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10+ Places For Teenage Birthday Parties In Omaha

I’m going to have a teenager in the house soon. I think most parents grapple with the first child reaching teen years. And one of the first obstacles: Planning a birthday party for said teenager. In case you’ve got a teen to plan for as well (who may or may not be highly-opinionated), I’ll share the ideas I’ve come up with for the best places for a teenage birthday party in Omaha and nearby. 

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Comparing prices is a little difficult since some places charge per person and some set a package price. Here’s how the pricing is loosely organized:

  • $: $100-$199
  • $$: $200-$299
  • $$$: $300-$399
  • $$$$: $400-$499
  • $$$$$: $500+

Places to have a teen birthday party

Active, Gaming & Virtual Reality Parties

For teens who aren't likely to celerate sitting down, this list includes active parties -- virtual reality and real life.

Entertainment Centers

Sometimes you want options for a party. Entertainment centers offer a variety of activities for your teen and their friends, plus food is typically included in a party package.

More Unique Teen Birthday Places

For the party venues and activity ideas that just don't fit well in another category, there's this one: The unique parties. This list includes places that offer private events.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are growing in popularity. Plan an escape room birthday party for your teen's group of friends at one of these locations:

Teen Birthday Ideas (Seasonal Places)

Some birthday experiences can only happen a certain time of year, whether it's an outdoor pool party or a bonfire at a pumpkin patch. The following places are favorites among teens, but aren't open year-round.

Planning a teen birthday party? Here are some ideas for unique party places in Omaha, including virtual reality, crafting, ropes courses, and an inexpensive pool party.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.