18 Midwest Supper Clubs I Want To Visit

Supper clubs are a long-running Midwestern dining experience, but being a Nebraska native, it’s a foreign concept to me. After reading a book about the history of supper clubs and some of the restaurants that are still open in Iowa, I’ve been inspired to learn more about them and, who knows, maybe visit a few!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Iowa Supper Clubs” in order to review the book. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking the link, I receive a small referral stipend. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.

“Iowa Supper Clubs”

As long as I’ve known Megan Bannister, I’ve known her to be a knowledge foodie based in Iowa. It made since that she’d write a book about restaurants (she’s written a post about awesome Des Moines restaurants for me, after all).

Iowa Supper Clubs - This book shares a nostalgic look at the Midwestern phenomenon of supper clubs. There's even a chapter about the Iowa supper clubs that are still open!
Image courtesy Megan Bannister

“Iowa Supper Clubs” sets out to, first, explain what a supper club is (a relish tray isn’t a requisite, but “You know it’s one when you see it”). Then she dives into the history of supper clubs in Iowa.

My favorite part of the book covers the supper clubs in Iowa that are still open. (And if we’re being honest, the information about the ones that serve ice cream after-dinner drinks.)

Photo courtesy Megan Bannister

The nostalgia and community-oriented nature of supper clubs reminded me a lot about my own book, “Lost Restaurants of Omaha,” only in Megan’s book, there remains a few long-running establishments you can visit today. And I intend to do so.

So, read on to see which supper clubs I’m dreaming of visiting!

Iowa supper clubs I want to visit

The following is a list of Iowa supper clubs I found in Megan’s book that are still open in Iowa, starting with the ones closest to Omaha. Priorities, right? 

Exterior of Breitbach's Country Dining in Balltown, Iowa
Photo courtesy Travel Iowa

Note: These supper clubs may be operating under reduced hours and with social distancing restrictions in place. Call before visiting! (Not that you’ll be able to make a reservation, just so that you can know if they’re or offer curbside takeout)

Steak meal at Archie's Waeside, a supper club in Le Mars, Iowa
Photo courtesy Travel Iowa

Midwest supper clubs I want to visit

Inspired by Megan’s book, I began to seek what some of the classics around the Midwest were. Fodor’s even had a list. Iowa (and its abundant supper clubs) is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce wedge.

After creating my list of Iowa stops, I pondered what a Midwest supper club road trip would look like. I also pondered what my waist would look like after said road trip. Let’s not get into those details.

Note: These supper clubs may be operating under reduced hours and with social distancing restrictions in place. Call before visiting!

Starting first with the state that’s possibly most famous for its supper clubs: Wisconsin. I’m sure I’m missing a few giants, but among my Wisconsin supper club list are:

Oh, sure, there are more, so check out “Wisconsin Supper Clubs” if you want more insight into the state’s supper club fascination.

And, then one of my favorite states to vacation in, Minnesota, has its share of lovely options. By lakes, no less. Here are a few ones on my radar:

  • Bar Harbor (Brainerd Lakes area)
  • Fisher’s Club (Avon…and supposedly you shouldn’t miss the breaded walleye fish fry) 
  • Crooner’s Lounge and Supper Club (Minneapolis)

And last, but certainly not least, are some of the supper clubs of Illinois. I got a taste of supper clubs in downtown Chicago at the Tortoise Supper Club. A few other classics I’d like to visit:

  • Millie’s Supper Club (Chicago)
  • Timmerman’s Supper Club (East Dubuque – and said to have a beautiful sunset view overlooking the Mississippi River Valley)

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Supper clubs are truly a Midwestern tradition! Here are more than a dozen I want to visit, starting with the ones closest to me - the Iowa supper clubs!

Where To Find The Midwest’s Best Donuts

Is there anything better than a perfect donut? No, no there is not. I usually find a way to fit a donut shop stop on our travels, and it turns out, other travel bloggers do, too. I asked my friends to share the best they’ve encountered on the adventures, and let me tell you, these all sound amazing! Who’s up for a Midwest Donut Tour?

Plan a Midwest road trip to the Midwest's best donut shops #doughnuts #donut #sweets

Doughnut Vault

Where: Chicago, Ill.

