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10 Must-Try Ice Cream Places In Omaha

10 Must-Try Ice Cream Places In Omaha

When the weather is hot, there is no other dessert besides ice cream. (Seriously, I asked and I was ridiculed because really, is there anything better?) We have many great ice cream places in Omaha, but few can top the ones on this list. If you have a favorite or a recommendation that isn’t on this list, please leave a comment.

Updated: This post was first published in 2018 and has been updated in August 2020. If you know of any other updates, please let me know in a comment!

Here are some of my favorite Omaha ice cream shops and some readers tell me are top notch.

Top ice cream places in Omaha

Coneflower Creamery is one of the best ice cream shops in Omaha. Splurge on the homemade waffle cone.

Coneflower Creamery

Coneflower Creamery is the trendy ice cream shop in the Blackstone District that uses local ingredients and deserves all the rave review it has received.

Expect a line out the door, but also expect it to be worth the wait (though, my guilty secret is going during Husker football games – no line!). You won’t regret splurging on a waffle cone – they’re made in-house. Located at 3921 Farnam St.

COVID-19 Update: Walk-up orders are currently not accepted. You can order online at their website ( or call in your order (402-913-2399). Look for their pop-up ice cream stand at Mulhall’s during the week.

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Ted & Wally's is an Old Market ice cream institution. The second location is in the Benson neighborhood.

Ted and Wally’s

I’m pretty loyal to Ted and Wally’s, which has a location in the Old Market and in Benson. The flavors rotate regularly and some can be pretty radical combinations.

In previous visits, they’ve had the option of ordering an ice cream sandwich made with a fresh donut. I’m a traditionalist and swear by their dutch chocolate – it’s the best in the world. Yes, the world. Located at 1120 Jackson St. and 6023 Maple St.

COVID-19 Update: They are open for delivery, curbside pickup & take-out.

eCreamery is a Dundee ice cream shop.


Perhaps you saw eCreamery on “Shark Tank”? Their Shark Bait ice cream is legendary, and well worth sampling, if not just getting yourself a waffle cone of it.

For those always up for a challenge, eCreamery has the Dundee Challenge – eat 12 scoops of ice cream in 20 minutes. Located at 5001 Underwood Ave.

COVID-19 Update: The parlor is open with limited hours for carry-out. Delivery is also available.

The Durham Museum

For old-fashioned root beer floats, you’ve got to go to the soda fountain at The Durham Museum. It’s one of those Omaha experiences you just have to do.

Note that it’s in a museum, so you will have to pay museum admission – might as well explore while you’re there. Located at 801 S. 10th St.

COVID-19 Update: The museum has reopened and you can order at the soda fountain now. You must reserve admission tickets in advance online.

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Freezing Thai Rolled Ice Cream is an ice cream place in the Omaha neighborhood of Aksarben Village.

Freezing Thai Rolled Ice Cream

For something a little different, there’s rolled ice cream. The way Freezing makes its ice cream sundaes is an impressive process, but in my opinion, the flavor isn’t nearly as good as the first three on the list. Located at 1918 S. 67th St.

COVID-19 Update: Temporarily closed.

Zen Coffee Co.

Coffee shops aren’t my first choice for ice cream, either. But for a jolt of energy with your ice cream, head to Zen Coffee to get an affogato, which is typically vanilla ice cream (or gelato) and a shot of espresso.

Zen Coffee uses Ted and Wally’s ice cream, so it’s delish. Located at 230 S. 25th St., suite 3.

COVID-19 Update: The shop allows walk-ins and carry-out.

Dairy Chef

This Elkhorn, Neb., ice cream shop continues to pop up every time I ask the question, “Where’s the best ice cream in Omaha,” so I’m beginning to suspect I need to make a trip out west to test it out. Because Dairy Cheff continues to be recommended, I’m adding it to this list. PS, look up their Facebook page.

Lately, they’ve been sharing some pictures of tasty ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies and crumbled Reese’s Pieces. Located at 3223 N. 204th St., Elkhorn, Neb.

COVID-19 Update: Dairy Chef allows carry-out only orders.


This ice cream shop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, has a following, and like Dairy Chef, always comes up when I’m talking about homemade ice cream. In 2019, it was voted The Daily Nonpareil’s Readers Choice.

Doozie’s also wins for its location: It’s right by Lake Manawa State Park. Located at 321 Comanche St., Council Bluffs, Iowa

COVID-19 Update: Doozie’s offers carry-out and curbside pick-up only.

The Hunger Block

Since I wrote this, I found out about a place in Omaha serving HUGE milkshakes, and I felt that it should be mentioned (though, I can’t vouch for quality or if it’s worth the price since I haven’t been there).

The Hunger Block, 11036 Elm St., is a Latin restaurant but their shakes are getting attention. They’re served in mason jars and topped with ice cream, donuts, sundae cones, cookies and more. Good luck finishing it!

COVID-19 Update: The Hunger Block offers take-out and delivery.

Tip: You can also find monster ice cream shakes at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. It’s only open for a short time in the fall, though.

Graley’s Creamery

Another ice cream shop to open after this post was written is located in Papillion. Graley’s Creamery & Confections, 147 N. Washington St., Papillion, Neb., is a family-owned shop with a Victorian theme (with a few Victorian ice cream recipes in rotation, too).

Homemade sarsaparilla float at Graley's Creamery & Confections in Papillion, Neb.

I finally visited this summer and was impressed with the variety of homemade ice cream, locally-sourced ingredients, and the unique flavors (I got the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake ice cream). If you can’t decide, go with an ice cream flight. There’s also an assortment of floats, phosphates, and just recently, ice cream sandwiches.

COVID-19 update: Masks are recommended when entering. This is one of the few ice cream shops that has indoor seating right now, plus a few outdoor tables.

Everyone loves ice cream, and Omaha Nebraska has some of the best ice cream in the Midwest. Here are the city's most popular ice cream shops, from rolled ice cream to unique flavor combinations and homemade waffle cones.

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