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30+ Tasty Hot Cocoa Bombs In Omaha

I never heard of hot cocoa bombs before October 2020. Now, they’re everywhere. So much so that I’ve found a surprising number of Omaha bakeries and home bakers who now offer incredibly unique creations. If you want hot cocoa bombs for stocking stuffers, gifts, or just to treat yourself, read on.

What exactly is a hot cocoa bomb?

We’ve all asked the question right (at least in our heads), “What’s a hot cocoa bomb?” The question was recently asked in an Omaha foodie group on Facebook and here’s what one sweet maker said:

“They are chocolate shells with marshmallows and hot cocoa inside. You place the ball in your cup and pour hot milk or water over them. The shell melts away and BOOM!! Up floats the yummy goodness. Stir and enjoy.” -Cathy at C’s Sweet Treats of Omaha

Are you ready to try one?

A six-pack of hot cocoa bombs by Angel Cakes in Omaha.
Photo courtesy Angel Cakes

Where to order hot cocoa bombs in Omaha

Just a quick explainer: When I say “in Omaha,” I mean the greater Omaha metro area, so a few of the places listed below are in Council Bluffs, Papillion, Bellevue, and other nearby towns.

Most hot cocoa bombs cost about $4 or more per bomb.

1. Alma’s Chocolate Creations and More – Alma sells hot cocoa bombs with and without mug options, and they’re really cute (look at her snowflake design!). Flavors include pumpkin spice latte, peppermint, and white chocolate mocha. Reach her by message on Facebook.

2. Angel Cakes – Omaha-based custom cake maker now offering hot cocoa bombs. Her contact number is (402) 598-1574. Find Angel Cakes on Facebook.

3. Cake Creations – Now located in the Uptown Bakery, 2229 Thurston Circle, Bellevue, Neb., this baker specializes in adorable cakes, and now, adorable hot cocoa bombs. They direct people to place orders through their website.

4. Cake ExpressionsCake Expressions in Bellevue (508 Galvin Road S, Bellevue, Neb.) offers more than cakes and cupcakes. Their flavors for hot chocolate bombes include milk chocolate, dark chocolate peppermint, and Andes mint. They’re $5 each or two for $9. The bakery’s number is 402-933-4158.

5. The Cake SpecialistThe Cake Specialist offers $4 cocoa bombs with flavors like milk chocolate with mini marshmallows and white chocolate peppermint with mini marshmallows. The bakery is located at 2210 Avery Road E, Bellevue, Neb. Order by phone at (402) 733-2253.

6. C’s Sweet Treats of Omaha – While C’s Sweet Treats specializes in sugar cookies, there are some hot cocoa bombs in her offerings. There are even $30 hot cocoa gift sets that include a mug and handcrafted coozie, cookies, and two hot cocoa bombs.

7. Chocolat Abeille – This beautiful chocolate shop is located in the heart of the Old Market at 421 S. 11th St. Their chocolates are always exquisite, so you may feel sad melting your hot cocoa bomb that looks like a piece of art.

8. Chocolate Happiness BombsChocolate Happiness Bombs is a pop-up that recently opened. You’ll find them on Facebook, and they request ordering a few days in advance to accommodate all the orders.

9. Chocolaterie Stam – I heard from one Twitter friend that Stam was a great place for hot cocoa bombs. Well, of course, they would be! They specialize in chocolate. Chocolaterie Stam is found at Shadow Lake Towne Center, 7474 Towne Center Parkway, suite 123, Papillion, Neb. FYI: I hear the hot cocoa bombs fly off the shelf there.

10. Confections By Katelya – This home baker has an extensive list of hot chocolate bombs, including some cereal flavors. She also makes a Picachu-shaped hot cocoa bomb, which would absolutely wow my kiddo. Message her via Facebook

11. Delicious catering Omaha – This full-service caterer in Omaha was recommended for hot cocoa bombs. Since their site says “So if you can dream it, chances are we can do it!,” I’d say they can deliver whatever you’re hoping for. Find more details at their website.

12. Dipped Drizzled Pops – Sure, Dipped Drizzled Pops is known for making cake pops, but they have amazing looking hot cocoa bombs now. There are even gender reveal cocoa bombs.

Photo courtesy Dipped and Drizzled

13. The Flour Shoppe Cookie Co. – Here’s another sugar cookie specialist who now makes darling hot cocoa bombs. Check her website for availability on the hot cocoa boxes, because they’re sold by the week and if they sell out, she removes them from the site.

14. Forever Sweet by Jasmine – Jasmine makes a variety of sweet treats, including hot cocoa bombs. Find this Omaha small business on Facebook.

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15. Good Flour Confections – I heard this Council Bluffs baker makes amazing vegan hot cocoa bombs. Find her at the Kitchen Council, 1001 S. Sixth St,, Council Bluffs, Iowa, or online.