The best donuts in Chicago are in the best little donut shop in Chicago. The Doughnut Vault is an adorable little “vault” tucked in under a fire escape in the River North entertainment district. (With a second weekday location in the Loop.)

The Doughnut Vault in Chicago sells a limited amount of flavors each day and announces them on Twitter. Photo courtesy Leigh from Campfires & Concierges

The Vault only serves a few flavors a day: Buttermilk old-fashioned, glazed options and a couple of daily flavors that are announced on Twitter each morning. They also only make a limited amount, so keep an eye on Twitter see when they are sold out and closing for the day.

On weekends, the Vault opens at 9:30 a.m., but people start lining up way before then. What would normally be a short-lived trend has sustained for several years now!

There is no seating indoors, just a narrow indoor space to queue up for delicious donuts. Leigh at Campfires & Consierges recommends going with a few friends so you can sample all of the available flavors – she has yet to meet a Doughnut Vault donut that I didn’t like!

For more information, visit doughnutvault.com.

Off Site Bar

Where: Chicago, Ill.

So hidden you might walk past it a few times before finding it, the Off Site Bar in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood sits next to a small back patio behind the Longman & Eagle bar/restaurant/inn.

OSB operates as a stand-alone micro bar in the evenings, but as a donut shop pop-up on Saturdays and Sundays.

A donut and coffee at Off Site Bar in Chicago
Off Site Bar in Chicago becomes a pop-up shop for donuts on the weekends. Photo courtesy Julie from Open Wide The World

OSB offers a changing weekly selection of donuts, featuring classics with inspired, modern twists. Our recent favorites have included beet cake with chocolate glaze, peanut butter cream with curry coconut glaze, and chocolate chip with caramel pepper glaze.

Vegans be warned: These donuts are fried in beef fat. If you have no moral objection to that, you will be thrilled by the amazing difference it makes!

Beside the donuts , what else is there to love at OSB? Dark Matter Coffee and Rare Tea Cellar teas, both based in Chicago, are served. And OSB/L&E even offer overnight rooms for rent to travelers. Meaning you can snooze in a urban chic room after a few drinks at night while waiting for phenomenal donuts in the morning. By far, it’s a favorite donut set-up in the city!

For more information about Off Site Bar, visit longmanandeagle.com. If you want more Chicago donuts ? Check out Open Wide The World’s post on 9 Donuts Not To Miss In Chicago.

Donut Drop

Where: Schaumburg, Ill.

While sipping on locally-roasted coffee at Brewpoint in Elmhurst, Ill., you might nibble on a delicious donut from their case. That donut is from a local donut shop in Schaumburg, Ill., called Donut Drop. What pairs better than a locally-roasted coffee and a donut from a local shop?

Tray of donuts from Donut Drop in Schaumburg, Illinois
A variety of donuts and flavors are made at Donut Drop in Schaumburg, Ill. Photo courtesy Melissa Schwartz from A Little Time and a Keyboard

Donut Drop has a mix of both familiar and intriguing flavors. If you are looking for a chocolate cake donut, this is your place. If you are looking for something different like salted caramel, lemon, maple bacon, red velvet or other interesting flavors, Donut Drop is your place!

Melissa from A Little Time and a Keyboard loves Donut Drop’s flare including interesting seasonal donuts like Peppermint Bark. Donut Drop is a fun community spot with fresh and yummy donut treats! Plus, they have Brewpoint coffee – local through and through!

For more information, visit donutdrop.com.

Titus Bakery

Where: Lebanon and Westfield, Ind.

Titus Bakery originated in Lebanon, Ind., in the 1950s as a family-run business. Today with a second location in Westfield, Ind., Titus Bakery is still family-owned, and still baking donuts using some of the same delicious recipes. Pam at Our Adventure Is Everywhere visited the Westfield bakery and recommends it.

