Kauai Hidden Gem: Sunset Golf Course Tours

If you read enough travel blog posts about Kauai, browse the visitor’s brochure, and buy a guide book (I highly recommend Fodors Kauai), you’ll start feeling like you have a good idea all the things you can do on the Hawaiian island. At least I did. And then my mom surprised me with a Kauai sunset tour I’d never heard about.

And here’s why I think everyone should know about it.

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Want a sunset tour on Kauai? Here's a fun one - try a golf cart tour! Here's everything you need to know about the Princeville Makai Golf Course sunset tour. #Kauai #Hawaii #USA

Kauai golf course tour at sunset

My family vacation to Kauai, Hawaii, was a reunion of sorts, with all of my siblings and their kids. Our crew was large, and in fact, included the additional family of my Norwegian sister as well as my Swiss brother (if you’ve ever hosted an exchange student, you know what I mean).

A line of golf carts at the Princeville Makai Golf Course

So, we were a large group, ranging in age from 5 to 69. Very few Kauai tours could accommodate a group of 20+, it turns out.

One of the few tours we could all do together was at Princeville Makai Golf Course. For the tour, you get a golf cart to drive around the course. It’s two people to a cart.

Before setting out, we stopped at the “first hole,” AKA the bar & grill to get a beverage and snacks for the ride. No outside food or drinks were permitted.

Our guide, Tom, was entertaining, as he had clever stories to share at each stop, which included holes with gorgeous ocean views.

Pre-tour instructions at the Princeville Makai Golf Course in Kauai

He had a knack for remembering everyone’s name. No easy feat when our group alone had about 20 people!

What you’ll see on the tour

Our tour took us around around the 18-hole golf course, past spacious homes and lush landscapes. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Rumor has it that it’s one of the most five scenic golf courses in the world. 

One of the most scenic views at the Princeville Makai Golf Course on Kauai, Hawaii

The highlights, of course, were the views. We have five stops, including one where we could see (from a distance) the infamous Queen’s Bath, which also happened to be located near a nene nesting ground.

Don’t expect any hikes or even a long walk from your cart. This tour is good for people with limited mobility. If you want a workout, this is not the tour for you.

Is this tour for families?

Sure, if you’re willing to pay for more than one cart (assuming there are at least three of you).

Would I recommend it? Kids ages 6 and older are allowed on the tour, but I would say not all 6-year-olds have the patience for it.

Kim and her daughter watching the remains of a Kauai sunset

The younger kids in our group (my kids included), were antsy after the first stop. They couldn’t drive the carts, which annoyed them. And then the guide just talked and talked at each stop. My kids had energy to burn and didn’t want to stand still to listen.

So, the kids played tag at each stop, giggling and shrieking and distracting us from the guide’s talk. No one got angry. No one shushed the kids (except for us irritated moms). 

Friends and family getting ready to depart on their golf carts on Kauai

All in all, the kids were welcomed. It was us parents who were less enthused with having our own kids there. 🙂 

Final thoughts on the tour

OK, I admit I was more than eager to drive a golf cart for a hour and a half. I don’t golf, so this was my only chance. Combine the thrill of a low-speed golf cart and gorgeous views, and I had myself a lovely evening.

OK, I admit I was more than eager to drive a golf cart for an hour and a half. I don’t golf, so this was my only chance. Combine the thrill of a low-speed golf cart and gorgeous views, and I had myself a lovely evening.

Makai Golf Course golf carts parked near the ocean.

My kids? They had quite the scenic and expensive game of tag.

If you want to go on this sunset golf cart tour

Princeville Makai Golf Club

Where: 4080 Lei O Papa Road, Princeville, Hawaii

When: Daily, starting two hours before sunset. Reservations are required. Call (808) 826-1912, ext. 200 or 201.

Cost: $79 per cart

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Looking for a relaxed tour in Kauai? Check out this golf cart sunset tour that takes you around one of the world's most scenic golf courses! #Hawaii #hiddengem #USA #USAtravel

Best (And Easiest) Bike Trail On Kauai

There are many ways to experience the beauty of Kauai, the “Garden Isle” of Hawaii. One low-key option for taking in the scenery is bike riding. Two wheels allow you to enjoy views at your own pace, and when it comes to traveling with kids, setting the pace is important.

Kapaa Bike Path in Kauai, Hawaii -  Guide to Ke Ala Hele Makalae Trail, a flat, beginner-friendly bike path along the coast. Tips on what to bring for the bike ride, what you'll see on the easy route, and where to eat after you're finished. Great route for biking with kids! #Kauai #Hawaii #biking #trail #familytravel

Where to rent bikes on Kauai

We rented our adult and kid-sized bikes in Kapaa. There is no shortage of places to rent, and you don’t have to reserve them ahead of time. We biked during the busy holiday season and had no problem walking up to rent bikes for a group of eight.

Helmet on and ready to bike the Kapaa Bike Path on Kauai

You’ll find bikes will be a little less expensive if you rent them in town versus on the outskirts of town near the trail. Bike rentals should come with a helmet, though, they say it’s optional for adults.

(Get the helmet)

We opted for seven-speed bikes with hand brakes. We didn’t get heavy duty mountain bikes or sleek road bikes, so I can’t vouch for the ease of renting those.

Be sure to thoroughly look over each bike before starting your ride. We discovered one of our kids’ bikes didn’t shift gears properly.

