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5 Great Lincoln Breakfast spots

I’m excited to have a local share her insights on the best places to eat breakfast in Lincoln. (And I may say, I’m rather proud that I’ve been to two out of the five on this list. Better plan another visit!)

And now, here’s Gretchen with her Lincoln restaurant recommendations:

Now that I have gotten older, I think I might prefer going out to breakfast even more than going out for dinner. There is something special about starting the day off with a delicious meal. Also by the time the dinner hour comes around, I am often ready to stay home and unwind rather than go out for a night on the town. No matter your age, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (Yes, I sound like a mother because I am one!)

Here are five great local Lincoln restaurants that will help you greet the day with a smile.

1. Cultiva

Where: 727 S. 11th St.; 535 Holdrege St., Suite 130; and 2510 Randolph St.

Cultiva started out as a coffee roastery. Several years they opened a café that has some of the best brunch options.

Coffee and Johnny Cakes at Cultiva in Lincoln, Nebraska. Johnny Cakes are like pancakes except they're made with cornmeal.

If there was such a thing as a crepery, they could rename their restaurant. Cultiva offers savory crepes, sweet crepes and scrambled egg crepes. Offerings include everything from Andouille sausage to feta cheese to Nutella to lemon curd along with a variety of sauce options as well. Something is bound to appeal to every eater.

They also return to the state’s pioneer roots by offering Johnny Cakes – an item rarely found on most menus. For the adventurous eater, build your own breakfast are available.

2. Good Evans

Where: 6891 A St., Suite 102

Good Evans is a newer Lincoln restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch, so you know their offerings are delicious.

Besides traditional favorites, they offer breakfast pot pies, a crab and cream cheese omelet and a Nebraska bene (benedict) that offers braised short ribs as the meat topping.

One other unique offering that they serve is homemade pop tarts that are as big as the plate which means they are perfect for sharing.

3. The Hub Café

Where: 250 N. 21st St., Suite 3

The Hub Café is located on the edge of downtown near the meeting point of several bike trails. As this restaurant is connected with Branched Oak Farm, they serve locally-sourced food as much as possible.

Interior of The Hub Cafe in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska.
Photo courtesy Gretchen Garrison

While the menu is smaller, the options provide distinct contrasts. Mushroom gravy is served over biscuits. The breakfast bowls contain ingredients that include quinoa and sambal chili paste. The brioche French toast is topped with fromage blanc, raspberry compote, toasted pecans and real maple syrup.

4. Stauffers Café and Pie Shoppe

Where: 5600 S. 48th St.

While Stauffers Café and Pie Shoppe may offer more traditional breakfasts, their food tastes as good as homemade. They have everyday specials that will fit any appetite.

From a variety of homemade muffins (that include snickerdoodle!) to steak and egg platters, many options are available. This family-owned restaurant has been serving Lincoln for almost 25 years.

5. The Green Gateau

Where: 330 S. 10th St.

On the weekends, check out The Green Gateau brunch menu. Starting at 8 a.m., you can order items that are not typical on most menus. Try duck and foi gras sausage hash or cordon bleu crepes.

I always have to order beignets at The Green Gateau. Always.

They do serve traditional breakfast items such as Brioche French toast and steak eggs. But even their benedicts are served with optional twists on toppings: blackened salmon, red shrimp, and “The Oscar” with Maryland crab cakes.

If you decide to eat breakfast at one of these local Lincoln places, a delicious dining experience will be in your future.

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If you decide to eat breakfast at one of these local Lincoln places, a delicious dining experience will be in your future.

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About the guest blogger

Gretchen Garrison has been dining in Lincoln all of her life. One of these restaurants in the blog post is featured in her Reedy Press book, 100 Things to Do in Lincoln Before You Die. (Can you guess which one?). The others are all mentioned as they are equally as fabulous. Gretchen has also written two books for the History Press, A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln and Detour Nebraska: Historic Destinations and Natural Wonders.

Looking for a great restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska for breakfast? Here are a local's recommendations for the best breakfast and brunch spots.

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