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Unique Advent Calendars

Makers have gotten creative with Advent calendars, taking things beyond chalky chocolate, goofy socks, and LEGO characters. I’ve been searching for a new calendar to suit each kids’ interests this year, and I think I’ve started looking early enough to find the jackpot. Hope you have the same luck!

Kim’s note: I try to keep this list updated but as December nears, these calendars do tend to sell out.

Unexpectedly Unique Advent Calendars

These advent calendars are anything but boring!

DIY Advent calendars

I know some of you are crafty types, so making your own Advent calendar isn’t a stretch. I’ve done a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown, without all the pretty Etsy packaging, so it can be done on the cheap.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Small gifts either fitting a theme or just totally random. Advent calendars are typically 12 days or 24 days, though some are 25 days.

Omaha friends, you can find calendar fillers locally, and not just at the Target Dollar Spot.

Candy theme: Find small, individually-wrapped candy or novelty candy at Hollywood Candy in the Old Market. If you want artisan chocolates — I’m talking pieces so pretty you may not want to eat them — go to Chocolat Abeille in Bellevue or The Cordial Cherry at Shops of Legacy.

Don’t forget cotton candy as an option (Spin Cotton Candy offers local pick-up in the Omaha area). Freeze-dried candy is another option made locally.

it's a six pack of reinbeer

Food & drink theme: Beyond candy, look to places like The Asian Market near 76th and Dodge streets for truly unique snacks and foods. Got a coffee fan? A Hill of Beans in West Omaha sells 4 oz. bags of their roasts. The Village Grinder at Countryside Village also has small bags of coffee for sale. A hot cocoa bomb or two would also be a great item to include.

Locally-made theme: The obvious first stop should be one of the Made in Omaha locations, where they’ll have keychains, toffees, and all sorts of other small items that can be used. Etsy is my other go-to, whether you want a locally-made bookmark, pin, sticker or toy.

2. Numbered bags, wrapping paper, or some other way to keep the item a surprise until the day it’s supposed to be open. There are options to make your life easy — like pre-numbered burlap sacks and holiday bags with stickers.

If you’re thinking of making a boozy Advent calendar for a friend or spouse (or yourself…), there are calendars made just for that — you just have to add the booze.

20+ unique Advent calendars for counting down to Christmas

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.