Food Tips For Storm Chasers Games

Fans share tips on what to eat during Omaha Storm Chasers games

There’s about one more month left in the 2018 Omaha Storm Chaser anniversary season, so let’s talk ballpark food. All I want is a bag of peanuts at the game, so, I asked Storm Chaser fans to share their food tips so you know what to try the next time you’re at Werner Park. If you have a favorite food or suggestion, leave a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Omaha Storm Chasers. Any thoughts, opinions, or typos are my own.

Fans share tips on what to eat during Omaha Storm Chasers games

Must-Try Food At Storm Chasers game

The most original suggestion came from Martie Cordaro, the team’s general manager and president. “Try the Brisket Egg-rolls at Sarpy Smokehouse paired with an #AleStorm beer; then the Pop Tart Ice cream sandwich at Swirls finishes the night.”

La Mesa’s stand has quite a few fans. Tiffany N. always gets La Mesa supreme nachos at the game. “Got to get the nachos at La Mesa with jalapeños. Then around the 7th inning you have to get the ice cream in a helmet.” tweeted @TheDunkKing. Megan S. tweeted “I usually go for the queso from the LaMesa stand. And a frozen strawberry lemonade.”

Another Nebraska favorite at Werner Park is Valentino’s, which has been around since 1957. Two replied on Twitter saying, “My son always has to have a slice of Valentino’s pizza and a Dippin Dots.” (@RoyalsCollector) and the other had the food and drink combo recommendation: “Cannot go wrong with some @valentinospizza and a @drpepper out by left field 👌” (@BallenB2013)

Looking to eat a somewhat healthy? I did receive one tip from a fan offering some options found at Werner Park: “Something nutritious and tasty. Burrito bowls, chicken sate, hummus dip with vegetables,” tweeted @Wanncook

Sweets at Werner Park

My kids are happiest with a bowl of Dippin Dots, and they’re not alone. When I asked about desserts, @RoyalsCollector tweeted that it was what his son always got (along with that Valentino’s slice).

“My son loves the huge pretzels and cotton candy. Best dessert I think is the funnel cakes but (my husband) says Dippin Dots,” said Tiffany N. on Facebook.

“My son loves making his own green sno-cone with the syrup machine over between 3B & LF,” said Megan S. on Twitter.

Storm Chasers Food Promotions To Know

To get the most bang for your buck, pick a game on one of these promotional nights with food deals:

50 Cent Tuesday – In honor of the 50th Season in franchise history, five different concessions items are 50 cents each at Tuesday night home games (except Aug. 7), including french fries, small sodas, nachos, peanuts & Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips.

Weiner Wednesday – Fans can enjoy full-sized hot dogs for just 25 cents each at Wednesday evening home games.

Thirsty Thursday – Not food, but pairs well with it. Enjoy $2 Bud, Bud Light & Busch Light on Thursday home games, in addition to $1 Pepsi Fountain drinks!

Bands & Brews – Another drink promotion…Prior to select Saturday home games, fans can enjoy drink specials and live music at the Bud Light Downdraught Bar right after gates open.

This isn’t a promotion but an annual event:

Peanut Free Night – The Storm Chasers host their annual Peanut Free Night, with a thorough cleaning of the ballpark prior to the evening’s game. No peanut products will be allowed into the park or sold for that night’s game. This year, it’s held on Aug. 1. I’ve got more Storm Chasers fan tips here, including their suggestions on parking, getting ticket discounts and what kids can do at the ballpark.

Headed to a game at Werner Park in Omaha? Here are food tips from Omaha Storm Chaser fans! #baseball #stormchasers #baseballfood

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Fan Tips For Storm Chasers Baseball Games

Good things to know about Omaha Storm Chasers games

Omaha Storm Chasers baseball games are great for families, couples (could totally be a cheap date night), and friends. I’ve asked fans to share their tips for Storm Chasers baseball games, including where the best seats are, parking tips, how to get autographs, and more insider knowledge. I’m sharing the tips I thought were most helpful below. You can see the original post and tweet, too, to see all answers.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by the Omaha Storm Chasers. All tips, though, are provided by Oh My! Omaha readers. Any typos are probably mine. 

