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Corgi Racing & Dog-Friendly Omaha Places With Rachel Drietz

There really isn’t a good reason to have someone bring their dog with them to a podcast. You can’t see the dog. But, that didn’t stop me from asking our guest this week, Rachel Drietz, to bring her corgi, Zoe. Come on! Who doesn’t want to see and pet a corgi? And besides, the episode will eventually be shared on Youtube and then you can all oooh and awww over Zoe with me and Dee.

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So, Zoe and Rachel were on our show to tell us about Omaha Corgi Crew, a large group of corgi owners who create meet-ups and fundraising events like the Omaha Corgi Races. And while we had the duo in studio, we chatted with them about places to take your dog in Omaha and best tips for traveling with a dog.

If you have a pup in your life, this is an episode you don’t want to skip! And if you don’t have a pup in your life, listen anyway because I promise you, you do not want to miss the Omaha Corgi Races the next time they happen.

10 corgis line up at the starting line of the Omaha Corgi Races
2024 Omaha Corgi Races

Helpful links

Dee and I talked about a lot of places on the episode. If you’re curious about them, and want to learn more, click on the links below!

Dee and Kim (left) are joined with Zoe the corgi and Rachel Drietz from the Omaha Corgi Crew
Dee, Kim, Zoe and Rachel

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.