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#35Adventure Update: Yoga On Water

For those of you keeping track at home, I’m about a month into my #35Adventure.

The 35 Adventure


The first item checked off my list was to try stand-up paddleboard yoga. That sounds rather daunting to try right out the gate, amiright? How many of you have even tried stand-up padleboarding let alone tried to combine it with some interesting poses? Me neither.

I was surely going to fall in, knowing how unbalanced I am just walking down a sidewalk.

Yet, there I was on a hot Sunday evening in July, willingly climbing on to a paddleboard outfitted with slip resistant yoga mat on it. The Neighborhood. Offshore invited me to try out one of their classes at Lake Cunningham, and they seemed to have confidence in a newbie like me out there.

Standup paddleboards on the shore of Lake Cunningham in Omaha.

Standup paddleboards on the shore of Lake Cunningham in Omaha. The one on the left is outfitted with a yoga mat and anchor.

Initial feelings: Nervous. Totally unsure of myself. And flustered, because I had arrived late to class and had to paddle on my knees on my own to meet the group, and I didn’t anticipate floating so far from where I dropped anchor so I wound up right in the middle of the circle between the instructor and the class. So many thoughts in my head for a yoga session.

And slowly, those thoughts started to drift away. I felt unsteady still but there was now some confidence that if I moved slow enough, I’d stay on the board.

I noticed the breeze. I relished letting my fingers dip into the water during certain poses.

My view during The Neighborhood. Offshore yoga class.

My view during The Neighborhood. Offshore SUP paddleboard yoga class.

And then an amazing things happened: I stood up.

Sounds pretty basic, but think about it. Our instructor told us for the move, we had to get from being on all fours, to standing, and the only trick to it was to fully commit. Just get up and stand.

And I did. And I didn’t fall.

I felt like a badass.


That’s the only description I can come up with.

Not very yoga-like, this new attitude, but it did set the mood for Warrior 2 pose.

By the end of the one-hour session, I was standing up on the paddleboard, navigating my way back to shore. All I needed was a cool theme song playing as I neared shore.

One hour and my confidence got a big boost.

If only all of my adventures ended like this, right?


If you want to try this adventure for yourself, here are the details:

The Neighborhood. Off Shore 

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

1 hour SUP Yoga (group session) – Cost is $30 and includes a half-hour of paddleboarding after the one-hour class. All equipment provided. Private group sessions are available. Details.

Paddleboard rentals are $12/hour; get a monthly membership pass and you can get free rentals every Tuesday.

What to expect: Most people in my class wore yoga attire for hot weather, or like me, shorts and a tank over a swimsuit. You’re welcome to get in the water to cool off during the class, as one woman did, or after, as I did. Bring along a water bottle. You’ll be provided a waterproof case for you phone, if you want to bring that. You know you want to take a badass selfie after class.

Who to bring? I did this solo and didn’t mind it one bit. Yoga’s a pretty introspective thing to begin with. This class also is a good girls’ day activity. I could see couples renting a paddleboard each for an active date.


More #35Adventure News

I checked off another item off the list: Visit The Mystery Bookstore. Not exactly an “adventure” adventure, it was something I’ve been meaning to do for – wait for it – SEVEN years. Maybe longer. Long ago, I asked the freelance book reviewer at The Daily Nonpareil where she found her mysteries, many were from small publishers. Her answer was The Mystery Bookstore,  1414 S. 13th St. It’s a small local store with new and used books, and friendly cats. I fell out of my mystery phase, but if I get back into it, I know I’ll return. I did buy a couple chapter books for the kids.



The third item checked off my list: Riding the indoor Ferris wheel at Scheels, 17202 Davenport St. This was a fun one to do, since I took my 3-year-old with me. Strange it took this long to ride it, it’s only 50 cents a ride. Totally worth $1 to see Mooch’s smile.
I also decided to add a couple more items to the list – I only had 20 when I first published it, leaving room for things I knew I didn’t know about yet. So, I’ve added:

21. Try an escape room adventure

22. Try soccer golf

23. Try bubble soccer

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.