Donut display with some unique flavors like Cookie & Cream at Titus Bakery in Westfield, Indiana
Titus Bakery, located in Lebanon and Westfield, Ind., has some unique flavors of donuts including Key Lime Coconut and Cookie & Cream. Photo courtesy Pam at Be Happy, Be Healthy Wellness

In addition to traditional yeast and cake donuts, Titus offers a variety of interesting flavors such as Key-Lime Pie, Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Fluff. Since Titus is a full bakery, you’ll also find delicious cakes, pastries and even sandwiches using Boar’s Head Meats. The Westfield location offers a party room perfect for a unique kids party with a decorate-your-own-doughnuts theme.

For more information about Titus Bakery, visit titusbakery.com.


Where: Sioux City, Iowa

Jitters coffee shop in downtown Sioux City, Iowa makes the best cake donuts, according to Siouxland Families Blog, and for a very reasonable price.

A vanilla-frosted cake donut with sprinkles from Jitters in Sioux City, Iowa
A frosted cake donut with sprinkles at Jitters in downtown Sioux City, Iowa. Photo courtesy Lindsay Hindman from Siouxland Families Blog

While they have espresso-based drinks, chai tea, Italian soda, wraps, sandwiches and more, but the real star is their donuts. They have chocolate, maple, and vanilla frosting with sprinkles, coconut, or peanuts everyday, and on weekends, go gourmet with toppings to rival any you’ve seen on Pinterest. A favorite is chocolate frosting with peanuts.

Jitters is within easy walking distance of many of Sioux City’s downtown attractions, which makes it a great place to meet with friends or stop at on the way to a museum, movie, or downtown store or event.

For more information, visit Jitters’ Facebook page.

Cops & Doughnuts

Where: Ludington, Mich.

When a local bakery that dated back to 1896 was in danger of closing, the local police department came to the rescue. All nine members of the Clare, Michigan PD joined together and purchased the bakery, which was renamed Cops & Doughnuts. They’ve since saved similar bakeries in other small Michigan towns, like the one in Ludington where you can grab a cup of coffee with a galaxy donut, an over-sized donut hole, or a scrumptious apple fritter.

A box of donuts from Cops & Doughnuts in Michigan
Some of the specialties at Cops & Doughnuts include the galaxy donut and over-sized
donut holes. Photo courtesy Carrie Steinweg from Chicago Foodie Sisters

The Ludington location originated as McDonald’s Bakery back in 1898. There are now several locations in the state.

Visit copsdoughnuts.com for more information.

World’s Best Donuts

Where: Grand Marais, Minn.

World’s Best Donuts, a small seasonal shop in Grand Marais, Minn., specializes in cake donuts: Lighter in texture than a traditional cake donut, they’re best when coated with a thick dusting of cinnamon sugar.

World's Best Donut in Minnesota
A donut from the Grand Marais, Minn., donut shop World’s Best Donut. Photo courtesy Stacy Brooks from Tangled Up In Food

Other selections include raised donuts, twists, cream or jam-filled bismarks, long johns, apple and blueberry turnovers, jam-filled croissants, caramel pull-aparts, and cream cheese and maple swirls. Another must-try is the skizzle, a flat piece of fried dough coated with sugar—similar to a thin version of American Indian fry bread.

There’s a café-style seating area inside, outdoor picnic tables, or you can enjoy your donuts on a nearby harbor side bench overlooking Lake Superior.

Visit worldsbestdonutsmn.com for more information.

Glam Doll Donuts

Where: Minneapolis, Minn.

Glam Doll Donuts is one of the most famous donut spots in Minneapolis – for good reason. From the classic Vanilla Darling (featuring vanilla icing and sprinkles), to the mouthwatering Bellybomb mac & cheese donut (for the savory donut lovers), and even vegan donuts, Glam Doll Donuts never fails to electrify visitors’ taste buds.

The colorful interior of Glam Doll Donuts, a popular bakery in Minneapolis, Minn.
Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis has award-winning donuts, ranging from sweet to savory including the Bellybomb, a mac and cheese donut. Photo courtesy Kelsey Lee

All doughs, fillings, and icings are made from scratch. Glam Doll opened its first location in 2013 on appropriately named “Eat Street” in Minneapolis; and now you can get your sugar fix in Northeast, as well, and even pair your donuts with a beer. This isn’t your typical donut shop – the Glam Dolls created a pink fantasyland filled with award-winning donuts, rotating art gallery, a photobooth, and much more.

