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What To Eat At Omaha Restaurants

Updated: Feb. 20, 2019

Omaha has a thriving food scene. Omaha restaurants are starting to get noticed. Midwest Living wrote about Omaha’s Sizzling Food Scene, The Chicago Tribune wrote about Omaha being on the cutting edge of food, and the Wall Street Journal included Omaha in a list of six great small cities foodies will love.

So many places to visit, right? But what should you order when you get there?

Omaha restaurant guide - Locals share tips on their favorite things to order at some of the city's best restaurants #Omaha #Nebraska

I have my favorites; I also invited Omaha and Lincoln bloggers to add to the list. Enjoy!

What To Eat At Omaha Restaurants


Homemade pop tarts. Do I have your attention yet? The Walking Tourists recommend trying any flavor (they change seasonally) made at Over Easy. Over Easy is located at 16859 Q St.

Mom’s Good Eats suggests having Sunday brunch at Le Bouillon – there’s nothing better than Kaiserschmarrn with a mimosa and side of soft scrambled eggs. Kaiserschmarrn is like a shredded pancake, if you’re wondering. Le Bouillon is located at 1017 Howard St.

Best sandwiches

Alton Brown named five of the best hamburgers in the world, and one is found here in Omaha: Croque Garçon at Block 16. I’ve tried it. It’s messy, but ridiculously good. It’s also The Walking Tourists and Odyssey Through Nebraska favorites list. Block 16 is located at 1611 Farnam St.

The Walking Tourists recommend a couple of other great sandwiches. First, they suggest trying the prime rib dip sandwich from the Anthony Piccolo’s Food Truck. You can get updates on where the truck is on Facebook.

The Reuben originated in Omaha – did you know that? The Walking Tourists recommend trying Crescent Moon’s Reuben. The Crescent Moon is located at 3578 Farnam St.

For a good gyro, Mom Saves Money recommends a hidden gem in Bellevue called John’s Grecian Delight. You’ll find it on the lower level of the old Southroads mall off Fort Crook Road (and there will be no signs for it – it’s that hidden). John’s Grecian Delight is located at 1001 Fort Crook Road North, #11.

Kim, one of the authors over at It’s Really 10 Months, loves Voodoo Taco and recommends the Barbacoa Beef. Voodoo Taco has locations at 67th and Center streets (Aksarben Village) and Nebraska Crossing Outlets in Gretna, Neb.

Best pizza

My all-time favorite pizza is the thin crust Margherita pizza from La Casa Pizzeria. I don’t actually prefer thin crust pizza but this pizza is just that good. La Casa is located at 4432 Leavenworth St.

Not quite pizza, but still in that realm, are the calzones at Zio’s Pizzeria. They’re recommended by Odyssey Through Nebraska. Zio’s has several locations in Omaha: 1109 Howard St., 7834 Dodge St., and 12997 West Center Road.

I got a lot of input on who has the best pizza in Omaha, though. Read this post about Where To Find Great Pizza In Omaha for more ideas.

Best appetizers

Mom’s Good Eats recommends starting off a meal at The Boiler Room with the classic house made charcuterie. The Boiler Room is located at 1110 Jones St.

The boards at Lot 2 are recommended by Liv Laugh Love to start a meal. You can get three to six items on a board. Lot 2 is located at 6207 Maple St.

Haute Bauble recommended an appetizer I didn’t know existed at Pitch Pizzeria – the brussels sprouts. While we’re talking about Pitch, she also said to try the pizza and that the meatballs are amazing there. Pitch Pizzeria has two locations: 5021 Underwood Ave. and  17808 Burke St.

Best seafood

There are two Omaha restaurants offering darn good fish and chips. I have a favorite and Liv Laugh Love has hers. I like the fish and chips at the Dundee Dell. Liv Laugh Love recommends trying the fish and chips at Brazen Head. If you want to try and compare, please report back to me with your favorite. Dundee Dell is located at 5007 Underwood Ave. Brazen Head is located at 319 N. 78th St.

If sushi’s your thing, Liv Laugh Love has two favorite places to go: Crave and Hiro 88. A little note: Sushi is half-price at Crave on Sundays and Mondays from 4 p.m. to close. Crave is located at Midtown Crossing at 200 S. 31st Ave. Hiro 88 has two locations, 1308 Jackson St. and 17664 Welch Plaza.

For small bites of seafood during Happy Hour, Liv Laugh Love’s favorite is Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar, particularly the peel & eat shrimp and blue point oysters. Her other Happy Hour suggestion is Plank Seafood Provisions, where she recommends trying her favorites the oysters and salmon crostini. (I’ll second that salmon crostini –  it’s really good!). Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar has three locations: 1218 S. 119th St., 16901 Wright Plaza, and 1911 Leavenworth St. Plank Seafood Provisions is located at 1205 Howard St.

Dessert & pastries

There are two ice cream shops that vie for my affection: Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream and eCreamery. To pick a favorite would be like picking a favorite kid. Both offer rotating flavor – some pretty creative – to try, and sometimes I branch out. But these two are my tried-and-true favorites.

At Ted & Wally’s, nothing beats the simplest one: Dutch chocolate. You will not find a better chocolate ice cream out there. I dare you.

For eCreamery, if Shark Bait is available, order it. It’s made with sea salt caramel gelato and chocolate covered pretzels. Ted & Wally’s has two locations: 1120 Jackson St. and 6023 Maple St. eCreamery is located at 5001 Underwood Ave.

Family Fun in Omaha is with me on loving Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream, though, she says you should try peanut butter & chocolate or the cinnamon ice cream there.

Mom’s Good Eats says there’s no better way to end a meal than the Candy Bar at V. Mertz. She might be right. V. Mertz is located at 1022 Howard St.

omaha restaurants

Best of the rest

The Kitchenarium recommends trying Oscar’s Pizza & Sports Grille char buffed wings and boldly saying they’re the best in Omaha. Oscar’s is located at 17330 Lakeside Hills Plaza.

If you’re looking for steak, I’ve got a whole post dedicated to getting a good steak in Omaha.

Know what to order - Dining in Omaha? Here are restaurant recommendations and the best food to order there. #Omaha #Nebraska #food

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Alissa Apel

Thursday 4th of August 2016

When you put this up asking blogger to weigh in on their favorites I couldn't think. I love something at just about every unique restaurant I go to. I seriously couldn't decide.


Thursday 4th of August 2016

You could've given me all of your favorites. I would have included them all.

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