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Jet Off To Orlando With Allegiant

Updated April 16, 2018: Since our travels, troubling reports questioning the airline’s safety have surfaced. See the latest by “60 Minutes” here. The CEO of Allegiant responded to story here.

We’ve got it good here, Omaha travelers. We can fly directly to the Orlando area with the low-cost carrier Allegiant. It’s pretty easy and affordable to get to your dream vacation now.

Florida gator

Florida gator

Allegiant started flying out of Omaha in the past year, and they invited my family to try out their Omaha-Clearwater Florida route earlier this year. It was not without a hitch and I shared my experiences and tips for making yours go better here.

Allegiant logo

In spite of it all, I was willing to give it another try. It’s so cheap to fly with them, that I knew I had readers out there who could only travel when fares were that low. And, the airline does do some things well that help ease (a little) the sting of delays and other issues.

So, when they offered to fly the family again on the new route to see how it compares, I took the bait.


It went so much better than our first flight!

Cocoa Beach is about an hour drive from Seminole County, Florida, where the Orlando Sanford International Airport is located.

Cocoa Beach is about 70 miles from the Orlando Sanford International Airport. We went there during our weekend visit.

Omaha to Orlando Sanford International Airport

Less than three hours on a plane and you’re a 30-minute drive to major theme parks – and if you are into outdoor adventures, you’re even closer to zipline courses, airboat tours, and canoeing in the wilds of Florida. I tried all those adventurous things on a recent trip.


The perks of the  Orlando Sanford International Airport

– On-site car rentals and easy returns

– It’s so near Orlando!

– A much, much quicker check-in for departure than what we experienced on a previous trip. We got to the check-in counter with minimal wait and for security, they were directing families with small children to a shorter line. Made it less stressful for all involved.

– This is so smart for anxious kids: They have a large-screen TV set up to Disney shows (but of course). So, if you’re like me and prefer getting to the airport super early, you have an easy way to pass the time.

Tips On Flying Allegiant To Sanford/Orlando

(or any destination Allegiant flies, really)

We did things a little different than our first trip, and it made our Allegiant experience even better. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. When they say arrive two hours early, they mean it. At Omaha’s Eppley Airfield, you can get away with edging closer to one hour early like you do for other airlines, but I’ve found at the vacation destination spots, early is best. Allegiant flies to and from Omaha on Thursdays and Sundays, and that appears to be the case of many other cities with Allegiant routes to and from prime vacation destinations. Those flights all leave at pretty similar times. And all those travelers have to file through the same check-in counters and security lines.
  2. Boarding time is fluid. The airline also says boarding begins an hour before take off. So far, that has never been the case. Since they board by zones, you’re fine moseying up to your designated zone right as those doors open. You might be the last in your zone, but your seats are already assigned, so nothing is gained by standing in line for that long. There’s nothing that makes young kids more anxious than waiting in line.
  3. Pack more snacks than you need and empty water bottles to fill at the airport. There is a snack and beverage service on the plane – for a cost. It’s totally acceptable (and smart when traveling with kids) to bring on food. Flights are about three hours and there’s a good chance you’ll be traveling over a mealtime anyway. Plus, there’s also the chance of a delay, so it’s better to be prepared to feed your brood during that wait too.
  4. Relax about seating arrangements. If you’re traveling with young kids, you will get seat assignments with at least one parent with one kid. On our first flight, we were 2 and 2; on this recent flight, we had three seats together and one on the other side of the aisle (great for the parent who needs a time out). For adults traveling together but without kids in town, you do have to pay extra to be seated together.
  5. Bring travel pillows and/or blankets if traveling with kids who might want one. I’ve never seen comfort items like a blanket handed out on Allegiant. Side note: If traveling with the booster or carseat age crowd, those are free to check in either as luggage or at the gate.
  6. Expect a wait. When we were leaving Omaha this month, I explained to Farley the concept of hurry up and wait. Such is the way of air travel. Accept that a delay is likely and you won’t get angry at the desk clerk who has nothing to do with said delay. Come prepared with distractions and food.
  7. Sign up for alerts for your flight. You’ll get texts if there’s a major delay expected.
  8. Get the Allegiant app on your phone. It was pretty nice cruising through security and boarding the plane and NOT having to shuffle through every family member’s boarding passes. There are phone scanners at security and the boarding gate in Sanford.

Your turn: What tips do you have for flying with Allegiant?

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