For more information, visit glamdolldonuts.com.

Hurts Donut Co.

Where: Springfield, Mo. (with more locations in the Midwest)

Hurts Donut Company has many locations now but its flagship store is in Springfield, Mo. The company has been making these crazy creations since 1999 and now have more than 70 kinds. From cereal-themed like Fred Flintstone to candy-themed like Reese’s and Twix, there are so many options it’ll make your head spin. Then there are the hands-down guaranteed flavors like S’mores, Nutella, Oreo Cheesecake, Maple Bacon, and Apple Pie.

A box of donuts from Hurts Donuts Company in Springfield, Missouri.
Hurts Donut Co.’s flagship store is in Springfield, Mo. Flavors span from cereal toppings to candy-bars, as well as the popular maple bacon. Photo courtesy Angela Dang from Dang Travelers

And don’t forget the shakes where they grind up a donut with ice cream then plant a whole one on top around your straw! 

For more information, visit wannahurts.com.

Strange Donuts

Where: St. Louis, Mo.

The name tells you exactly what to expect from this St. Louis donut shop. Strange Donuts serves up a weekly donut called “The Stranger” that is more of a gourmet pastry than your typical donut. Past ingredients have included: Lemon curd, raspberry ganache, ice cream, fried chicken, Gruyere cheese, and cookie dough. The list could go on forever. Most of the time, these ingredients are locally-sourced from other restaurants around town, making these donuts something for St. Louis to be proud of, according to Kelly at Greetings From Kelly.   

Exterior of Strange Donuts in St. Louis, Missouri
Strange Donuts in St. Louis is known for its weekly donut called “The Stranger,” which has had creative ingredients in the past including fried chicken, lemon curd and cookie dough. Photo courtesy Kelly Blick from Greetings From Kelly

If “Strange” isn’t your cup of tea, they have plenty of “classics” to choose from. Their classics include: Fat Steve (traditionally known as a long john), a Rainbow Pony (vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles), or a St. Louis favorite, a Gooey Butter Cake Donut. Strange Donuts even has gluten-free donuts available, so everyone can enjoy them. With three locations across St. Louis (and one location in Mexico City), Strange Donuts is not to be missed on a Midwest Tour De Donut. 

For more information, visit strangedonuts.com.

Olsen Bake Shop

Where: Omaha, Neb.

I’ve tried many donuts around Omaha (seriously. Here’s my Best Donuts In Omaha post to prove it), and while some have some pretty offerings and unique flavors, nothing can compare with the downtown hole-in-the-wall, Olsen Bake Shop. And I say “hole-in-the-wall” with affection here. It’s just tiny, so don’t expect to sit anywhere to enjoy your donuts.

A box of donuts from Olsen Bake Shop in Omaha, Nebraska
Olsen Bake Shop is a small donut shop that makes fresh and delicious donuts in downtown Omaha.

Olsen makes classic donuts with pretty standard flavors, and they do them well. Go with any cake donut and you’ll be happy.

For more information about Olsen Bake Shop, visit their Facebook page.

Bearscat Bakehouse

Where: Bismark, N.D.

Who doesn’t love donuts? Don’t miss your chance to try some of the delicious flavors at Bearscat Bakehouse in Bismarck, N.D. Bearscat is actually a reference to an old cowboy term for donuts. The owners thought it was silly and decided to name their donut shop Bearscat Bakehouse. They have kept up having fun and being silly since 2011.

Bakery case at Bearscat Bakehouse in North Dakota
Bearscat Bakehouse got its name from an old cowboy term for donuts. Bearscat is located in Bismark, N.D. Photo courtesy Bearscat Bakehouse

While they do have traditional donuts , some of their flavors are really unique: Like The Elvis (banana-filled, peanut butter icing, bacon added and chocolate drizzle) or The Kramer (chocolate icing, with pretzels and caramel drizzle). They really do have donuts you will not find anywhere else. There aren’t many donut shops in Bismarck, but they would have some tough competition if there were. This place is delicious.