Good things to know about Omaha Storm Chasers games

Tips For Taking Kids To Games

“Taking kids is a must to fully enjoy the atmosphere. Get berm tickets, bring a blanket, let the kids run around, lay back and enjoy the game,” said Scott R. “All seasons are good to go, outside of the first couple of weeks. With small children, weekday night games leave plenty of room for your kids to roam.”

“Always check the schedule for any fun nights (Princess, Star Wars or Super Hero nights),” said April S.

“Kids will love Friday fireworks or Sundays kids day. The kids will love the family fun zone or mini golf. Berm seats are great if you have little ones who might need to runaround,” said Tiffany N.

“The Family Fun Zone is free if you are a member of Centris.” said Kaila W., who also said the berm is a good option for those with kids. She packs “a picnic blanket and toys/ bubbles to keep them occupied.” Show your Centris card to get the free wristbands, said Jeanne D.

“Kids have the Centris Family Fun zone with carousel, playground, putt-putt. Wristbands are $6 a piece. Basketball hoop and a mini baseball field for games in center/right center field. Fireworks nights are pretty nice,” said Jaima N.

Laura C. recommends getting the Little Storm Chasers membership. “Get $10 off thru Parent Savvy. It’s good for Sunday games which are often Hy-Vee Can Good Sundays.” Tiffany N. thought she’d seen the Little Storm Chasers membership half-off through Parent Savvy, so you just might to double check things.

Ready to take the kids to a game this year? Here are 10 Things Families Will Love About The Storm Chasers’ 2018 Season.

Storm Chasers Parking Tips

“Carpool if you can! And don’t park too close for out park balls can hit the car,” said Ash H.

“If just going to game, always go to the free lot. Plenty of spots. If tailgating, paying the $5 is worth it,” said Scott R.

Storm Chasers Game Seating Tips

“For places to sit, early season get first base side, they have the most sun. For summer get third base seats behind the dugout, they get the most shade,” said Scott R.

“We like seats to keep both (kids) contained. I feel more stressed in the berm,” said Ash H.

“We’ve sat behind home plate before when we were able to score those tickets and they were second to NONE (we were right up at the fence!).” said April S.

Going to sit on the berm? Cameron W. recommended standing or sitting by right field and bring a blanket to sit on.

Food & Drink Tips For Storm Chasers Games

“You can bring water bottles empty with no labels for free water,” said Ash H.

“They have gluten free options at some of the food stands!” shared Kaila W.

“Food wise we love the nachos from LeMesa or just getting a good old fashioned hot dog or pretzel,” suggested Tiffany N.

“Tuesdays are 50-cent nights on a lot of the food and Wednesday are Wiener Wednesdays for cheap hot dogs,” said Natalie J.

“If you go to last game of year, alcohol drinks are cheap!” said Jaima N.

Discount Ticket Tips

“I got tickets before the season when they had their promotion for the cold weather. $2/ticket was a steal.” said Danell T. from Small Guy Promotions

Tips For Storm Chasers Autographs

Fans in the know suggest heading to the bridge area by left field if you want to get autographs, and get there early.

“Come early enough to get autographs on the bridge (see who is going to be there by looking on their website),” suggested April S.

“Getting autographs is a lot of luck & perseverance. Always try to use the players name when asking. ‘Mr. O’Hearn would you sign my card please?’ Always be courteous by saying ‘Thank You’ afterwards. Players never have to sign, they do it out of their own kindness & on their time,” said @RoyalsCollector. “If a player does not sign. Don’t be rude to them. They have a job to do and sometimes they just don’t have the time to stop. Try again the next day or the next game your at. Always have a pen or sharpie ready for them use and the item you want signed. Always be kind and courteous to the other fans around you trying to get autographs too. Don’t push, shove, crowd others around. If you get the autograph you want let somebody else get in for a chance too.”

