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My STEM Gift Guide

You can find STEM activities for kids all over Omaha these days. I see it at my work (Omaha Children’s Museum), and it pops up at places like The Durham Museum’s latest exhibit and you’ll see it daily at Do Space. Kids got a taste of it this summer at KANEKO’s special exhibit, too (with a little art added for some STEAM). It’s no wonder it’s making me think of STEM gift gifts this Christmas.

Experiences at those four places inspired this STEM gift guide (though, sorry Nano lovers, I didn’t include any in it). You can gift experiences or you can gift these toys with a purpose.

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My STEM Gift Guide

This STEM gift guide covers a variety of ages, though, the more for the early elementary school ages because that’s what I’m most familiar with. In case you’re wondering which toy my kids return to over and over again, it’s the Magna Tiles. They’re so worth investing in buying more than one set.

STEM Gift Guide

Pictured in the gift guide (clockwise from top left):

Crazy Scientist Lab Water Gel Science (ages ), $22.99;

Cyber Robot (ages 13+), $54.95; 

Magna Tiles 32-piece set (ages 3+), $49.99; 

Robot Turtles Game (ages 4+), $24.99; 

Coggy (ages 6+), $14.95; 

Offbits (ages 6+), $14.95 

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set (ages 5+), $59.99 (note: the price quoted is from Amazon, but it’s $4 cheaper right now at Fat Brian Toy).

Gift STEM Experiences

STEM Gift Guide 1

While gifting a STEM experiences is not something Santa can get away with (unless it’s a Disney trip, right?), but great relatives can. What I mean by “experience,” is doing something with the child rather than giving them a thing. With a kid who has a December birthday, I’m all for urging family to give him experiences instead of more stuff to add to the birthday bounty he just received.

Here are some ideas:

– One of the kids’ aunts gifts them one-day camps or classes. She goes with them to the classes so it’s a fun day out for the kids. My kids love animals so those suggestions don’t fit the definition of STEM, but they are gifts I can vouch that kids loved.

The recent favorites have been a HETRA summer camp (great for the young horse lovers out there) and Omaha zoo programs (so many to choose from and for many ages).

– You can gift a kid (or let’s be honest, the kid’s parents) a family membership where STEM exploration is encouraged. I’m totally biased, by Omaha Children’s Museum is perfect for the under 8 crowd. They offer a gift membership. I’m not 100% what the equivalent would be for older kids. Anyone have recommendations?

Share your STEM gift ideas in the comment section!

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