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Best Stops On The Katy Trail

Whether you are a biker, hiker, or a road warrior, there are many great ways to experience the Katy Trail. You can even ride a horse on two of the segments! My in-laws have almost completed biking the entire trail over the past several years. This has given me a glimpse into the amazing places you can stop to stay, eat, and see along the Katy Trail.

Not only are there some great towns to discover, like Joplin and Rocheport, but you’ll also learn about the history and geography of the trail itself. This post will take you on a mini journey to get you ready for your own adventure on the Katy Trail. (Fun fact, the Katy Trail is on Kim’s Missouri Bucket List!) Let’s go!

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What is the Katy Trail?

The Katy Trail opened in 1990 and spans 237.5 miles across most of the state of Missouri. It runs from St. Louis to 75 miles southeast of Kansas City in Clinton. More than half of the trail runs alongside Lewis and Clark’s route along the Missouri River.

On the half of the trail that diverges from the river, you’ll be taken through small towns, farmland, and wooded areas. The trail is named after the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) railroad that had a line through Missouri. MKT was referred to in train timetables and on the stock exchange as ‘K-T’. The Katy Trail is America’s longest “rails-to-trail” which means it was formerly a railroad route that is now a trail. 

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All miles listed below correspond to the original MKT Railroad mile numbers. They run from the Eastern end in Machens (Mile 0) to the Western End in Clinton (Mile 237.5).

Places To Stay Along The Katy Trail

Lucky for anyone traveling along the Katy Trail, it passes through nearly 35 cities and towns. While not all of them have accommodations, many do. Depending on the type of accommodations you’re looking for, here are some great options:

Attractions & Landmarks on the Katy Trail

Whether you need a quick stop or want a longer break from the bike ride, here are some notable attractions to visit along the Katy Trail.

Places To Eat Along The Katy Trail

There are certainly many more places to see, play, and stay along the Katy Trail. For an easy trip planner, check out this customized itinerary planning tool from the team at Bike Katy Trail. Happy trails!

A list of top stops on the Katy Trail, the popular bike trail in Missouri! Recommend B&B and camp sites, historic sites, quirky attractions, and peaceful cafes and wineries.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.