight at Zen Coffee
Photo courtesy Zen Coffee Co.

The Original Zen location, near 25th and Farnam, offers the old-school style of coffee flavored or drip, along with ice cream-infused drinks.

Locations: 2505 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.; 2505 S. 133rd Plaza, Omaha, Neb.; 10309 Pacific St., Omaha, Neb. (drive-thru)

Cafe Postale

I love seeing Omaha’s older buildings getting a second life, and that’s the case for the location of Café Postale on 10th Street (just south of the Old Market). Housed in a landmark, the coffee shop is spacious and decorated with nods to the building’s past.

An Americano coffee held in front of the colorful furniture at Cafe Postale
Cafe Postale

Beyond coffee drinks, the café has a quick-service menu for breakfast and lunch. Tuesdays through Fridays they offer Happy Hour drinks and foods.

Location: 950 S. 10th St., Omaha, Neb.

Urban Abbey

Community and coffee is the name of the game at Urban Abbey. Located in the Old Market, near 10th and Jackson streets, Urban Abbey donated 10 percent of its coffee sales to local nonprofit organizations. Since 2011, the coffee shop has contributed about $100,000 to 30 local organizations. So, each cup of coffee, latte, or tea you enjoy at Urban Abbey helps local outlets.

The children's book section at Urban Abbey
Urban Abbey

Urban Abbey is a comfortable spot to enjoy a coffee and visit, or you can get your coffee to go as you explore the Old Market. The coffeehouse serves friendly-sourced coffee roasted locally. Even its milk is delivered from local daily farms. Urban Abbey also sells books focused on religion and social causes. Non-denominational church services are conducted at Urban Abbey.

Location: 1026 Jackson St., Omaha, Neb.

Spielbound Board Game Café

You may not think coffee when someone mentions Spielbound Board Game Café, but it’s actually an excellent location to enjoy a hot coffee while you play any of the hundreds of games the store has available.

Coffee and a stack of games at Spielbound Board Game Cafe
Spielbound Board Game Cafe

From hot drip coffee and lattes to cold drinks, you may also want to enjoy a sweet treat or order a pizza during your game time. The Midtown Crossing attraction offers a family-friendly environment.

Location: 3229 Harney St., Omaha, Neb.

Edge of the Universe

With seasonal themes driving its decor, Edge of the Universe considers itself a museum coffeehouse in the Benson neighborhood. Opened in 2020, Edge of the Universe hosts trivia nights and special events, such as Star Wars-themed days. From a hot cup of coffee to Italian ice, Edge of the Universe is perfect for a date night or family outing.

The interior of Edge of the Universe in the Benson neighborhood
Edge of the Universe

Location: 6070 Maple St., Omaha, Neb.

CTRL Coffee and Cereal Bar

Omaha’s newest coffeehouse may be its oddest. CTRL Coffee and Cereal Bar, opened by Lincoln restaurant Muchacho’s owner Nick Maestas, is a coffeehouse, cereal bar and vintage arcade. Located in South Omaha, visitors can choose up to three brands of cereal and two additional toppings for their meal. They also select the type of milk they want to add.

A line to order at CTRL Coffee and Cereal Bar in downtown Omaha
CTRL Coffee and Cereal Bar

Coffee (CTRL uses Meta Lab from Lincoln) drives the location, and you can order cereal-infused lattes or more-standard coffeehouse drinks such as drip coffee, other flavored lattes, as well as cold drinks. Each table has a Sega game monitor and game controls. A PAC-Man game is also located at CTRL.

The coffeehouse’s decor is colorful with vintage furniture, as well as a stereo that can post any of the classic rock albums in its collection.

Location: 1016 S. 10th St .,Suite 100, Omaha, Neb.

Felius Cat Café & Rescue

In all honesty, I don’t go to Felius for the coffee – though it’s just fine. I go because of cats. It’s a cat café. You can order a latte and then spend some time in a room of adoptable cats.

A cat passes by an iced coffee cup at Felius Cat Cafe and Rescue in Omaha
Felius Cat Cafe & Rescue

It’s heaven. Unless you don’t like cats. Felius is located in downtown Omaha on South 24th Street. The menu includes seasonal offerings, both hot and cold. You can pay for a half-hour of cat cuddles or an hour.

Location: The nonprofit coffee house/animal rescue has started relocating to a larger location. More info to come.

The best coffee shops in Omaha - The most unique cafes in downtown Omaha and surrounding neighborhoods

So, whether you prefer your coffee served in a traditional style or with a little fun and color, Omaha has the coffeehouse for you. If you’re in the mood to challenge yourself, consider creating your own tour of Omaha’s local coffeehouses, trying a variety of drinks and treats. You could always choose decaf.

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Sunday 12th of February 2023

Shocked that Bad Seed Coffeehouse is not on this list. I have been to every coffeehouse on this list and consider Bad Seed the best coffee in Omaha. Awesome environment, they roast their own beans, and AMAZING coffee. They are so passionate about their coffee that you cannot get basic “drip” coffee there. Instead they do pour overs.


Sunday 24th of July 2022

Would highly recommend you checking out Badseed (used to be called Muglife). As far as coffee quality, I consider this the best coffee in town.


Monday 25th of July 2022

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check that out.

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