“Be polite. Call players by name (Mr. Gore) not number (Hey 0). Bring a pen (ball point pen for baseballs a sharpie for anything else). Have something for them to sign (I recommend a ball, program, or usually you can get a team card set for souvenir shop),” said Jeff E. “Some players won’t sign and don’t be frustrated because many others will. Often starting pitchers or catchers won’t sign because they need the longest amount of time to get ready. Before game is usually better than after.”

Giveaway Tips

“Always check the schedule and go on giveaway nights! All kinds of fun stuff,” said Tiffany N. Tim T. with The Walking Tourists said the Bobblehead games are his favorite – check this post to see when the next 2018 bobble head giveaway is scheduled.

Your turn! What tips do you have for Omaha Storm Chasers games?


fans share 20+ tips for Storm Chasers games

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10 Things Families Will Love About Storm Chasers Games In 2018

I’m very excited to announce that I’m partnering with Omaha Storm Chasers this year! If you haven’t been to a game, this is the year to plan a family outing. The Storm Chasers are celebrating their 50th season, and they have a ton planned that appeals to families.

A ballgame at Werner Park is always a family-friendly experience – I’ve written about taking kids to a Storm Chasers game before. But this year, they’ve added some extras for the big anniversary. I’ve combed though all of their promotions to share my favorite things about the season.

Here are 10 things families are going to love about Storm Chasers Games this year:

Celebrating the Decades

From music to flashback jerseys, the Storm Chasers will celebrate a decade each month of the season. Check the calendar for nights where there are bobble head giveaways connected to each decade, Flashback Fridays, and beer specials by the decade.

April – 2011-Present, Storm Chasers

May – 2000-2010, Spikes/Royals

June – 1990-1999, Royals/Spikes

July – 1980-1989, Royals

August – 1969-1979, Royals

50th Game of the 50th Season

The big game falls on July 20, a Friday night. So, in addition to the 1985 Royals Flashback Jersey, fans get to enjoy Friday Fireworks.

Theme Nights

The Star Wars themed night at the park is on May 4 (get it?). Photo courtesy Omaha Storm Chasers

These are an annual favorite, and if you have Star Wars or princess fans in your house, there’s a good chance you’ve gone to one of these games. The theme nights that stand out to me include Star Wars Night on May 4 (get it? May the Fourth be with you.), Superhero Night on June 30, and Daddy-Daughter Night on July 13 (rescheduled to Aug. 4).

Tip: There are fireworks following the games on Star Wars Night and Daddy-Daughter Night.

Fun Storm Chasers Jerseys

In addition to five flashback jerseys that tie into the jerseys I just mentioned, there are other designs you’ll see throughout the season. Many will be auctioned off to benefit charities.

Star Wars fan? Go to the May 4th (get it?) game to see the Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Jersey presented by It’s going to be auctioned off. There are 10 special jerseys worn this season, and I think I have my eye on the look out for the Omaha Runzas Jersey presented by…guess. It’s presented by Runza, and you’ll see it on the diamond and then auction off on June 9.

Meet The Greats

Omaha Storm Chasers have 11 alumni appearing at games throughout the 2018 season. Photo courtesy Omaha Storm Chasers

Fifty years is a lot of years to commemorate, and a lot of players to recognize. If your kid loves meeting baseball players, plan for these games:

May 5 – Mike Sweeney (1996-97, 2002-03, 06)

May 25 or 26 – Angel Berroa (2002, 07-08)

June 22 – Harold Reynolds (1995)

June 24 – Chris Hatcher (1997-98, 2002), Dwayne Hosey (1994-95), Dave Ullery (2001-04) & Ken Harvey (2002, 05)

July 20 – Jack McKeon (1969-71), Bill Beck & Bob Quinn

Aug. 24 – Frank White (1973)

Friday Fireworks

Friday nights home games for the Storm Chasers mean fireworks. Photo courtesy Omaha Storm Chasers

All season long, if the home game falls on a Friday night, there will be fireworks following the game. There are 11 Friday nights in the schedule, and the first one is April 6.

