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Bloggers From Omaha: Jenna Gabrial Gallagher

Kim’s note: The Bloggers From Omaha series introduces different voices from around Omaha. Each week Whenever I can, I’ll introduce a different Omaha blogger, what his or her blog is all about, and since I love getting recommendations as much as I love giving them, I’ve asked each person to share some Omaha tips. Today’s blogger, Jenna at The Beaspora, seeks out inspiring people helping to using their creativity to make the Midwest a better place.

Name: Jenna Gabrial Gallagher

Blog: The Beaspora 

Find @thebeaspora at: Insta/Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook

Describe your blog in five words.

Celebrating pollinators of world-class talent.

What are the two most popular posts on your blog? What makes them so good?

For Women’s History Month, I’ve been doing a series of posts on women entrepreneurs in Omaha, and two of these, Nebraska’s Women Pastry Chef Revolution and Empowered By Great Design are my two most popular posts. They showcase exactly what inspired me to start the blog in the first place: there are a lot of people in smaller cities across America with serious talent and experience. They come (or, more often, come back) to cities like Omaha because it’s a more affordable place to take a chance on owning a business, and because of the incredible support communities like ours give to small businesses. The women I spoke to gave me the most amazing quotes. Their perspective was really thoughtful and personal, and I felt incredibly honored that they were willing to share it with me and my readers.

What social media channel are you on the most and why?

My preference is Instagram. On Facebook and Twitter, it’s information overload. On Instagram, it’s inspiration overload — and I’d much rather have that.

You get one hour to spend on writing, where in Omaha do you go?

I have this fantasy that I’d go to Wilson & Washburn because I saw a friend working there once and it just seemed like a cool thing to do. But I’m so easily distracted that I almost have to work at home in my office.


If friends visit from out of town, what three places would you take them to?

Jenna takes visitors to the zoo and snaps a photo of them at the same spot. Each photo goes into an album kept in the guest room. Photo courtesy Jenna Gabriel Gallagher

– I don’t think we’ve ever had a visitor that we didn’t take to Dante. Having dinner there is like spending an evening in Italy, but because they source so many of their ingredients locally, my guests can really get a sense of Nebraska’s terroir.

– Of course Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. My husband jokes that I’m the best and the worst person to go to the zoo with because I’ve had the opportunity to interview a lot of the keepers (through my day job at Albers Communications) so I totally geek out on their history, their upcoming projects and everything that they do for worldwide conservation. I have a tradition of making everyone pose for a photo on the rope bridge in the Lied Jungle and I’ve been thinking of compiling them all into a photo album for my guest room — in place of a guest book.

– Lately, so many fab stores have opened at Countryside Village and I’m really proud to show it off because it’s right in my neighborhood. When my friends visit, we can literally roll out of bed on Saturday morning and shop for drop dead chic shoes, fashion, home design and gifts just around the corner (plus at Among Other Things and Esther’s a stone’s throw away). There’s even yoga and a full-service salon. Later on, we can grab a low-key cocktail at Inkwell or listen to live music at Cedar. There aren’t a lot of places west of midtown Omaha where you can walk to retail, restaurants and entertainment, so we really appreciate having such a quality one nearby.

What’s your favorite free thing to do in Omaha?

I love to walk around downtown.

Want to know what you can find downtown? Start with this post: 11 free things to do in the Old Market.

More about Jenna

Photo courtesy Jenna Gabriel Gallagher
Jenna Gabrial Gallagher grew up in the Midwest and New England reading fashion magazines, and eventually went to work for one (Harper’s Bazaar). She’s lived in coastal NH, Boston, Paris and New York, and currently writes and edits from Omaha, Neb. where she lives with her husband and three funny little girls.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.