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12 Date Night Ideas In Kansas City

As someone without kids, I have long been the go-to person for date night ideas for most of my friends. When they finally get a babysitter, they don’t want to waste any time finding something fun for a night out in Kansas City. I am always happy to tailor my advice based on what they like to do.

For this post, I am sharing three types of date categories that I think any couple would like: Sporty, Cultural, or Culinary. Most of these ideas are budget-friendly, like the date night ideas post for Omaha. If you are looking for more of a splurge with a reason to dress up, head to The Mercury Lounge for cocktails overlooking the city.

KC Sporty Date Night

They say that a little competition can get the spark back in your relationship. What’s more fun than making a friendly wager on dish duty for the week? 

Top Golf

Top Golf is headquartered in Dallas, but Overland Park, Kan. (right across the state line) has one of the most successful locations in the franchise. I am NOT a golfer but I do love to hit golf balls.

Jenn swinging a club at Top Golf in Overland Park, Kansas, near Kansas City.
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

Top Golf turns a three-story driving range environment into a fun, gamified experience with drinks and food served in your own bay.

Play a Round of Pinball

There’s no more nostalgic place for some than an arcade. Finding the games you loved as a kid (for me it’s Tapper and Skeeball) is a great date to share. Bring back the memories and make new ones at Up Down Arcade.

Not only can you play games, but they also have a great lineup of rotating beers on tap and pizza. 

Bike or Hike Rock Island Trail

Stretching over 200 miles, the Rock Island Trail is easy to hop on or off of at multiple points. You can bike or hike the trail that connects the Katy Trail to KC’s outer suburbs.

The Rock Island Trail in Missouri
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

Development is still in progress and the newest feature will be the Rock Island Bridge Project. The bridge was built in 1905 to connect the bi-state stockyards district. This public-private partnership will convert the Rock Island Bridge (over the Kansas River) into a pedestrian bridge complete with restaurants, bars, and entertainment space.

Catch a Game at Kauffman Stadium

Regardless of whether they get a ‘W’ it’s always fun to spend some time outside at the K. With a walkway that encircles the entire baseball diamond, you can see the game from every angle.

Kansas City Royals fans at Kauffman Stadium
Photo courtesy Visit KC

And, with a return to in-person spectating this season, you should have plenty of opportunities to watch a baseball game. The schedule can be found here.

Cultural Date Night

Learning something new or seeing something through the eyes of your partner can be a fun way to get to know them better. Here are a few artsy ideas to try out.

Art Walk on a Friday Night

First Fridays in the Crossroads Arts District have long been a favorite activity for locals and visitors alike. Many galleries open to the public but there’s also plenty of street art vendors, food trucks, and live music.

Art mural in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City
Photo courtesy Visit KC. Photo by Kim Golding

This year-round event happens rain or shine, snow or hail, so mark your calendars!

More than an Art Museum

If you’re looking for a more iconic art experience, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (also recommended for a family night out with kids) always has something going on.

Exterior of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.
Photo courtesy Visit KC

With options ranging from mini-golf to a coffee shop to special exhibits, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Catch a Play Unicorn Theater

While a return to sitting in a theater, watching a live performance is still a little ways off, the wait will be worth it. The Unicorn Theater is one of my favorite places to see new, bold, and fresh plays in a variety of genres for a reasonable price.

Perhaps best of all, is that the audience is always an amazing melting pot of backgrounds and perspectives so striking up a conversation during intermission is always a treat.

Live Music at The Green Lady Lounge

Kansas City has long been known as not just a BBQ town, but also as a city of jazz.

Live concert at The Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

With an incredibly rich history, which you can learn all about at the American Jazz Museum, hearing the traditions of “trading fours” in a dimly lit club is a must. Kansas City has many great jazz clubs, but one of the most popular (with two floors of stages and bars) is The Green Lady Lounge.

Culinary Date Night

We all eat, and most date nights have a little food or drink mixed in. Here are some fun things to try out the next time you’re in Kansas City.

Eat at a Food Hall

The main event in most date nights is a meal. But where do you want to eat? What are you in the mood for? Keep the decisions easy and everyone happy by visiting a food hall.

A restaurant located at the Iron District Food Hall in North Kansas City.
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

With multiple restaurants in the same space, everyone gets what they want, grabs a drink, and eats at the same table. It’s like a classy, gourmet food court.

Two great options in Kansas City are Parlor KC (in the Crossroads) or Iron District (in North Kansas City). 

Take a Cooking Class

While I don’t cook at home, I love it when someone preps everything, tells me what to do, and cleans up after me. Who doesn’t?

Taking a class at The Culinary Center of Kansas City is all that and more. From sushi to cooking to knife skills, you can find something fun almost every day of the week. 

Tour a Distillery

Feeling thirsty or want to learn more about how Kansas City never officially enacted Prohibition? Kansas City has some really exceptional distilleries that produce everything from whiskey to agave spirits to absinthe.

Barrels at Lifted Spirits in Kansas City.
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

Many of them offer tours and most of them also have a bar onsite for tasting the spirits or enjoying a cocktail.

Finish on a Sweet Note 

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat to end a perfect date? I know I do! Kansas City certainly has no shortages of options from ice cream to chocolate shops. Kim has you covered with an incredible list of places to try.

About the Author

Jenn Beard is the founder of Cocktails Away—a collection of adventures in pursuit of a great drink, a quality spirit, a unique ingredient, and the places they come from. Check out her blog for mouthwatering recipes and insider tips on DIY bartending and cocktail culture or travel to bars around the world at @cocktailsaway.

Kansas City is a romantic city for couples! Here are 12 date ideas, from casual and sporty dates, to more arts-inspired outings.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.