Of course, they aren’t limiting the fireworks to just Friday nights this year. The super popular Independence Day games end with fireworks (those two nights are on July 2 and 3).

There are also fireworks following the game on Sunday, May 27, and Saturday, July 21.


Bark in the Park

If your kids are of the four-legged variety, take note of these dates: April 18, June 6, Aug. 1, Aug. 15 and Aug. 29. You can bring your dog to the game and sit on the berm on Bark in the Park games (just be sure to pre-register).

Tip: Bark at the Park nights happen to coincide with Weiner Wednesdays…so cheap dinners for all! Full-sized hot dogs are 25 cents each at Wednesday evening home games.

First 50 Kids Promotion

Attending the Storm Chasers game as a family was included in my list of 25 things to do under $25 in Omaha. Prices are low to begin with but you can save even more money on game day with the First 50 Kids promotion. The first 50 kids (10 years and under) to arrive at the Werner Park Ticket Office on day of game are able to purchase McDonald’s Berm tickets for just $1, all season-long, regardless of game promotion. The berm is that grassy seating area. Details here.

Family FunDays

If your kid is too young to stay up late for evening games, the Sunday afternoon home games should be on your radar. Known as Family FunDays, there are some great opportunities for kids to be out on the field. Check the schedule for the dates the can run the bases or play catch on the field. Family FunDays also always have clowns and balloon artists.

Family Fun Zone

My kids could spend the entire game here if I let them. The Centris Family Fun Zone at Werner Park is an extra fee, but totally worth it. Photo courtesy Omaha Storm Chasers

If you’re a regular at Storm Chaser games, and you have kids, chances are, you’ve been to the Centris Family Fun Zone. This was definitely my kids’ favorite part of Werner Park in their young days – I’m curious to see if it still is when we go this season. You don’t get to watch much baseball from there, though.

The Family Fun Zone is a large area behind left field with inflatables, jungle gym, and a carousel. It does cost $6 for kids ages 3+ to enter if you don’t have a Centris ATM, Visa Credit or Debit card.

There’s also a combo pass option for $7, which includes playing in the fun zone and miniature golf for $7.

Wait. There’s more!

See the full calendar of promotions here. Since this list is limited to just 10 things you’ll love, I couldn’t fit in all the concerts, giveaways, and more planned.

And before I end this, here’s my money-saving tip: If you want FREE parking, drive past all the signs for the paid lots until you reach the dirt lot on the north side of the stadium (take it with a grain of salt that it’s still free since I haven’t been to a game in years).

If you go

Storm Chasers Baseball Games

Where: Werner Park, 12356 Ballpark Way, Papillion, Neb.

Season starts March 26 with an expo game against the Kansas City Royals. First home game of the season is April 5 (Thirsty Thursday, y’all). See the full schedule or purchase tickets.


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Storm Chasers Baseball Games With Kids

You go to one Omaha Storm Chasers game and suddenly your children ask nightly to go to a baseball game.

The Storm Chasers must be doing something right.

Farley and I pausing for a quick Storm Chasers selfie at Werner Park.
Farley and I pausing for a quick Storm Chasers selfie at Werner Park.

If you haven’t taken your children to a baseball game, I’d recommend trying it out once. Even if you don’t like baseball. If you bring small children, you won’t be watching much of the game, anyway… but they’ll have a blast. Here are 10 things families are going to like about the 2018 Omaha Storm Chasers’ season!

What to expect

The kids play zone – I’m just going to assume your kids are going to spot this play area and drag you over there. You may never make it to your seats if you go here first. There is a $6 admission fee for each child over the age of 3.

