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11 Kansas City Coffee Shops You Should Try

Despite the sheer number of them, there’s something very unique about coffee shops. They all have a different crowd of regulars and a range of vibes from laid back to “am-I-cool-enough-to-be-here?” but they share a similar aroma and purpose–to bring people together. Many of us think of a fancy cup of coffee “a treat” and consider finding a local coffee shop high on our list of travel to-dos. Even when I am staying in town, I love to venture out to one of the many coffee shops in Kansas City. Some of them serve only coffee and others have full breakfasts. Every neighborhood has one it seems, so here are some of the best to get acquainted with for when you’re in town.

Cup of coffee at Messenger Coffee in Kansas City
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City

Oddly Correct

Where: 4141 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

Known as the “coffee connoisseur’s” coffee shop, Oddly Correct has been roasting beans and selling cups of coffee since 2008. You’ll find some very rare and unique coffees here and the staff can help you learn more about them.

In addition to coffee, they also serve espresso and other specialty beverages alongside some baked goods and breakfast sandwiches.

Blip Roasters

Where: 1301 Woodswether Road, Kansas City, Mo.

If you love bikes and coffee, Blip Roasters is the place for you! And when they say bikes, they mean motorcycles. Located in the West Bottoms, the space is filled with motorcycle helmets and there’s ample parking for your bike. You’ll find great coffee, try the Bourbon Vanilla Toddy Latte, along with merchandise and freshly roasted beans for sale.

They put on a variety of events to help people meet each other, have a good time, and support local businesses.

Monarch Coffee

Where: 3550 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo.

After welcoming a baby into the world, husband and wife team, Tyler and Jamie Rovenstine, had a second in 2017, Monarch Coffee. While that combination may send most of us into a panic, Tyler came to the venture with 13 years of barista experience and titles to prove it. Jamie is an artist and designed the look and feel of this beautiful space. Together, they are welcoming guests with delicious coffee and winning awards (Food and Wine named them the Best Coffee in Missouri in 2019).

Black Dog Coffeehouse

Where: 12815 W. 87th St. Parkway, Lenexa, Kan,

If you’re headed to the other side of the state line, we have you covered too. Black Dog Coffeehouse may be in a strip mall, but you’ll feel cozy as soon as you step in the door. Starting all the way back in 2003, this coffee shop serves up some of the best coffee around (roasted by Messenger Coffee).

They are also neighbors to the very popular local bakery, Ibis Bakery, and you’ll find many of Ibis’ sweet and savory pastries in the coffee shop’s cases.

Messenger Coffee

Where: Three locations, with a fourth coming soon at Prairiefire

Exterior of Messenger Coffee
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

While several other coffee shops in Kansas City serve Messenger Coffee’s beans, they also operate several of their own cafes. Partnering with Ibis Bakery, you’ll find homemade bread and delicious baked goods, along with a wide range of coffee drinks. They sell a variety of locally made goods in their cafes and also have a coffee subscription service. The location at 16th and Grand is my favorite. Make sure not to miss the rooftop deck that provides great views of the city while you sip.

Cafe Cà Phê

Where: (currently popping up at Sequence Climb, 1710 Washington St., Kansas City, Mo., but they’re raising money for a brick and mortar location)

Kansas City’s only woman-owned Vietnamese coffee shop, Cafe Cà Phê, has a loyal but growing fan base. Jackie Nguyen, the owner, comes to Kansas City by way of California and more recently, Broadway. While the shop is currently between permanent locations, you can find them at a climbing gym and other pop-ups listed on their Instagram account.

If you’ve never experienced the strong and sweet treat that is Vietnamese coffee, you will not be disappointed.

Westport Coffeehouse

Where: 4010 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

It’s a coffee shop, a comedy club, a live music venue, and a restaurant all rolled into one! The Westport Coffeehouse has been an establishment in Kansas City since 1996. This place packs a lot into a modest-sized space. Grab a smoothie and a baked good while you work upstairs or enjoy a live improv comedy show in the basement theater. They serve classic coffee drinks and delicious paninis as well.

Post Coffee Company

Where: Five locations including Westside (Goat Hill)

Starting with the first location in Lee’s Summit (south of Kansas City), Post Coffee has been growing and for good reason. From the bright white decor to the delicious coffee, you might feel like you’re hanging out in a minimalist plant shop. They sell locally made donuts, protein balls, granola, and breakfast burritos as well. It’s a great spot to sit and chat or get some work done.

If you want to enjoy their coffee in your home, check out their subscription service.

The Roasterie

Where: Six locations including one at Children’s Mercy Hospital

In 1993, Danny O’Neill started The Roasterie in his basement with an air roaster. From there it has grown into one of the most successful coffee companies in the Midwest. They supply custom roasted blends of coffee to many local restaurants.

Cold brew coffee at The Roasterie in Kansas Coty
Photo courtesy Jenn Beard

If you’re interested in learning more about coffee, stop by the Factory location for a tour (you’ll even learn how to cup coffee) or check out their free Coffee College.

Filling Station

Where: Three locations

I was introduced to the Filling Station on a Kansas City Caffeine Crawl. I was impressed by their coffee (which is now roasted by Messenger) but also their fresh pressed juices and protein balls.

They have other great snacks and sandwiches and provide an industrial-chic, laid-back environment. It’s a great place to have a work meeting or catch up with a friend.

Crows Coffee

Where: Three locations

The first Crows Coffee opened in 2014 on the edge of the University of Missouri Kansas City’s campus (just south of the Country Club Plaza) and quickly became a hit. They also operate a bakery called The Baked Crow, out of their Waldo location. It provides fresh pastries and breakfast burritos for all three locations. In addition to food and great coffee drinks, all three of the cafes serve beer and wine, and tea.

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