“Our youngest son chose the cinnamon roll and it was bigger than his head (he ate all of it, but did share a few bites),” said Chris, from State By State Adventure. “Their signature donut is called Bearscat, which is a strange name for a delicious baked good. It is a glazed dark chocolate cake donut and could be the best doughnut we have ever eaten!

For more information, visit bearscatbakehouse.com.


Where: Cleveland, Ohio

Located in Cleveland’s artsy Gordon Square neighborhood, Brewnuts melds two things that Clevelanders love: donuts and craft beer. The donut bar was begun by two locals who wanted to mix Cleveland’s burgeoning brewery scene with delicious donuts. And they did this by not only opening up a bar that stocks both local beers and handmade donuts, but they make the donuts with the beer.

The bar at Brewnuts in Cleveland, Ohio, where you can order a beer to be paired with your donut.
At Brewnuts in Cleveland, you can pair your donut with a recommended beer. Photo courtesy Amanda Williams from Cleveland Traveler

At Brewnuts, the donut menu rotates with the seasons (usually based on which beers are available). You’ll find filled donuts, cereal-topped donuts, and decorated donuts, all of which are sure to please the taste buds. Eat your donut at the bar, and you can pair it with a recommended beer.
And, of course, Brewnuts is totally Instagrammable, too – both the bar AND the donuts will look great on your social media feeds, according to Cleveland Traveler.

For more information, visit brewnutscleveland.com.

FlyBoy Donuts

Where: Sioux Falls, S.D.

Flyboy Donuts is Sioux Falls’ gourmet donut stop, with a huge variety of donut flavors, shapes, and types. One of the most unique things they offer is donuts shaped like any letter of the alphabet, so people can custom order the letters of someone’s name or a special message as a gift or party decoration! A favorite of the Siouxland Family Blog is the Jet Fuel Joenut, which is a mocha donut topped with chocolate frosting, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

A boy eating the maple bacon long john at a kid's table at Flyboy Donuts in Sioux Falls, S.D.
This kid is digging into the maple bacon long john at Flyboy Donuts, a donut shop with two locations in Sioux Falls, S. D. Photo courtesy Lindsay Hindman from Siouxland Families Blog

Flyboy has two locations, which means wherever else you’re headed in Sioux Falls, one of them will probably be near your path.

For more information, visit flyboydonuts.com.

Midwest's best donuts - A list of popular donut shops in Midwest states, including Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Iowa #doughtnuts #donuts

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Midwest Restaurants With Memorable Breakfasts

In the Midwest, breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day, it’s the best. As a travel blogger who specializes in this region, I’ve had a few stand-out breakfasts at Midwest restaurants, but I’m always on the hunt for the next one to visit. So, I asked the experts, those have frequented more than a few: Midwest travel bloggers.

This group has some fantastic suggestions!

Updates: This post was first written in January 2018 and updated in October 2019 to reflect closures.

Here’s a collection of the most memorable breakfast experiences at Midwest restaurants:

20+ restaurants in the Midwest with unforgettable breakfast - Recommendations for where to eat in several Midwestern states (plus some suggestions on what to order!) #breakfast #brunch #foodie

Illinois Restaurants

Charlie Parker’s Diner, Springfield, Ill.

“The breakfast horseshoes are so good. And they make a gigantic pancake that is served on a pizza pan. Also just super fun nostalgic place – interesting quanset hut building.” Recommended by Carrie, who wrote about it at Chicago Foodie Sisters

The Goldmoor Inn, Galena, Ill.

“French toast with peaches and waffles with wild blueberries were the stars of our mornings. You can always order eggs made to order if you’d like something other than the daily specialty. Fresh muffins and scones from their pastry chef Tara were decadent and delicious.” Recommended by Sue, who wrote about it at Food Travelist

SafeHouse Chicago, Chicago, Ill.

“I went to their new brunch a few months ago and it was a very cool experience! It is a James Bond spied theme restaurant with a themed brunch menu.” Recommended by Jamie, who wrote about it at Corn Fields and High Heels

Sunda, Chicago, Ill.

“My favorite would probably be the Tempura French Toast. The Oxtail Potstickers were pretty awesome, too.” Recommended by Carrie, who wrote about her brunch experience there at Chicago Foodie Sisters

Timmerman’s Supper Club, East Dubuque, Ill.

