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Happy Feet In Omaha

We’re a soccer-loving family, which is why my kids have been enrolled in soccer programs like Happy Feet in Omaha since they were 2.

I was so excited when I was approached by Happy Feet Legends to tell you about their programs, because I’m already a fan and believer in the program! Keep reading to find out how you can save 10% on registration!

What’s Happy Feet?

Happy Feet teaches fundamental skills to children ages 2 to 10. Photo courtesy Happy Feet Legends

Happy Feet is a youth program focused on building skills. The paid coaches are trained to build skills like balance, coordination, bravery, and confidence on the field. “They make them better athletes even if soccer doesn’t end up as their sport,” said Rebecca Noameshie, owner of Happy Feet Legends in Greater Omaha. That’s right, they coach bravery.

The curriculum has been around for 30 years, but has been updated. A big part of the the Happy Feet program is that they don’t track goals or who won. Players are recognized when they remember to do a pull-back in the game, for instance.

Happy Feet programs

Coaches are paid and trained to teach skills beyond ball handling, like bravery and confidence. Photo courtesy Happy Feet Legends

Children can enroll in different programs. There’s Happy Feet classes and leagues, which teaches fundamentals and builds that confidence I was talking about earlier. If you sign up for the league, you have the option of signing up your child for practice-only, game-only or both, which means you can bring your kid out to the field one day a week or two days a week. That also means there are more than one price point.

Happy Feet Legends is more competitive than the league and classes. Often times, Legends pulls kids out of Happy Feet when they’re ready.

The typical progression is to take Happy Feet classes, like at a daycare, than participate in Happy Feet league play, and then move on to Happy Feet Legends.

How old do kids need to be?

Even the youngest players learn fundamental ball skills in Happy Feet. Photo courtesy Happy Feet Legends

Children from ages 2 to 10 can participate in Happy Feet. Every participant gets a T-shirt.

My kids did the Happy Feet classes while in daycare and preschool, as well as the league. It’s super cute, but beyond that, impressive to watch. Both Mooch and Farley learned fundamentals through the most fun and easy games. When it was time to enroll them on their school’s soccer league, they were more confident on the field thanks to Happy Feet. It’s totally worth the investment!

Where’s Happy Feet in Omaha?

Outdoor classes are held at Elmwood Park and Trendwood Park. Outdoor leagues are held in three locations around Omaha: Northwest, Southwest and Midtown.

How to register Happy Feet in Omaha

You can get details on Happy Feet classes, Happy Feet league and Happy Feet Legends here. Registration for spring and summer league are open now! 

Oh My! Omaha readers can save 10% if they register for the spring or summer league! Just use the promo code ohmyomaha10. You must register for either league by March 20 to get the discount.

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Alissa Apel

Thursday 16th of March 2017

My kids did this when they were in preschool. They made it part of the program.


Monday 20th of March 2017

It was an add-on at my kids' preschool. My kids thought it was so much fun to have Happy Feet at school.

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