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Kansas City Date Night In Crossroads

If you keep up with Oh My! Omaha on social media, I recently took a quick trip to Kansas City with Mr. Wonderful for a concert. Before the trip, I asked for some dinner options because, weeee!, we’ll be able to go out to eat, linger, and not wipe anyone else’s mouth but our own.

Let’s not squander this opportunity, folks. It’s a Kansas City date night!

I got tons of great recommendations:

– Char Bar in the Westroads, Jack Stack BBQ (courtesy Lisa at The Walking Tourists)

– KC Joe’s, Westport Cafe (particularly brunch) (courtesy an Omaha transplant living in KC)

– Q39 (courtesy Kathleen at Thinking Smaller)

– Gram & Dun (courtesy Katie at Yellow Mango Life)

–  Seasons 52 (courtesy Tiffany at Feathering the Nest)

– Stroud’s (from my uncle)

– Joe’s Kansas City, Harry’s Bar & Tables (courtesy, my site designer, Brian)


We ended up at The Farmhouse near the City Market. I highly recommend!



I’m mainly writing this post so I don’t forget the other recommendations.

We’ll be checking off this list each time we visit from here on out.

The concert was in the Crossroads district of the city, and being a little too excited about it, we arrived super early.

The doors to the concert venue didn’t open for two hours. What to do?

Twitter to the rescue:





We opted for a round of retro games and good craft beer at Up-Down KC, followed by a quick pit stop at The Belfry for a quick Skype with the kids, a drink and gourmet popcorn. Up-Down KC is a fun place, especially for children of the 80s. Both Up-Down KC and The Belfry had some great craft beer to choose from.


Post-concert and starving, we got some pizza at Grinders before calling it a night.

The next day, we returned to Crossroads because we’d miss so much, it seemed… and let’s be real, I felt really guilty about not making it to Christopher Elbow Chocolates.


We poked our heads into a couple galleries, and swore we’d be back when galleries open their doors and host a big party on the first Friday of the month.

Just 24 hours in KC, but I realized I’d overlooked this area in the city – there’s a lot going on, even on a Wednesday night.

Crossroads KC

What has been your experience with The Crossroads? Where do you recommend readers visit if they’re in the area – food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, whatever?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.