“Timmerman’s Supper Club offers an amazing Sunday brunch buffet complete with mimosas and awesome bluff top views over the Mississippi River! The buffet features a range of typical breakfast items, a fruit and salad bar, a taco station, a huge selection of desserts and a live omelette and carved meat station. There’s something for everyone…make sure you visit with an empty stomach!” Recommended by Kylie, who wrote about it at Between England and Iowa

Indiana Restaurants

Cafe Patachou, Indianapolis, Ind.

“Really good upscale breakfast that was featured in Bon Apetit magazine as a top breakfast spot in the county. Nice downtown location overlooking capitol grounds.” Recommended by Carrie, who wrote about it at Chicago Foodie Sisters

Creighton’s Crazy Egg Cafe & Coffee Bar, Warsaw, Ind.

“Small town, farm-themed restaurant that will take you by surprise. A pleasant surprise! Simple but unique menu and a full-coffee bar. Located in the middle of nowhere, on a farm!” Recommended by Jamie, who writes at Cornfields and High Heels

Eggshell BistroCarmel, Ind. 

“… stepping inside the Eggshell Bistro is like stepping into a Parisian cafe except here no passport is required…Order a coffee, ask for a recommendation if needed, sit back and enjoy the ambiance of this bistro while forgetting that your feet are still firmly planted on American soil. The menu is an eclectic mix of international flavors and all the menu items have an egg included in it. When you go be sure to order the Kedgeree: house-smoked/sorghum-glazed wild salmon, jasmine rice, curried-spice mix, onion, caper, scallion, soft-boiled hen’s egg. Seriously delicious!” Recommended by Deb, who included the restaurant in her post “Fantastic Foodie Finds + More In Hamilton And Hendricks Counties Indiana” at Just Short of Crazy

Herrold on Hill, Wabash, Ind.

“Breakfast was the crowning glory of our stay…Alan made us some amazing protein waffles with strawberries and blueberries and double smoked ham Sandy topped off our meal with a fresh tomato and basil salad because, ‘We have vegetables at every meal.’” Recommended by Cindy, who wrote about it at Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl 

Breakfast at Milktooth in Indianapolis
Grilled cheese at Milktooth in Indianapolis. Photo courtesy Emily Hines

Milktooth, Indianapolis, Ind.

“Named one of the best restaurants in the WORLD by CondeNast Traveler, Milktooth in Indianapolis is an all breakfast/brunch restaurant located in the heart of Indianapolis. This ‘fine diner’ serves up the classics with a twist: Think dutch baby with manchego cheese, grapefruit, and brussel sprouts and a grilled cheese topped with truffle honey and a duck egg. Their award winning food makes this place insanely busy, especially on the weekends but it is worth the wait!” Recommended by Emily, who wrote about it at Em’s On The Road

Iowa Restaurants

Caroline’s in the Hotel Julien, Dubuque, Iowa

“Classic breakfasts like biscuits & gravy and sweet and unique choices like bananas foster’s french toast are just the tip of the iceberg. Impeccable service and small touches like a saucer with your coffee make this dining experience top notch!” Recommended by Katy, who wrote about it at Flint & Co.

Country Kitchen, Marion, Iowa

“Country Kitchen in Marion, Iowa has the fastest service and most delicious breakfast options around. I could eat there all day with the selection they have but I enjoy their breakfast most. Kids love their chocolate chip pancakes and parents love their value” Recommended by Melissa from ThirtySomethingSuperMom

PM Park, Clear Lake, Iowa

On our first visit to Clear Lake, I was determined to have a lakefront meal. It wasn’t as easy to find a place as I had anticipated, but luckily, there was PM Park. While our meal was being prepared, the kids played on the pirate ship outside and I could sit inside sipping my coffee. Try the french cake (pretty much a french toast pancake). I wrote about it in the Great Iowa Road Trip post.

Kansas Restaurants

The Chef, Manhattan, Kan.

“In a college town where fast-food chains dominate the breakfast scene, The Chef stands out. While there’s nearly always a wait, you can sip coffee and create a sidewalk chalk masterpiece to help pass the time. The Pancakes Bananas Foster and Buenos Dias Frittata are two of our family favorites!” Recommended by Sage from Everyday Wander.