Beginner bike trail on Kauai

If you haven’t been to Kauai, it’s important to know that this island is traversed by few roads, which are almost always filled with cars.

I’m talking legit traffic jams (but at least the views nice, right?).

Kids posing next to their bikes on the Kapaa Bike Trail in Kauai, Hawaii

So, when I talk about bike riding on this island, I’m not talking about commuting by bikes. I saw some brave souls do this, even a few with kids in tow, but for my kiddos, we stuck to a paved trail.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to biking, it’s just as important to find an easy trail when exploring an unfamiliar place.

We were very happy with the terrain found along the Ke Ala Hele Makalae Trail, more commonly known as the Kapaa Bike Path. This stunning 7.3-mile trail is incredibly kid-friendly, with wide paths and postcard vistas.

Where to start on the Kapaa Bike Trail

As it turns out, the Kapaa Trail will eventually be even longer.

I’ll first tell you about the section we biked. Leaving from the eastern edge of Kapaa, we biked north on the trail. The views were gorgeous! We biked past beaches (way too rough to consider dipping our feet into the water).

Boy on bike in Kauai, Hawaii

We also biked past a former banana plantation where we took in the awe-inspiring view of the rough surf.

It’s the stop known as “Pineapple Dump.”

It’s a very short route, but we were biking with kids as young as 7 and it was starting to warm up a bit too much. (The route is not shaded)

You will pass by beaches on this trail, including Fuji Beach and Kealia Beach. We were riding in the heart of winter, so the waves were a bit too high for us. The north end of the trail, you’ll encounter Donkey Beach.

Had we gone the opposite direction, we would have written past a busier area, past the bustling town of Kaapa. The good thing about that southern route is that there are places to stop along the way that might involve, say, getting shave ice to cool off.

This trail will eventually connect to a trail that passes by Lydgate Park.

I wish we had time to visit that part of the trail – there is a great playground there for kids. It’s also known for the keiki beach.

Tips for biking this Kauai trail

These tips are good for those biking with and without kids.

The ocean view just off the Kaapa Bike Trail in Kauai, Hawaii
  • There are a few restrooms along the trail with running water and water fountains. They are found at:
    • Kealia Kai
    • Kealia Beach
    • Kapaa Park
    • Lihi Park & Wai’Kaea Boat Harbor
  • Speaking of water, bring a lot of it. We only brought two refillable water bottles for the four of us and that was a terrible idea. Water fountains on the route can be found at Kealia Kai, Kealia Beach, and Lihi Park.
  • The trail is not shaded, and there aren’t many covered rest stops, so put on sunscreen.
  • Kauai is buggy, so if you plan on stopping to check out the views, put on bug spray. Or, you may be like me, and get bit whether you’re moving or not, so just put on bug spray to be safe.
  • You’ll notice signs at some parts along the trail indicating where falling rocks may be encountered. Just keep biking and you’ll be fine. Don’t stop to test out the durability of the fragile cliffs.
  • The trail is not hilly nor do you cross many busy streets (though you do ride past beach parking lot entrances). Still, it’s good to practice safe biking, so wear a helmet. 
  • More good trail practices to note: 
    • Bike on the right-hand side of the trail.
    • Announce your presence when you’re coming up behind a walker or runner.
    • Pass pedestrian and slower bikers by passing them on the left-hand side.  I always say “Biker on your left.”

Treats after your Kauai bike ride

Kapaa is a vibrant little town for food options, especially along Kuhio Highway. Right by the trail, near where we rented bikes, we encountered a collection of food trucks. If you’re hungry, you can get your lunch there.

Shave ice from the Shave Ice Tege Tege food truck in Kapa'a.

Or if you just want a cold treat, there was a shave ice truck. If you aren’t familiar with this Hawaii treat, it’s pretty popular (and definitely not called shaved ice…or a snow cone).

We got our shave ice at the Shave Ice Tege Tege food truck.

Restaurant-wise, I have a few suggestions, and like I said, they’re going to be located on Kuhio Highway.

Interior of Nom Kauai - A great brunch spot in Kapaa

If you’re biking early in the morning, snag breakfast/brunch at Nom Kauai, 4-1101 Kuhio Highway a4. It was, hands-down, our favorite meal on Kauai. But, they’re only open until 2:30 p.m., so plan accordingly.

The exterior of Nom is pretty unassuming and located in a small strip mall near a grocery store. Inside, though, is a fun and hip little restaurant. It is kid-friendly, though it’s definitely more appealing to the kid-free crowd.

Beer at Olympic Cafe in Kapaa

On the day of our bike ride, we got started late and, thus, had a late lunch (too late for Nom). We went to Olympic Cafe located at 1354 Kuhio Highway. This open-air restaurant is good for big groups, and it’s pretty kid-friendly.

Looking for a scenic and easy bike path on Kauai, Hawaii? Check out the Kapaa Bike Path, an easy biking trail along the coast. Here are tips for biking the trail with kids, including where the restroom stops are, what beaches are along the route, and where to eat after your ride. #biking #biketrail #Hawaii #Kauai #Kapaa

More Kauai Adventures

Stay tuned for future blog posts about Kauai, Hawaii! In the next few weeks, I share details about hidden gems you’ll love to discover for yourself if you visit the island.

While you wait, go ahead and get some travel inspiration with the Kauai Bucket List.

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