January 19, 2018

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Every year I write a Valentine’s Day post, and Valentine’s Day 2018 will carry on the tradition. Most of these ideas, though, work for date nights any day of the year. If you’re looking for specific types of dates, below, I offer some ideas for splurge-worth nights out, night outs for cocktail drinks, and free date night ideas.


Date Night Splurges

Tasting Menu Dinner: Make a reservation for a restaurant like V. Mertz or Au Courant Regional Kitchen, and then opt for the tasting menu. I’m recommending those two since I’ve been to both recently, can vouch for their quality, AND if you have the Together A Greater Good app (TAGG), those restaurants will donate 5% of your receipt to the charity of your choice. Tasting menus are meant for slow eating, so dinner is your whole night out, probably. Tip: Both places have menu items, so you don’t have to do the full tasting menu.

“An American In Paris”: The Broadway touring production of “An American In Paris” will be at the Orpheum Theater, with a show on Feb. 14. Spend a little extra so that you get the best seats available. The show is in Omaha Feb. 13-19, so you don’t have to go on Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to. Pro tip: You can pre-order your drinks for intermission. It’s a smart way to skip the line. Snack tip: There’s something special about the malt balls sold at the Orpheum. I’m not sure what’s in them, but they are addictive.

Tango Romantico: This is less of a splurge than the others. On Feb. 12, KANEKO will bring together Omaha Symphony Principal Flute Maria Harding (with fellow Symphony colleagues), Vintage Ballroom, and wine and chocolate by Chocolat Abeille for a romantic evening. Come with your dancing shoes.

Date Night Drinks

It’s very rare that Mr. Wonderful and I go out and simply hang out over a drink. But it has happened. I think three years ago. Anyway…

Challenge The Bartender: It’s going to sound funny suggesting you go to a wine and booze shop for a date, but hear me out about going to Spirit World at Aksarben Village. I recommend you order some food, sit at their little bar, and have the bartender make you a new-to-you drink. When I told the bartender I didn’t like gin, he set out to prove me wrong. And I’m glad he did. Read about our date night at this locally-owned store here. Spirit World is another participating TAGG restaurant, so don’t forget to scan your receipt so 5% of your night out can go to charity!

Specialty Drinks: OK, even more rare for us is to go to a fancy craft cocktail bar and spend more than $10 on one drink. But, The Berry & Rye in the Old Market will wow you with their drinks. And the atmosphere is ideal for a date night. If you’re looking for unique places for a drink in Omaha, I’ve heard great things about the tiki bar Laka Lono Rum Club (which is just a stone’s throw from The Berry & Rye in the Old Market) and Omaha’s own speakeasy, Wicked Rabbit (you have to go through a cigar store and say the magic word to enter in the hidden bar).

– Not a drinker? If you’re looking for healthy date night ideas, revisit this old favorite, 7 Healthy Date Ideas In Omaha.

Free Date Night

Free Things To Do On Valentine’s Day: Ever since my penny-pinching days working at a newspaper, I’ve maintained a mental list of free things to do in Omaha. Some of my favorites make memorable date nights, including visiting KANEKO, which has a special exhibit called “light” that’s FREE to see and really cool to experience. The gallery is open until 8 p.m. on Valentine’s Day. There are galleries near KANEKO that may be open that night, too, and you can stroll through them for FREE. Check out Bemis Contemporary Art Center, Artist Co-Op, or visit the shops at The Passageway.

– If you want more budget-friendly ideas, I suggest you read the post Cheap Date Nights In Omaha.


Your turn: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Where do you recommend others go for Valentine’s Day?

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