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15 Local Bakers & Bakeries To Order Your Thanksgiving Pie

Baking is certainly not in my wheelhouse, which is why I buy my pies whenever I’m assigned that item to bring to a potluck. During the holidays this year, I’m making an effort to support local businesses, so instead of going to a well-known chain for a pie, I’m going to an Omaha bakery. Want to support local bakers, too? Here’s a list of Omaha bakeries, pop-ups, home bakeries, and restaurants with Thanksgiving pies and other baked specialties. Looking for complete pre-made Thanksgiving meals in Omaha? I’ve got a list of those, too!

UPDATE: This post was first published in 2020 and has been updated in October 2023.

Big Mama’s Kitchen & Cafe

Where: 2112 N. 30th St., Suite 201

What to get: Big Mama’s, once featured in “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives,” is selling pies (as well as Thanksgiving fare) for Thanksgiving Day pick-up. I’m tempted to sway you from getting the classic sweet potato pie because…cheesecake. Just look at that picture of the sweet potato cheesecake. How can you resist?

Big Mamas Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Photo courtesy Big Mama’s Kitchen and Cafe. Photo by Donnie’s Photography

The Bubbly Tart

Where: 3020 Leavenworth St., Suite 1, Omaha

What to get: I might just want to order one of everything at The Bubbly Tart. When I asked Chelsie to send me a picture or two of some of her popular pastries, she sent me an exquisite assortment I had a hard time choosing from (and settles on the lemon meringue tart).

The Bubbly Tart sells cakes, galettes and tarts in a variety of flavors. She sent me drool-inducing photos of a sour cream apple pie, poached pear and frangipane galette, as well. She has a popular salted caramel cheesecake.

The Bubbly Tart is a bakery in Council Bluffs, Iowa
Photo courtesy The Bubbly Tart

Buttered Marshmallow – The Pink Box Baker

Where: Home bakery (best to contact via Facebook or email)

What to get: Go traditional and get the pumpkin pie with the Buttered Marshmallow (or you may just want to order a ton of homemade marshmallows – I heard they’re good). You can order in different sizes, though, so you could go wild and order a dozen mini pies in different flavors.

Coneflower Creamery

Where: 3921 Farnam St., Omaha

What to get: I just now learned that Coneflower Creamery, one of the best ice cream shops in Omaha, makes ice cream pies, and my mind is blown. Holiday orders open on Nov. 1, 2023.

FarmHouse Cafe & Bakery

Where: 3461 S. 84th St., Omaha

What to get: I know it’s not seasonal, but FarmHouse is one of the few places in Omaha to get strawberry wedding cake. Deliciousness, no matter the season.

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Gnome Baked Goods

Where: Home bakery

What to get: You might have seen Gnome Baked Goods at one of the Omaha Farmers Markets. Carly at Gnome Baked Goods told me the most popular pie year-round is also a 2019 Nebraska State Fair ribbon winner – the caramel apple pie.

And she also suggested her new cranberry and orange pie, which was a hot seller at the farmers market toward the end of the season.

Pies baked by Gnome Baked Goods
Photo courtesy Gnome Baked Goods

Hardy Coffee

Where: Hardy Coffee has four locations in Omaha.

What to get: It’s a toss up, but for a unique twist on pie, Hardy Coffee sells 3-inch mini pies, so you can get an assortment. Of course, the more traditional size pie, the 8-inch pie, is available too. There are a few other tasty-looking baked goods also available for pre-order.

Lithuanian Bakery

Where: 5217 S. 33rd Ave. and 7427 Pacific St. 

What to get: Hands down, the most decadent treat on this list comes from the Lithuanian Bakery – the Original Vanilla Apricot Napoleon Torte. Even though it’s not a pie, it must be included on this list. (It’s that good)

I eat a slice (or two) of tortte once a year, it’s so rich and over-the-top good. You’ll want to have more than one slice, and you think you’ll be able to, but I recommend against it.

A slice of Napoleon Torte from the Lithuanian Bakery in Omaha.
Photo courtesy the Lithuanian Bakery

Newman Grove City Cafe

Where: 511 Hale Ave., Newman Grove, Neb.

