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4 Things to Know About Homeschooling in Nebraska

Homeschooling in Nebraska, whether you’re new to the community or a seasoned home education pro, offers fantastic educational opportunities beyond a purchased curriculum. Nebraska communities provide engaging experiences for kids to try out something new, learn with other youth in their area, as well as follow their own educational curiosities.

Here are four things to know about homeschooling in Nebraska to help enhance your child’s home education.

1. Experts are everywhere

While the education of your child is ultimately your responsibility, it doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers. Part of the beauty of homeschooling is getting out in the world and letting your kids meet people in their community.

Glass blowing demonstration at Hot Shops in Omaha, Nebraska.

Hot Shops is a wonderful place in Omaha to talk to artists and see hot shop demonstrations. Both UNO and UNL at Morrill Hall frequently provide educational opportunities for the community.

Seek out tours at places like banks, bakeries, and farms. Think about what you want to teach and see if there is a supplemental field trip you can plan with a local business or expert.

While in the checkout line at Walmart I met the owner of a local apiary near us in southwest Nebraska.

2. Join groups and clubs

Nebraska has several homeschool groups, especially in eastern Nebraska. Groups offer playdates, learning co-ops, or even field trips together.

Girl Scouts, Scouting and 4H are all alive and well in all areas of Nebraska and give kids a chance to learn new skills while having fun.

Child holding a chick on a farm in Valley, Nebraska.

Look for clubs that might interest your kids, such as Boys and Girls Club, a running club, or even the YMCA. Astronomy, archery and geology clubs are also out there.

Do an online search for your club or group type of choice to see if it exists, reach out to friends, and/or start your own club or group if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Chances are, there are other people looking for the same thing.

3. Take day trips

Visiting museums, other towns or cities, state parks, national monuments, and so many other things is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.

Learning about heirloom apples at the Arbor Farms Tree Adventure in Nebraska City.

Here are a few of our favorite outings:

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4. Attend events and festivals

Annual events are easy to keep on the schedule and get excited about. NESCIFest, Kool-Aid Days, Shakespeare on the Green, and Jazz on the Green are all things our family look forward to every year.  

Historic reenactors at Fort Atkinson in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. These ladies in the kitchen at Fort Atkinson will be the first to tell visitors women weren't allowed in the fort back in the day, though. They're part of the re-enactments to give insight to what life was like outside of the fort.

Keep up cultural and social education by attending local PowWows, historical reenactments, or ethnic/heritage festivals in your area.

Visit Nebraska has a listing of events and festivals across Nebraska. Festivals and events celebrating food, culture, arts, sports, science, and more.

Check out the Things to Do tab on Visit Nebraska site for some ideas that will either give you some family fun when you need a break from the schooling, or some things to do to enhance the topics you’re learning about at home.

Humanities Nebraska is another place to find educational programs for the whole family.

No matter how you choose to homeschool your child, if you’re in Nebraska don’t forget to include some of these fun educational additions to your curriculum.

Please share more of your favorite Nebraska experts, groups, day trips, or events in the comments. Our knowledgeable, helpful community is the best part of being a homeschooler in Nebraska!

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About our guest blogger

Mary Juett has been homeschooling her two girls in Nebraska for the past decade. She spent 23 years in central Nebraska before moving to Omaha and starting a family with her husband. After 15 years in eastern Nebraska her family moved to southwest Nebraska, where they currently reside. Mary loves learning, cooking and creating recipes, crocheting, and exploring Nebraska. She writes at homeschoolantic.com.

New to homeschooling in Nebraska or looking for new ideas on things to do? A local mom shares tips and what she's learned after homeschooling for more than a decade.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.