The counter at Doo Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas
You can watch your breakfast being made if you sit at the counter at Doo Dah Diner.

Doo-Dah Diner, Wichita, Kan.

“…perhaps the best restaurant breakfast meal of my life! Here, cooked from scratch breakfast and lunch items fill the menu. You will drool just reading the descriptions!” Recommended by Melody on The Yum originally and reshared on Visit Wichita (her primary blog is Whereever I May Roam)

Michigan Restaurants

Breakfast at Tiffiny’s, Portage, Mich.

“Made fresh/from scratch and great healthy choices! Serves lunch too…but breakfast all day!” Recommended by Joan at Gramcracker Crumbs

Bunde’s Bakery, South Haven, Mich.

“Bunde’s Bakery is an adorable neighborhood coffee shop you’ll want to pop into during your summer beach vacation. Grab a delicious cinnamon roll with your latte but get there early if you want your pick of the baked goods and breakfast sandwiches.” Recommended by Lindsay, who wrote about South Haven at Let Me Give You Some Advice

Minnesota Restaurants

Hell’s Kitchen, Minneapolis, Minn.

“Hell’s Kitchen service staff wears their jammies, ridiculously scary decor and really good food.” Recommended by Diana, who wrote about it at Mojotraveler

Exterior of Mikey's Diner in St. Paul, Minnesota
Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mickey’s Diner, St. Paul, Minn.

“If you want a unique breakfast experience, we recommend Mickey’s Diner in downtown St. Paul. It’s a dining car that has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can sit on a stool at the counter and watch the cooks fry your bacon and flip your pancakes. My family loves the blueberry pancakes. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! I also have a general post about how small town cafes serve up the best breakfast you’ve never had! We could eat breakfast for three meals a day!” Recommended by Victoria, who included the diner in her Small Town Cafes roundup on the blog That Was A First

Note: I’ll second this recommendation! They put some magic in their omelets. I’ve never had one so fluffy and cooked absolutely perfectly. It was one of our favorite restaurant stops during our Great Minnesota Weekend.

World’s Best Donuts, Grand Marais, Minn.

“The cake donuts alone make the World’s Best Donuts worthy of its moniker: Lighter in texture than a traditional cake donut, superb when coated with a thick dusting of cinnamon sugar. There are also raised donuts, twists (try the chocolate covered one), cream or jam-filled bismarks, long johns, apple and blueberry turnovers, jam-filled croissants, caramel pull-aparts, and cream cheese and maple swirls. A small selection of gluten-free items is also available, baked off-site at a gluten-free facility. Besides the cake donuts, my favorite item was the skizzle, a flat piece of fried dough coated with sugar–basically a thin version of American Indian fry bread.” Recommended by Stacy, who wrote about it on Tangled Up In Food

Missouri Restaurants

Cielo at the Four Seasons, St. Louis, Mo.

The winner of the best view at breakfast in the Midwest has to be handed to Cielo, located on the rooftop of the Four Seasons. Definitely order the chicken and waffles.

Eggtc, Kansas City, Mo.

Eggtc is regularly featured on “best of” breakfast lists for Kansas City for good reason: It’s delicious. What made it all the more memorable (from a tired, traveling parent’s point of view), was the waitress thoughtfully got us a to-go cup for our coffee after we were done with breakfast. I wrote about it in 24 Hours In KC With Kids.

Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe, Springfield, Mo.

“History and modern convenience meet at Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe in Springfield, Missouri. An open kitchen allowed us to watch the cooks prepare our unique dishes in this renovated turn-of-the-century pharmacy building. Try a Freedom Waffle for a cheery and colorful way to start your day.” Recommended by Jeff, who wrote about it at Our Changing Lives

Brunch at Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks in Missouri
Fruit display at the brunch served at The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks. Photo courtesy Postcard Jar

The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks, Branson, Mo.

