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New Restaurants In Omaha To Try Next

Omaha has long been an innovative restaurant town. And even with troubles and a pandemic in 2020, chefs and entrepreneurs stepped up and opened some incredibly original restaurants and bars. Here’s the list of Omaha’s newest restaurants.

New restaurants in Omaha to try first

I think I frequented more restaurants in 2020 than in years past, but most were through take-out only. There’s only one on this list I haven’t been to, but I’ve included it because of popular opinion and the fact that their social feed is full of dreamy photos.

The restaurant with food I can’t stop eating


Where: 13816 P St.

Type of cuisine: Indian (Biryani and South Indian)

Why: The moment my husband brought our take-out food from Kinaara into the house, I couldn’t open the boxes fast enough. The smell was divine. This may be our new favorite for Indian food in Omaha, which is a bold statement since this city has a few gems. You can adjust spice levels to suit your tastes, too, which worked great since my kids were trying the food, too.

Best place to sit outside

Takeout Box At Dire Lion Trucks and Taps Location

Trucks & Taps

Where: 5402 S. 108th St.

Type of cuisine: Variety of food trucks, including barbecue, creative wontons, and English fish & chips

Why: OK, sure, Trucks & Taps more of a food truck hub than a restaurant. While the three staple food trucks there aren’t new in 2020, I’m still counting it. it’s a new concept for Omaha and I love it. Read about the three main food trucks you’ll find there in this post. There’s a bar, spaced out outdoor seating, and food options for most tastes. 

Best new date spot

Pacific Eating House

Colorful fish tacos at Pacific Eating House in Omaha

Where: 1130 Sterling Ridge Drive, Suite 101

Type of cuisine: Pacific northwest cuisine

Why: The owners of Twisted Cork Bistro & Tavern opened Pacific Eating House just down the road. It was the site of one of our rare 2020 date nights (they have a lovely outdoor patio). It’s a nice date night choice, but not stuffy or uncomfortable. And oh yes, the food is amazing and fresh. I had fish tacos and the flavor combinations were spot on.

Most enchanting atmosphere

Kids with hot cocoa at Edge of the Universe in Omaha.

Edge of the Universe

Type of cuisine: Coffee house/bar with charcuterie trays and baked goods

Where: 6070 Maple St.

Why: This bar/coffee shop is new in Benson and it’s run by two of the most creative people I know. The unique draw to Edge of the Universe is that there will be rotating themes, so the look and menu will eventually change. Right now, it’s like a fairytale setting and it’s fabulous. 

Don’t let the fact that they have some adult drinks deter you from bringing kids there. It’s very kid-friendly (the owners both used to work with me at Omaha Children’s Museum).

Best drinks and late-night food

Fizzy’s Fountain and Liquors

Juke box and booths at Fizzy's Fountain & Liquor in downtown Omaha's Little Bohemia neighborhood.

Type of cuisine: Cocktail bar with nostalgic appetizers and entrees like meatloaf and deviled eggs

Where: 1408 S. 13th St. in Little Bohemia

Why: Boozy milkshakes? Yes, please. This retro bar/restaurant is full of nostalgic references, even if you’re too young to know what any of them mean. If an alcoholic milkshake isn’t appetizing, Fizzy’s has other creative mixed drinks there, as well as a full menu. 

If it wasn’t clear, this is a 21+ restaurant.

New Omaha restaurants that opened in 2020

This list includes restaurants in the great Omaha metro, including surrounding cities like Council Bluffs, Elkhorn and Fremont.

Food and cider at Taps & Trucks
  1. 72 Table & Tap, 5413 S. 72nd St., neighborhood bar and grill
  2. 402 Eat + Drink, 17305 Davenport St., suite 115, chef-driven eatery * Voted No. 2 New Restaurant in the Omaha Food Lovers Facebook Group! It was only a few votes shy of No. 1.
  3. Alto Kitchen & Bar, 317 N. Main St., Fremont, Neb., fine dining
  4. Backlot Pizza + Kitchen, 6200 S. 205th Plaza, Elkhorn, Neb., Detroit-style pizza
  5. Best Burger, 8319 N. 30th St., fast casual burger joint
  6. Big Kel’s Pizza & Wings, 40 Arena Way Suite 11, Council Bluffs, Iowa, American bar food
  7. Big Mama’s Kitchen, 2112 N. 30th St., Accelerator Suite 201, soul food (closed and reopened in a new location)
  8. Caniglia’s a Mano, 13178 Lincoln Road, Suite 101, authentic Sicilian
  9. Cheeseburgers – A Takeout Joint, 4007 Farnam St., hip burger joints
  10. Clean Juice, 1308 Jackson St., Suite 1, organic juice bar
  11. Coolgreens, 8990 W. Center Road, Suite 170, healthy eating franchise
  12. Copal, 3623 N. 129th St., modern Mexican
  13. Double Zero Pizzeria, 1405 S. 204th St., Elkhorn, Neb., pizzeria
  14. Dripped & Draped, 6015 Maple St., coffee shop
  15. Edge of the Universe, 6070 Maple St., themed coffee shop
  16. Fizzy’s Fountain and Liquors, 1408 S. 13th St., cocktail bar and restaurant
  17. Greenbelly, 1917 S. 67th St., Suite #110, eco-friendly restaurant
  18. Istanbul Food Court, 3428 S. 42nd St., Mediterranean, Turkish and Chinese cuisine
  19. Javi’s Tacos, 17676 Welch Plaza, suite 9, authentic Mexican * Voted No. 1 New Restaurant in the Omaha Food Lovers Facebook Group!
  20. Kinaara, 13816 P St., Biryani and South Indian cuisine
  21. Lucky Tiger Izakaya, 3852 Farnam St., suite 1, Pan-Asian fusion
  22. Mouth of the South, 16909 Lakeside Hills Plaza, Cajun (closed and reopened in new location)
  23. Nice Rollz, inside Archetype Coffee at 1419 S 13th St., Korean
  24. Okra African Grill, 1303 S. 72nd St., suite 101, Togolese cuisine
  25. Pacific Eating House, 1130 Sterling Ridge Drive, Suite 101, Pacific northwestern food
  26. Penn Station East Coast Subs,  2875 S. 168th St., sub franchise
  27. Pico, 2112 N. 30th St., Accelerator Suite 201, Mexican street food
  28. Shahen Afghan Restaurant, 1115 S. 119th St., Afghan cuisine
  29. Sugar Makery Bittersweet Dessert Bar, 19278 Conifer Lane, Council Bluffs, Iowa, sweet shop
  30. T180 Cafe, 203 N. 180th St., modern American
  31. Taps & Trucks, 5402 S. 108th St., outdoor food truck hub
  32. The Blind Pig, 167 Main St., Springfield, Neb., bar and grill
  33. The Committee Chophouse, 302 S. 36th St., steakhouse
  34. The Galley, 4963 Center St., pizzeria
  35. WD Cravings, 7110 N. 102nd Circle, American patisserie * Voted No. 3 New Restaurant in the Omaha Food Lovers Facebook Group!

Looking for other restaurants in Omaha?

I’ll update this post as new restaurants announce their openings in Omaha. Until then, check out some other posts about Omaha’s food scene:

Omaha's newest class of restaurants feature cuisines from Togolese to Venezuelan, and of course, steakhouses.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.