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One Of The Most Important Websites For Omaha Parents

As parents, we want to protect our kids from everything. And while we think we’ve thought of it all, we haven’t. I’m glad to know there are organizations around like Safe Kids that provide comprehensive guides to kid-proofing homes, cars, and well, our world. One of our local chapters, Safe Kids Sarpy/Cass reached out and asked me to help spread the word on keeping our kids safe. 

Why dedicate a blog post to preventable injuries? Because preventable injuries are the No. 1 killer of kids in the U.S. With access to information and resources, parents can keep their kids safe from these injuries.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Safe Kids Sarpy/Cass. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.

I’m excited about this partnership, because I’ve relied on Safe Kids without even realizing it. I can still vividly remember being a new parent desperate to make sure I made every part of my house safe for the baby (who was immobile at the time, but I liked to plan ahead). And I remember getting our car seat installation reviewed by a certified car seat technician. 

Tip: Safe Kids continues to check car seats! If you live in the Omaha metro area you can have your car seat checked for free at a community event or schedule an appointment with a certified technician. Follow your county’s Safe Kids’ Facebook page or follow Sarpy/Cass Safe Kids on Facebook so you can hear about future car seat events and other safety events.

If you’re outside of the Omaha area, I recommend visiting Safe Kids Nebraska. No matter where you go, It’s important to make sure the car seat is checked by a certified technician.

A rear-facing car seat

As my kids age, I’ve realized the risks change. I’m less worried about them climbing on an unstable dresser and more worried about them following road rules on their bikes or jumping off playground equipment from an absurd height.

Safety tips on the Safe Kids website are divided by age group, risks, space & place, and type. Since I mentioned how risks change as kids age, let’s take a look at the age groups.

If you don’t already, follow my Facebook Page, where I’ll share a weekly tip from Safe Kids Sarpy/Cass over the course of the next year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.