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7+ Great Reasons To Visit Platte River State Park

Platte River State Park is one of the closest state parks to the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas. There is an abundance of fun things to do with kids, especially during the summer. Yet, I think it gets overlooked for flashier, newer parks. But, with the addition of glamping, I think this park is going to become very popular soon.

UPDATED: This post was first written in 2017 and updated in 2020 to include park updates and pricing.

7 reasons why you should visit Platte River State Park in southeastern Nebraska #familytravel #outdoors #waterfall #Nebraska

Here’s are seven reasons why you should plan a visit the park. Bringing kids along? Don’t miss this guide to taking kids to Platte River State Park.

Horseback trail rides at Platte River

Horseback riding at Platte River State Park in Nebraska

Your family can ride horses at Platte River State Park. The cutoff age is one year younger than Mahoney’s (age 6). They do a great job matching your ability to the right horse.

Costs: $25 per person, no double riders

The route takes you past a creek, over a bridge and through some inclines in the forest. In all, you’re on your horse for about an hour.

Platte River State Park hiking trails

Things to do at Platte River State Park in Nebraska - Hike to the small waterfall

I’m guilty of thinking of another state park near Platte River for day trips first (ahem, Mahoney), but when I want to immerse myself and kids in nature, few places nearby can top Platte River State Park.

The trails at Mahoney have nothing on Platte River. First off, there’s a waterfall that’s incredibly quick and easy to get to at Platte River State Park.

For those looking for more of a challenge, Platte River State Park’s terrain will satisfy you.

It’s still the Midwest, so you know, it’s not mountainous, but it’ll do.

Teepee at Platte River State Park in. Nebraska - Instead of hiking, an easy walk near  the lookout tower leads to a teepee.

If you’re not about to hike, you can at least take the short walk to the teepee located near the lookout tower.

Spray & Splash Park

Spray and Splash Park at Platte River State Park - Families can go to the splash pad daily during the summer for a minimal admission fee.

One of the park’s newest addition is the Spray & Splash Park, an inexpensive way to cool off in the summer. The park has three small waterslides to get from one level to the other, as well as several sprayers and buckets that dump water on kids.

You can easily spend two hours at the splash pad, especially if you pack snacks or lunch.

It’s open daily (seasonally) from noon to 6 p.m.

Cost: Admission is $3 for children and adults, with kids ages 2 and younger being admitted for FREE.

Naturalist programs for kids

Crawdad Creek activity at Platte River State Park in southeastern Nebraska. Naturalist programs are held there to teach kids ecology and biology.

This is the first summer we’ve really taken advantage of the programming offered at a state park, perhaps because all of our stays in the past have been off-season. At least through June 30, there are daily activities for kids.

Some teach fishing; others might instruct them on creek ecology. There’s a small nature center with aquariums of native Nebraska species. One naturalist program let kids get up close to some of them to learn more about their characteristics.

Tip: If you stay over Memorial Day Weekend, you may even find a special event on that Friday night. When we were there, the kids got to learn some archery, try out an air rifle, and learn about Dutch oven cooking.

Movie screenings at the park

Saturday nights through the summer, you can go to the park’s little amphitheater to watch a family-friendly movie for free. We brought snacks and drinks, and since it was early summer still, a blanket.

There is bench seating, so you don’t have to bring a chair.

Things to do at the Platte River State Park lake

Things to do by the lake at Platte River State Park - Paddle boating

The lake at Platte River State Park is a lovely one surrounded by tall trees. There’s a marina where you can get a variety of food and cold treats, as well as rent a paddle boat for a half-hour.

Cost: $10 per half-hour to paddle boat.

You can also rent fishing gear at the marina. It’s a catch-and-release lake.

Tip: You can check out fishing poles for your kids for free (bait is extra).

Near the lake you’ll find Crawdad Creek. It’s a new addition to the park, and the kids loved it. It features three ponds with little waterfalls flowing from one to the next.