“The Sunday brunch at College of the Ozarks was amazing! Sunday brunch at College of the Ozarks is more than a meal — it’s an experience. We enjoyed a leisurely brunch in the beautiful Keeter Center there which included full breakfast selections and personalized omelets and waffles all made with farm-fresh ingredients grown on the campus. Details like an ice sculpture, hand-cut fresh seasonal fruits, domestic and imported cheeses, crudités, and made-to-order Caesar salads took brunch to a new level. We loved the award-winning carved ham and were entertained by students who sang and played the piano while we dined.” Recommended by Ann who writes Postcard Jar Travel Blog with her husband, Steve

Nebraska Restaurants

Culprit, Omaha, Neb.

“I adore Culprit. Their specialty donuts and morning buns are a great welcome-to-Omaha breakfast when you’ve just picked someone up from the airport and want to simultaneously nourish, spoil and impress them — but need to save room for lunch. If you’re feeling more indulgent, you can linger over their perfect, decadent quiche and a Spanish coffee.” Recommended by Jenna, who writes The Beaspora

The Green Gateau, Lincoln, Neb.

This charming downtown Lincoln restaurant has the feel of a European bistro. The food is exceptional and fresh. I always add a beignet to my order. And a mimosa. Always a mimosa. Expect a wait for brunch if you don’t have reservations.

Upstream Brewing Co., Omaha, Neb.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is have breakfast outside at Upstream Brewing Co., while watching the farmers market shoppers. I usually order the french toast.

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Ohio Restaurants

Bagel Street Deli, Athens, Ohio

“Best bagel sandwich I’ve had to date at Bagel Street Deli in Athens.” Recommended by Nedra at Adventure Mom

Oklahoma Restaurants

Dilly Diner, Tulsa, Okla.

“Dilly Diner treats their employees amazing, and their food is absolutely amazing. Their employees are genuine and sweet. Feels like home.” Recommended by Linda

Waffle Champion, Oklahoma City, Okla.

“Flip the menu – one side is sweeter offerings, the other more savory (think bacon, egg, and cheese, or fried chicken) and all of it is delicious. I had the Blueberry Sunrise waffle: blueberry-thyme compote, lemon goat cheese spread, with an oat crumble sprinkled on top. When I asked if they could add pecans, the answer was, ‘Sure! Are espresso pecans all right?’ Um, YEAH, duh.” Recommended by Sheila, who wrote about it in a post called “5 Places to Live Like Local” on the blog Perceptive Travel

South Dakota

Wall Drug donuts in South Dakota
And the winner of the tastiest donut in Wall, South Dakota, goes to…the maple donut.

Wall Drug, Wall, S.D.

Wall Drug is about the cheesiest and touristy stop you can have in South Dakota, and it will also be one of the most memorable. For quick but very tasty breakfast, wait in line and get yourself one of their famous cake donuts. I sampled all of their flavors, and can confidently tell you to order the maple donut. I included Wall Drug in this post about our Nebraska and South Dakota Adventure.

Wisconsin Restaurants

Frank’s DinerKenosha, Wis.

“Frank’s Diner is in an old street car diner. Very cool. And you have to get the garbage plate. Delish!” Recommended by Carrie, who wrote about it at Chicago Foodie Sisters. Sheila from Perceptive Travel also recommended Frank’s Diner, writing “Two visits to this town. Two breakfasts at Frank’s Diner in downtown Kenosha. Batting 1.000 so far.”

Mocha Moment, Janesville, Wis.

“It’s a family-owned and operated coffee shop and cafe in Janesville, Wisconsin. Tucked away from the road, it’s surrounded by the woods. The owners’ son sources and roasts their coffee, and all the delicious pastries are made in house. It’s definitely a local hot spot and was packed with regulars the morning I visited.” Recommended by Erin, who included it in her post about the 10 Best Breakfast Spots of 2017 post on The Epicurean Traveler

Simple Cafe/Simple Bakery & Market, Lake Geneva, Wis.

“Simple Cafe/Simple Bakery & Market is a favorite of locals and in-the-know visitors. The farm-to-table fare features fresh twists on breakfast classics and designer omelettes. The menu changes with the season (pumpkin bread pudding anyone?) Their bakery’s chocolate croissants are TO DIE FOR.” Recommended by Tabitha, who wrote about it at Trippin’ Midwest Mama

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