You’ll find a few bounce houses, a playground, a carousel, and a ball pitching inflatable.

It was Ag Night when we went, so there was also a little area set aside for kids to practice roping skills.

My daughter roping a steer during Ag Night at a Storm Chasers game.
My daughter roping a steer during Ag Night at a Storm Chasers game.

Food – It’s a ballpark so you know what to expect. A lot of nights, they offer specials. When we went, it was 25-cent Weiner Wednesday (including a tofu dog). My personal favorite is Thirsty Thursday, with $1 beers and soda.

If you’re on a diet, you’re really out of luck. There is a food stand over by section 123 that had a salad shaker, as well as a few vegetarian-friendly offerings (not low-cal or low-fat, though).

But, for most people, part of the fun of a baseball game is eating indulgent food – peanuts, ice cream, 10 hot dogs…

Related Post: Food Trips For Storm Chasers Games

Seating – The cheapest seating is Berm seating, which is the grassy area behind the outfield. You’ll want to bring blankets for that area.

Werner Park is a perfect size for AAA baseball and I can’t really tell you where you wouldn’t want to sit. Most seats are going to be good ones.

The view from our seats at Werner Park, which we occupied for about 35 seconds that night.
The view from our seats at Werner Park, which we occupied for about 35 seconds that night.

Other activities – If you make it past the kids zone yet your child still doesn’t want to sit down, there is plenty to explore.

Most of the action is by the Berm area. There’s a basketball court and wiffle ball field, as well as a fooseball and mini pool table in the Downdraught Bar area near the Berm.

On the night we went, there was also a petting zoo set up near the wiffle ball field.

There was a petting zoo at the baseball stadium the night we attended a game.
There was a petting zoo at the baseball stadium the night we attended a game.

It was crowded with kids, but even my preschooler could get up close to all of the animals.

The Storm Chasers staff does a good job of keeping excitement going throughout the game, holding fan contests or mascot games on the field, showing fun videos, and launching T-shirts and whatnot at the stands. The sponsor giveaways were curious (on our night, one lucky section won a free colonoscopy).


Check the promotion schedule for discounts on specific days. On Sundays, you can get a discount for bringing canned food, for instance.

If you’re already planning on sitting on the Berm, get there early. The first 50 kids (10 and younger) can get a $1 Berm ticket each game.


If it’s your first time at the stadium, you’ll see signs to pay for parking. If you want FREE parking, keep driving until you reach the dirt lot on the north side of the stadium.

Friday night games always end with fireworks.

Sunday afternoon games are always US Bank Family FUNdays, with FREE attractions like clowns, balloon artists, face painting, a petting zoo and a chance to run the bases after the game.

I also asked readers for their tips for Storm Chasers games, and they shared some great ones!

If you go:

storm chasers logo

Storm Chasers Baseball Games

Where: Werner Park, 12356 Ballpark Way, Papillion, Neb.




Congrats! You found the Oh My! Omaha fifth anniversary giveaway! Win FOUR (4) tickets to the April 21, 2018 Omaha Storm Chasers home game versus Nashville Sounds. This game is particularly great because they’re giving away Jarrod Dyson bobblehads to the first 2,000 fans. It’s the first in the set of five O-Bolt Bobbleheads presented by Centris Federal Credit Union. It also happens to be a Bands & Brews game, so starting at 6 p.m., there will be drink specials and live music at the Bud Light Downdraught Bar.

It’s FREE to enter using the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway ends Tuesday, April 17, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Winner will be contacted via email and, due to the quick turnaround, will have 24 hours to respond to the email before another winner is drawn. Winner must be 18 or older. Tickets may not be exchanged for a different game. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bonus giveaway! If you belong to the Facebook Group, Fun Things To Do In Omaha & Beyond, you can enter the giveaway there for four tickets to the April 21, 2018 game. That giveaway ends Tuesday morning.

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