16. Happy Abbey Sweets – This Bennington baker usually offers hot cocoa bombs but she’s currently sold out through Christmas. However, Abbey let me know you can purchase smashable bombs from her, which she describes as like “cocoa bombs but with candy and a little wooden hammer to crack it open!” Find her on Facebook.

17. Heart Breakers Sugary OmahaHeart Breakers has a fun specialty: Chocolate that you have to smash with a little hammer. Of course, their hot cocoa bombs are not for smashing. You’ll just want to pour hot milk over them.

18. Hello Sugar – Known for their doughnuts, you can also get hot cocoa bombs from Hello Sugar now. Flavors include chocolate, chocolate peppermint, white chocolate peppermint, cookies and cream, and turtle, Find Hello Sugar on Facebook and at occasional pop-ups around Omaha.

19. Jen’s Custom Cookies – Jen specializes in sugar cookies but she also offers hot cocoa bombs. Unfortunately, she’s booked for the 2020 holiday season! See her website to place an order for 2021.

20. Jones Bros. Cupcakes – While Jones Bros. are known for their extravagant cupcakes, they also have hot cocoa bombs.

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21. Kelsey Ryder – Kelsey started her baking business this year and offers hot cocoa bombs. She offers a special where you purchase a box of six hot cocoa bombs and then you receive your choice of a free mini cake or four cake balls. Boxes are $30. Her website is under construction, so if she told me you can reach out to her via Facebook, by phone at (402) 699-5578 or by email at [email protected].

22. Mama Bear’s Cookies – This local baker does pop-up sales on Facebook every two weeks for her cookies, but she’s now also offering hot cocoa bombs that are selling quickly. Stay up-to-date by following her Facebook page.

23. MJ’s Creations – This local baker has a unique option I haven’t come across yet. Sure, she has the regular-sized hot cocoa bombs, but MJ’s Creations also has family-sized bombs. The giants serve 8-10 people. There’s also the option of adding liquor to it.

24. Omaha Cocoa – Omaha Cocoa is a Millard-based hot cocoa bomb maker with an extensive list (seriously, check out her order form). There’s everything from cookies and cream ot Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

25. Smallcakes Cupcakery – With a name like Smallcakes, it’s safe to assume their speciality is cake. But this Papillion bakery also offers hot cocoa bombs…really cute hot cocoa bombs! Find the cupcake shop at 814 Tara Plaza, Papillion, Neb.

A white chocolate hot cocoa bomb by Sugar Coma Custom Treats.

26. Sugar Coma Custom Treats – Lori describes herself as a hobby baker, but one look at her creations and you know she makes some special treats. Sugar Coma hot cocoa bombs come in usual flavors like chocolate and peppermint patty, as well as flavors like s’mores and Christmas spice.

My sister-in-law found Sugar Coma hot cocoa bombs at Coop de Ville and Feathers, 209 Main St., Louisville, Neb.

27. Sugar Makery Sugar Makery first opened in Glenwood, Iowa, and grew such an audience, they opened Sugar Makery Bittersweet Dessert Bar, 19278 Conifer Lane, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Hot cocoa bombs are available at both locations and I hear the dark chocolate peppermint is da bomb (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

28. Supernova Sugar Shoppe – Supernova Sugar Shoppe has regular hot cocoa bombs with flavors like salted caramel and peanut butter chocolate, as well as whimsical signature bombs (like a strawberry hot cocoa mix shaped like a unicorn head that shimmers when it bursts). To order, send a direct message to Supernova Sugar on Facebook.

Hot cocoa unicorn bomb by Supernova Sugar Shoppe
Photo courtesy Supernova Sugar Shoppe

29. Sweet Tooth Haven – Check this local baker out on Facebook. Her Grinch hot cocoa bomb are huge! Flavors include the standard chocolate, peppermint, Andes mint, and Abuelita Mexican chocolate. To order, message her on Facebook.

30. Taysha’s Fancy Pants Sweets – Find Tasha’s hot cocoa bombs at Hy-Vee, as well as her store in Midtown Omaha (for curbside pick-up by appointment only in 2020). She’s currently accepting just large orders. Message her via Facebook.

31. Wee Willie’s Sweet Treats – This Council Bluffs baker offers hot cocoa bombs and coffee bombs at her pop-ups. You’ll want to place your order by direct message on Facebook and then plan to pick it up at 2722 Seventh Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa. on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Hot cocoa bombs sell out quickly.

32. White Hot Chocolate Bombs – The White family is behind this venture, with the goal of raising money to bring home their adopted son from China. They deliver orders on Saturday and it looks like they’re selling out quickly through the end of December.

33. Zen Coffee Co. – I’ll always consider Zen Coffee a great place for, well, coffee, but they are now offering hot cocoa bombs. And they offer curbside pick-up and delivery.

Warm up with hot cocoa bombs in Omaha. Here's a list of bakers and bakeries offering unique hot cocoa bomb flavors and specialty designs like Grinch hot cocoa bombs and unicorn hot cocoa bombs.

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