There’s a naturalist program at the creek, during which a guide helps kids look for tadpoles and other critters and bugs. Naturalist programs are free!

Cheaper Cabins at Platte River

Exterior of a camper cabin at Platte River State Park in Nebraska. Camper cabins do not have bathroom facilities but they do have air conditioning.

Having stayed about both Mahoney and Platte River state parks, I can affirm Platte River has cheaper options, including teepees if you’re so inclined. The options are cheaper because Platte River State Park has things like camper cabins, which has some amenities of a typical cabin (A/C, refrigerator, beds) but not all of them (no water or bathroom).

Having spent a few nights in a camper cabin, I’m cool with spending a few more bucks to have a bathroom next time.

Prices for cabins in 2019:

There are two categories of cabins at Platte River State Park, the Camper Cabins and Modern Cabins. Camper Cabins share a central shower and bathroom facility. Modern Cabins have bathrooms.

Camper Cabins

Whitetail: One open room, Sleeps 4 – $45
Goldenrod: Sleeps 6 – $60
Strawberry and Red Cedar: 2-bedroom, Sleeps 6 – $70
Wild Turkey: 3-bedrooms, Sleeps 6 – $80

Modern Cabins:
Glamping Cabins: One bedroom, Sleeps 2 – $185
Meadowlark: 1-bedroom, Sleeps 2, $85
Owen Standard Cabins: 2-bedrooms, Sleeps 6 – $110
Owen Deluxe Cabins: 2-bedrooms, Sleeps 6 – $120
Blue Heron: 2-bedroom, Sleeps 4 – $105
Chokecherry Duplex: 2-bedrooms, Sleeps 6 on each side – $105/unit
Cottonwood, Evergreen and Golden Eagle: 3 & 4-bedrooms, Sleeps 8, $115

Tee Pees:

$20/night and sleep between 6 to 8 people.

Fun places near Platte River State Park

Mahoney State Park aquatic center is a fun pool area near Platte River State Park.
The view from my lounger at the Mahoney State Park aquatic center. The pool has an annoying schedule, and is closed over dinner time; however, if you go when it’s open for those few hours after dinner, you’ll find a much less crowded pool.

The great thing about Platte River State Park is that it’s near places like Mahoney State Park, so you can stay (cheaply) at Platte River, and then take the 10-minute drive to the other park to enjoy what’s there as well.

I’d recommend heading to Mahoney to the aquatic center, which is much larger than Platte River’s little pool, plus it has water slides and a kids area. If it’s a rainy day, nothing beats letting the kids run wild in the indoor play area at Mahoney, too.

Things to do near Platte River State Park - Visit Louisville State Recreation Area, which has a floating playground.

Other nearby state parks include Louisville State Recreation Area, which has an inflatable water obstacle course. It’s great for kids who can swim.

Schramm Park is also nearby and recently opened a new interactive exploration center. You can read details about these new updates in this post.

In the same area as Mahoney State Park, you’ll find the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum and the Wildlife Safari.

If you go

Platte River State Park

Where: 14421 346th St., Louisville, Neb.

Cost: Nebraska Park permit is required to enter. For residents of Nebraska, it’s $30 annually or $6 daily. For non-residents, it’s $45 annually or $8 daily.

Cabin & Camping Information

Visiting in the off-season? Read this post on what to do at Platte River State Park in the winter.

Looking for a place to hike or explore near Omaha? One of the closest state parks is Platte River State Park. Here's a guide to fun things to do at the park, including horseback rides, hikes and water activities (including the only waterfall you'll find in eastern Nebraska!). This guide is helpful for families visiting Platte River State Park with kids. #Nebraska #outdoors

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shelly elieson

Thursday 23rd of January 2020

Kim! Thank you so very much for your awesome review! I had been trying to decide which park to visit with a large group of girls for our church summer camp! Your comments and photos were perfect and appreciated! I think we'll stay at Platte & hit Mahoney when we want to do a bit extra....


Friday 24th of January 2020

I'm glad I can help!

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