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18 Fun Indoor Water Parks Near Omaha

18 Fun Indoor Water Parks Near Omaha

The beauty of indoor water parks is there’s a year-round pool destination you can always count on. If you’re looking for a family-pleasing getaway, hotels with a waterpark are an excellent combination. Here are a few indoor water parks near Omaha, including resorts and aquatic centers in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri to add to your family travel wish list.

2020 Update: When I wrote this, the indoor waterparks on this list were open. Due to the ever-changing pandemic landscape we’re in, call ahead before visiting.

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Indoor Water Parks Near Omaha

Play in the water year-round at these indoor water resorts and water parks within five hours of Omaha.

My recommendations

I have not had a whole lot of luck with indoor water parks when we travel. I have visited all of the local indoor water parks, and honestly, I’d skip the hotel versions and go straight to the Kroc Center.

For our travels thus far, I haven’t been too impressed with the hotels we’ve stayed at with indoor waterparks. It seems elusive to find a hotel and waterpark that meet my expectations. I have yet to stay at Great Wolf Lodge, which I’ve heard great things about, though.

Your turn: Let me know your favorites and recommendations!

Indoor water parks make year-round vacations possible in the Midwest. Here are 15+ indoor water parks and resorts in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota (all very drivable from Omaha!)
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