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25+ Things To Do With Kids In West Omaha

West Omaha was my stomping grounds growing up. Now that I live in Midtown and work downtown, that sprawling section of the city has been filed in “out of sight, out of mind” in my world. But I’m ready to make up for it because there is a lot of things to do with kids in West Omaha. It’s not a comprehensive list, but this will keep you busy for a while.

UPDATE: This post was first written in 2015 and updated in March 2021 to reflect closures and new businesses that have opened. If you see something on this list that has closed, please let me know!

By the way, if you arrived at this post looking for things to do in downtown Omaha or other parts of the metro area, this post is only showing you a sliver of things to do.

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Free things to do in West Omaha with kids

Free things to do with kids in West Omaha - Visit Boys Town and its Hall of History
  • Pottery Barn Book Club, a kids storytime every Tuesday at 11 a.m., 120 Regency Parkway, Suite 120
  • Westwood Heights splash garden, 12334 Seldin Drive (seasonal)
  • Chalco Hills Recreation Area, South 154th Street
  • Heflinger Park (BMX biking), 11111 West Maple Road
  • Ta Ha Zouka Skate Park, 905 Elkhorn Drive, Elkhorn, Neb.
  • Parent & Tot Gym Time at Saddlebrook Community Center, 14850 Laurel Ave. (nearly free)
  • Crafty Tots at Saddlebrook Community Center, 14850 Laurel Ave., Wednesdays from 11 to 11:30 a.m.
  • Vibes Summer Concert Series at Village Pointe, 17305 Davenport St., Thursdays during the summer at 6:30 p.m.
  • Lakeshore Learning, 12005 W. Center Road, offers free crafts from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday for kids ages 3 and older
  • Boys Town, West Dodge Road between 144th and 132nd streets

Since you saved some money, you can feel guilt free about taking the kiddos to get a donut in West Omaha, right?

Archive of more things to do in Omaha

Family activities in West Omaha that are less than $25 for 4 people

You’ll be charged admission or pay by the hour, but you can still have a pretty great time out.

  • Zorinsky Aquatic Center, 3808 156th St.
  • GO! Kids Gym, 4223 S. 120th St.
  • Bounce U, 1144 Q St.
  • Goldfish Swim School Family Swims, 2502 S. 133rd Plaza. Learn more about Goldfish Swim School in West Omaha here.
  • Storm Chasers game with Berm seating at Werner Park, 12356 Ballpark Way, Papillion, Neb.
Kids activities in - Ride the Ferris wheel at Schools, a sporting goods store at Village Pointe shopping center in West Omaha. Rides are inexpensive.
  • Scheels ferris wheel, 17202 Davenport St. (this is a lot less than $25 per family)
  • Koch Family Tennis Center, 12440 West Maple Road
  • Family Fun Swim at Mockingbird Hill Community Center, 10242 Mockingbird Drive, the first Saturday of every month (November-April) from 1 to 4 p.m.
  • Montclair Community Center and Pool, 2304 S 135th Ave., open swim

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Fun things to do with kids in Omaha - Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a West Omaha destination for families.

More things for kids to do in West Omaha (costing $25+ for family of 4)

  • Amazing Pizza Machine,13955 S. Plaza
  • Sky Zone Omaha, 4215 S. 133rd St. (indoor trampoline)
  • Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park, 15364 Weir St.
  • Boulder Creek Amusement Park, 14208 S St.
  • Papio Fun Park, 210 E. Lincoln St., Papillion, Neb.
  • Medieval Putt, 20915 Cumberland Drive, Elkhorn, Neb.
  • Prehistoric Putt, 11134 Q St.
  • Common Grounds, 1701 Veterans Dr., Elkhorn, Neb., open swim
  • Pottery Tots class at It’s Your Pottery, 2518 S. 132nd St.
  • Create, 2949 N. 204th St. #105 , Elkhorn, Neb., drop in and paint (call ahead if there are four or more of you)
Looking for things to do in Omaha? Check out the fun attractions, entertainment venues and more that are located in West Omaha, a suburb of the city. Here are 25+ things to do, including free activities and inexpensive options. #guide #Omaha #Nebraska

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