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Best Coffee In Omaha

Omaha loves a good cup of coffee, so there are many great local coffee shops with loyal fans. You can’t throw a corn hat without hitting a Omaha coffee shop window.

I asked Oh My! Omaha fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share their favorite place for coffee, and they did not disappoint. Here you go, the list of the best places to get coffee in Omaha:

List of the best local coffee shops in #Omaha #Nebraska

Accerlerando Coffee House

Where: 7023 Cass St.

Accerlernado had a couple fans recommend it. They might just win for most intriguing coffee drink name: @frommetovuu wrote “Accelerando coffee house and totally the cornflake latte!!” Anyone else curious what’s in the Cornflake?

Archetype Coffee

Where: 3926 Farnam St. and 1419 S. 13th St.

For the freshest and smoothest coffee around, Archetype is your place. They’ve made it a science and roast in-house. @programmerman tweeted “Archetype has the best coffee in Omaha.” And over on Instagram, others were just as definitive. @emilymtaber wrote “Archetype. No question.” @mylittlelorelaiI shared my sentiments exactly on Instagram: “I do love archetype but I always feel like I stand out for not being hipster enough.”

Hardy Coffee

Where: Where:1033 Jones St., 6051 Maple St., and inside Westroads Mall at Flagship Commons

This had a couple fans across different social platforms. I’ll admit, I got to Aromas more for the Bliss Bakery goodies than their coffee drinks, but its caffeinated fans are loyal! “We love Aromas!” tweeted @therusticroad.

Beansmith Coffee Roasters

Where: 1213 Harney St. –Closed

Beansmith is particular about coffee and it left a good impression on me when I visited during the Caffeine Crawl a year ago. Do you know how hard it is to stand out from the pack on a tour?

Caffeine Dreams

Where: 4524 Farnam St.Closed

This Midtown coffee shop was accidentally left off this list but @aroger brought it to my attention: “Great hangout spot, warm and cozy, good for studying or casual conversation, their roasting is top-notch and best chai latte.” He’s right. How could I forget Caffeine Dreams?? I’ve been a few times to play games with my kids (and probably annoy the college students studying). If the weather’s nice, check out their outdoor space!

Crane Coffee

Where: Six locations, plus one inside Methodist Hospital and Children’s Hospital

This is a particular favorite in my family. Any early morning road trip begins at the Crane on Cass Street, picking up a coffee for me and Mr. Wonderful and a chocolate chunk scone for the kiddos before we head out.

Culprit Cafe

Where: 1603 Farnam St., suite 101 and 3201 Farnam St., suite 6112

Like Aromas, I associate Culprit with baked goods more than coffee, but it has some serious fans. “From simple pour overs to amazing lattes (try the vanilla one), @culpritcafe is my go-to,” writes @jbath13.

More Omaha coffee shops

Delice European Cafe & Bakery

Where:3201 Farnam St., suite 6112 Closed

Amateur Coffee

Where: 3913 Cuming St.

Karma Koffee

Where: 587 N. 155th Plaza

Mug Life

Where: 2452 Harney St.

Omaha Bicycle Co.

Where: 6015 Maple St.

This place wins for most unique combo: It is in fact a bike shop and a coffee shop.

ROAST Coffee House

Where: 1904 S. 67th St.

This is a newer one in Omaha, and it already has a lot of fans. @spartanjess wrote she loved the breve there. I love a Hill of Beans, who has amazing coffee beans you can purchase for home brewing, so I know their coffee shop has to be serving incredibly good coffee.


Where: Several locations

This local chain of coffee shops had quite a few fans. I’m going to guess it’s partly because they’re super convenient (and they have a great of flavored coffee, IMO).

Stay Sweet Nicolas

Where: 805 S. Main St., suite 2, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Stay Sweet Nicolas is also my pick for one of the best places to get breakfast in Council Bluffs.

Urban Abbey

Where: 1026 Jackson St.

Urban Abbey got a vote from @jbrummer1031 on Instagram, and it reminded me to return to this great place. I usually only go on Saturdays when I make it to the farmers market next door. This place is also the starting point to the Urban Walking Labyrinth. Just ask at the counter for a map if you can’t find one on display.

Well Grounded Coffee House

Where: 707 S. 24th St.

Whole Foods

Where: 10020 Regency Circle

Those familiar with the chain probably have a favorite treat there (mine is the cheese samples…). @_mommyk._ wrote “A simple vanilla latte at Whole Foods has my vote!”

Zen Coffee Co.

Where: 230 S. 25th St., suite 3

13th Street Coffee

Where: 519 S. 13th St.

Kerri W. is a fan of this place. I used to go there often back when I had an Old Market apartment, but once more coffee shops opened downtown, I’ve found new favorites.

Coffee shops in Omaha with great specialty drinks

Green Beans Coffee

Where: 6831 S. 167th St.

This one had a couple fans raving about, particularly the mocha. Says Amy R. “I usually get a mocha but anything there is great!”


Where: Several locations

“Scooters has the best cappuccino blender. It’s not overloaded with sugar like some others,” said Darci D. Kelly R. recommended the Carmeclious, “It is amazing.” (I have to agree with her)

Is this list missing your favorite Omaha coffee shop? Leave me a comment telling me what it is and why!


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Saturday 7th of October 2017

Cornflake Latte: a vanilla latte with frosted flakes on top. Served with a spoon. It's so much better than it sounds! :)


Saturday 7th of October 2017

Now that does actually sound pretty good!


Friday 6th of October 2017

Beansmith is closing their downtown Omaha location! It's so sad to hear!


Friday 6th of October 2017

Oh no! I thought I'd heard rumblings of it but I didn't believe it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.