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Youth Art Classes In Omaha

Farley is fascinated by artists right now. Ever since he got his first “Touch the Art” book (“Touch the Art: Make Van Gogh’s Bed”) from his Grammy and Grampy, he’s been enthralled.

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And thankfully moving past his Banksy phase.

Mommy is not amused by Farley's graffiti streak. Time to find him a creative outlet that doesn't involve household appliances, walls or floors.
Mommy is not amused by Farley’s graffiti streak. Time to find him a creative outlet that doesn’t involve household appliances, walls or floors.

Recently, we started reading “Henri’s Scissors” at bed time, and now he has announced he will be an artist when he grows up. As long as he’s not an artist who lives in his parents’ basement, I will be OK with that.

So, I’m considering the options for fostering his interest in art. If it spares my floors, walls and, ahem, trash cans from him, I’m game.

I’ve been looking around and found there is quite a bit out there. Here’s what I’ve found for art classes for my (and your) little Picasso:

Joslyn Art Museum

Where better to be inspired than an art museum, right? The museum offers a variety of classes for different age groups (Preschoolers, gradeschoolers and teens). Classes include sketching to portraits to creating sculptures from recycled materials; all but the preschool level classes require registration. Check website for the start dates of upcoming classes.

Joslyn regularly holds events that include art activities for children. In addition to Family Fun Days, they hold events that are tied directly to exhibitions, such as the recent “Night in Paris.” My family had so much fun that night!

An artist is born at Joslyn.
An artist is born at Joslyn.

Kent Bellows Studio & Center for the Arts

Teens can work with artist mentors in a really cool setting. The end of the program features an exhibition, which is kinda neat, right? Joslyn Art Museum manage the Young Artist Mentoring Program. Learn more here.

Art 4 All

For a more budget-friendly option, Art 4 All offers classes for youngsters. This nonprofit arts education organization offers classes beyond visual arts, including performance, communication and music. Classes are for various ages; the youngest being 4. See their website.

Paint-your-own pottery places

Instead of weeks-long art classes, you can also do a one-time gig. There are several paint-your-own pottery places around Omaha. That Pottery Place (78th and Dodge streets); It’s Your Pottery (2518 S. 132nd St.); and Creation Station (84th and Giles)


CREATE calls themselves a guided freestyle arts and crafts studio for all ages. All very crafty (think beyond paint and canvas). It is now located in-home in Fremont. Read up on it here.

Omaha Children’s Museum

For the cost of admission, your kid can channel their inner Matisse. They can paint here (including their face), and often the resident artist and/or volunteers are there to lead more structure art projects. It’s very informal compared to other things listed, which is probably better if you’re trying to get your 2-year-old to paint or something. See what creative things are going on at the museum here.

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Alissa Apel

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

We wanted to do Art4All, but we were gone to much this summer. There's always next year.


Wednesday 16th of July 2014

I've looked into Art4All but with my kids being young, there are few classes held at times that work for us. Maybe next year for us, as well!

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