What to get: Word on the street is that any and all pies at City Cafe are phenomenal. During the holiday season, they sell a lot of pumpkin praline pie. Year-round, their old-fashioned sour cream raisin is a favorite.

FYI: Newman Grove is a bit of a drive for pie, but they occasionally offer an Omaha pick-up date.

A slice of pumpkin praline pie and a cup of coffee at Newman Grove City Cafe.
Photo courtesy Newman Grove City Cafe

Omaha Bakery

Where: 725 N. 210th St., Elkhorn, Neb.

What to get: Omaha Bakery is the place for those looking for KETO-friendly desserts, so it’s not surprising that KETO cheesecake is popular during the holidays. For the non-KETO people, they’ve got cheesecakes for you, too.

Cheesecake from the Omaha Bakery
Photo courtesy Omaha Bakery

The Pie Whole

Where: It’s a pop-up pie shop so right now you’re best luck is to contact her through Facebook.

What to get: Kati makes 8-inch pies, as well as adorable handheld pies. She tells me her most popular pie is definitely the vanilla peach raspberry (both regular size and mini size). During the holidays, Kati uses spiced peaches. One notable thing about Kati’s pies: She uses peaches from Nebraska farmers and locally-grown raspberries from The Edible Source in Walton, Neb.

Vanilla peach raspberry pie from The Pie Whole
Photo courtesy The Pie Whole

Sugar Makery

Where: 19278 Conifer Lane, Council Bluffs, Iowa, and 204 E. Sharp St., Glenwood, Iowa

What to get: The bakery, of course, has traditional pumpkin pie, but you may want to order one of their more unique offerings, like Apple Pie Ice Cream Pie or the pumpkin cheese cake. They also offer a pretty unique novelty item: A Thanksgiving TV Dinner Tray where the peas and carrots are Sixlets and orange Starburst, the turkey legs are Coco Rice Crispy treats on a pretzel rod, dipped in chocolate, and the mashed potatoes are vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream covered in “gravy” (salted caramel and a lemon Starburst butter square).

Sweet Dreams Southern Eats

Where: Home bakery out of Valley, Neb.

What to get: I’m drooling over the Reese’s cheesecake on their Facebook page, but apparently (must be a mistake), it’s not the most popular holiday desserts. Sweet Dreams told me the most popular pies are pecan pie, apple pie, red velvet cake with strawberry rose, and “good ‘ol sweet potato pie.”

Sweet Dreams Southern Eats
Photo courtesy Sweet Dreams Southern Eats

Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop

Where:  813 N. 40th St.

What to get: Sweet Magnolias is an unassuming boutique bakery tucked in Gifford Park Neighborhood. While I’m more familiar with their to-go pastry items like cinnamon rolls and cupcakes, they do bake up custom-made cakes like pineapple toasted marshmallow.

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard

Where: 12102 S. 180th St., Gretna, Neb.

What to get: Vala’s Pie Barn has fans all over the state, and the variety of offerings can be a little overwhelming. I’d say you can’t go wrong sticking to the tasty traditional pies like apple pie (they have their own apple orchard, after all).

Vala’s isn’t open after the pumpkin patch season ends, but they have Thanksgiving pie (and other treats) available for pick-up on Nov. 21 and 22. Place your order by Nov. 18.

caramel apple pie edited
Photo courtesy Vala’s Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard

Village Pie Maker

Where: 13306 Portal Drive, Omaha

What to get: The Village Pie Maker started out as a small town operation in Eustice, Neb., but since its growing success, they’ve relocated to Omaha. They’re known for their take-and-bake pies that ship and are found in local grocery stores.

They shipped me a pumpkin pie to try. If my family didn’t know better (ie. I’m a terrible baker), they’d have thought it was homemade.  

Tip: Village Piemaker pies are also available through a fundraiser! Purchase a pie from Angel Guardian Inc.’s during the AGI’s Annual Pie Fundraiser, and your purchase helps support programming for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Must order by Nov. 11. Pick-up is on Nov. 20 at AGI, 5677 Spaulding St., Omaha.

Village Pie Maker Pumpkin

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