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20 Best Cabins Near Omaha

20 Best Cabins Near Omaha

A lot of outdoorsy families have their go-to cabin each summer. We have a favorite at Mahoney State Park, for instance. But, I love a change of scenery so I’ve started looking into other great cabins within about two hours of Omaha. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway in nature, check out these cabins!

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Awesome Cabins Near Omaha

You don't have to drive too far to escape the city. Here are some of my top recommendations for cabins within driving distance of Omaha.

More cabin recommendations in Nebraska

If you’re willing to drive longer than two hours, there are obviously more options. If you like having activities found at Nebraska State Parks, check out this guide of all state park cabins available at those parks.

Here are a few more to look into:

You’ll find quite a few cabin options near Valentine, Neb., which makes sense because people plan canoe trips down the Niobrara River. If that sounds like a great getaway for you, check out these cabins:

Plan a getaway to nature by staying in a cabin! Here are top picks of cabins in Nebraska and Iowa, more than a dozen that are an easy drive from Omaha.
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