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Omaha's Oldest Restaurants You Need To Try Today

Omaha's Oldest Restaurants You Need To Try Today

With so many restaurants to choose from, Omahans may seem spoiled when it comes to selecting a place to dine. From local mom and pop eateries to national chains, Omaha’s dining scene features more than 500 restaurants. That can make choosing the perfect dining spot very difficult.

One way to explore the culinary landscape is by visiting Omaha’s oldest restaurants. Only a handful of restaurants can say they’ve served Omahans dinner for more than 50 years.

Unique restaurants in Omaha - Omaha's longest-running restaurants to get breakfast, lunch and dinner. This list features Omaha's oldest restaurants that continue to run, including steakhouses, a greasy spoon, and century-old pizzeria. #Omaha #Nebraska #Restaurants

Even fewer can say they’ve been around for nearly a century.

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Omaha's Oldest Restaurants

Omaha restaurant history

I consider restaurants to be a part of Omaha history, so I can be pretty passionate when recommending people eat local in order to help preserve Omaha’s history.


I wrote a book about well-known restaurants and hidden gems throughout Omaha’s history that have since closed. While writing the book, I learned about how restaurants played a role in the Civil Rights movement, Prohibition (and the repeal of it), and how the city fared during wars, recessions, and changing tastes.

Lest Restaurants of Omaha book cover

Regrettably, I hadn’t been to most that were open at one point in my life. In an attempt to change that, I’ve started dining at some of the oldest restaurants in Omaha. I hope you’ll do the same!

Truth be told, the food has been hit or miss at the restaurants. But I’m glad I patronized a local restaurant each and every time. There’s no mistaking how these restaurants played a role in Omaha history.

Looking for Omaha's oldest restaurants? Here are a few that are still open, including classic steakhouses, a pizzeria, popular burger joints. #Omaha #Nebraska #Midwest #Restaurants #Local

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Wednesday 16th of December 2020

[…] Omaha’s Oldest Restaurants You Need To Try Today […]

Jennifer Maguire

Sunday 13th of September 2020

Lisa's Radial Cafe has been open since 1940.


Friday 26th of November 2021

@Kim, What about Malara's on 21st & Pierce?


Friday 18th of September 2020

Interesting. It's my understanding that the building has been around a lot longer than the actual cafe.


Sunday 13th of September 2020

I would add Harold's Koffee House to this list.


Sunday 13th of September 2020

You're right! I love breakfast there, and I think they've been around long enough to qualify. Thanks!


Tuesday 17th of December 2019

Here are a few more: The Drover, La Casa Pizza, Lo Sole Mio, all amazing!


Tuesday 17th of December 2019

Oh yes, those are great ones!

David Bonacci

Friday 13th of December 2019

We re-discovered Dinker's this past late summer. I'm not free with accolades, but I have to say Dinker's is our favorite eatery for hamburgers. They are so delicious, there's no need for dessert of any kind. If anything, order 2 different hamburgers. You won't regret it.


Saturday 14th of December 2019

I'm glad to hear Dinker's is still drawing in new fans!

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