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The Ultimate Guide To Omaha Experience Gifts (120 Ideas!)

Experience gifts are big now, and Omaha offers a treasure trove of experience gifts. Whether you’re looking to indulge a foodie with Omaha’s culinary delights, ignite a spark of wonder in animal lovers at world-class wildlife sanctuaries, or fuel the adventurous spirit of active kids with endless explorations, this guide to Omaha’s experiential gifts is your compass to gifting the unforgettable.

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A girl stands smiling next to a wolf enclosure at the Wildlife Safari Park near Omaha
Wildlife Safari Park

Why give an experience gift?

It’s been at least six years, but I can still remember the day my son got back from going on a behind-the-scenes tour at Omaha’s zoo. He went with my dad, and it was part of his Christmas gift, this tour. And he was so excited to tell me what they saw. He still remembers that day, too.

Experience gifts offer a unique alternative to traditional material presents, providing lasting memories and a deeper emotional connection. Rather than adding to a collection of seldom-used items, an experience gift is an invitation to explore new passions, or maybe, to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

In the age of minimalism and the quest for meaningful engagement, experience gifts in Omaha cater to the desire for enrichment. This type of gift is not just about the activity itself, but the joy of anticipation, the pleasure of the experience, and the fond recollection of memories that can be revisited time and again.

Experience Gift Ideas For The Foodie

Hear me out: The foodie in your life does not need another brightly-colored spatula or funny egg timer. If you know what they like, get them an experience gift that lets them try more of it.

The tray of treats at the Afternoon Tea at Chocolat Abeille in Bellevue, Nebraska
Chocolat Abeille

Cooking Classes in Omaha

The following local businesses offer cooking classes:

Kim tastes the dish she's learning to prepare through a course at Metropolitan Community College's Continuing Education
MCC Cooking Class

Experience Gift Ideas For The Sports Fan

Whether you gift a sports fan tickets to a game or for a whole season, they will appreciate it!

Experience Gift Ideas With Annual Passes

Memberships or annual passes offer the opportunity to indulge in favorite activities or explore new ones throughout the year.

Kim and daughter pose at a photo opp at The Rose
The Rose

Experience Gifts That Are Fun With A Group

Some of the best experiences are those shared with others. The following selection of group-friendly experience gifts are the perfect way to celebrate relationships and create new, shared memories.

A challenging putt from inside a VW van at The Fat Putter
The Fat Putter

Experience Gift Ideas For An Escape Room Fan

Unique Overnight Stays Around Omaha

I’ve gifted a glamping getaway to my husband on a few occasions. While he got the gift in December, the dates of our giveaways weren’t until late-summer and early fall the next year. And you know what? The anticipation and wait was worth it.

Experience Gifts For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Looking for a gift for the outdoor enthusiast, the adventurer at heart who thrives on fresh air and the allure of the natural world? Memberships and park permits are the ticket to the adventures that lies just beyond the doorstep.

Brother and sister pose while sitting on a tree trunk at Fontenelle Forest in the fall

Experience Gifts For A History Lover

If you’ve got a friend who’s always got their nose in a history book, Omaha’s got some treats in store for them. These experience gifts let history lovers time travel to the olden days, all while staying right here in the present.

Experience Gift Tours for Craft Brew, Wine and Spirits

Omaha has plenty of craft breweries and some nearby wineries, but few offer tours. But if you’re thinking that a tour would make a great gift for someone, you’d be correct!

For non-tour type gifts for the beer and booze drinkers in your life:

Experience Gift Ideas For An Animal Lover

A boy looks down at a cat at Felius Cat Cafe
Felius Cat Cafe

My daughter is a particular fanatic about animals, so she’s been gifted everything from a summer camp with horses to becoming an animal parent” at the zoo. Here are a few more ideas!

Experience Gift Ideas For An Art Lover

Paint and Sip Classes In Omaha

Experience Gift Ideas For A Crafters Or Maker

A pirate face mug is ready to be painted at Creative Culture
Creative Culture

Where You Can Make a Custom Candle or Soap

Where You Can Make Jewelry

Where You Can Make Pottery or Paint Your Own Pottery

Experience Gift Ideas For A Concert Lover

Gift a concert experience — like a pair of tickets to their favorite band! Check out the calendar of 2024 concerts and see if there’s something coming up that’s perfect for the music fan in your life. A few venues that typically bring major shows:

Experience Gifts For A Live Performance Lover

The ornate ceiling and red velvet curtains at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Omaha, where Broadway touring productions are staged
Orpheum Theater

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to perform, consider gifting a class or music lessons.

Experience Gift Ideas For Active Kids And Teens

Indoors or outdoors, these activities are perfect for the active kid in your life. Get them a gift card — or in some cases, a membership — and they’re set for a fun afternoon.

A boy smiles on the ropes course at TreeRush Adventure at Fontenelle Forest

Indoor Multi-Activity Attractions

Obstacle Courses/Warrior Courses

Experience Gift Ideas For A Movie Fan

You can’t go wrong with a gift card to a movie theater. That’s a given. There are the movie chain theaters in town, as well as the following locally-owned or nonprofit cinemas:

Unveil the joy of giving in Omaha with our guide to unforgettable experience gifts! Perfect for foodies, animal buffs, active kids, and history fans.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.