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11 Top Omaha Golf Courses & Golf Simulators

Fore! The sound bellows like a call of honor among men, women, and children playing golf at some of the best public golf courses in the Omaha area. Omaha is one of the few major cities that does a great job at maintaining outstanding courses, which are open to everyone. Just make a reservation and pay the green fees.

Whether you prefer walking 18 holes or riding a cart between putting greens, Omaha has the perfect golf course for you. Here’s a look at some of the best 18- and nine-hole public golf courses in the Metro area (in no particular order).

If miniature golf is more of your speed,

18-hole golf courses in Omaha

Johnny Goodman Golf Course

6111 S. 119th St.

Male golfer

Johnny Goodman is perhaps the most-famous golfer to hail from Omaha, so it makes sense that the city named one of the best courses after him. He won the US Open in 1933 as an amateur, the last to achieve that honor. Goodman also finished in the top 14 two other times.

In 1960, Goodman turned professional, and claimed a professional title on the Professional Golfers Association circuit. The former golf course at Field Club was renamed in his honor.

The Johnny Goodman Golf Course covers 18 holes, featuring beautifully-lined trees, ponds, and a lush green course. With some hills, most of the course lies flat. The waterway challenges golfers on four 3-par holes. Players are encouraged to reserve tee times about a week ahead of time for the par-72 course.

Elmwood Golf Course

6232 Pacific St.

Young woman golfing

A par-68 course, playing at Elmwood Golf Course offers the beauty of a tree-lined course and the challenge of rolling hills along with playing through the entrance to Elmwood Park. Located just south of the University of Nebraska-Omaha campus, Elmwood is one of the city’s oldest public golf courses, opening in 1916.

Knolls Golf Course

11630 Sahler St.

With a level front nine, the real challenge at the Knolls Golf Course is the back nine holes, with their sloping landscape. The par-71 course features uphill and downhill lies, as well as a few water obstacles. Another challenge at the winding course includes navigating the nearby housing area.

Benson Golf Course

5333 N. 72nd St.

With some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find at an Omaha good course, the Benson Golf Course includes hills, tree-lined fairways, and a creek. The par-72 course is considered one of the best in the area, private or public golf course. Players are encouraged to reserve tee times a week in advance.

Iron Horse Golf Course

900 Club House Drive, Ashland, Neb.

Putting green

One of the most-beautiful views in Nebraska, including a 40-acre quarry lake, prairie grass, and impressive rolling hills, Iron Horse Golf Course in Ashland features one of the top courses to play in Nebraska.

Opened in the late 1990s, Iron Horse is a par-71 outside Ashland. With a few par-5 holes, Iron Horse challenges the best golfers. Tee times should be reserved about a week in advance.

Nine-hole golf courses in Omaha

Warren Swigart Golf Course

3865 Parkview Drive

Up-close photo of a golf ball

Perhaps Omaha’s most-scenic, nine-hole courses, Warren Swigart Golf Course features a tree-lined fairway. Most of the par-3 course is flat, save for a couple slight slopes.

One of the benefits of playing at Swigart, formerly known as Maple Village, is you don’t usually need to reserve tee times.

Westwood Golf Course

12929 West Center Road

Located in a residential area, Westwood Golf Course offers a serene environment for a game. The par-27 course is tree-lined, and includes sloping greens.

Spring Lake Golf Course

4020 Hoctor Blvd.

Golfer with braids

Open since 1933, Spring Lake Golf Course includes a tree-lined fairway in South Omaha. The par-33 course is walkable and features a level playing surface.

Golf simulators around Omaha

While nothing beats hitting the links to truly enjoy a round of golf, unfortunately, Midwest winters and spring storms can put the kibosh to that. So, move your hand indoors at one of the area’s golf simulators. From Augusta to St. Andrew’s, you can play some of the world’s best courses without leaving Nebraska.

Beyond Golf Bar + Kitchen

A golfer swings indoors at Beyond Golf Bar + Kitchen in LaVista
Photo courtesy Beyond Golf Bar + Kitchen

12040 McDermott Plaza, LaVista, Neb.

Offering golfers five of the best courses in the world, you may forget you’re playing indoors when you start swinging your clubs at Beyond Golf Bar + Kitchen in LaVista. Opened in 2009, Beyond Golf continues to be one of the Metro’s best simulators. You can also enjoy a meal and drinks while playing 18 holes. It’s always best to reserve your spot when you can.


808 N. 102nd St.

Omaha’s newest indoor simulator, X-Golf features six international courses for golfers of all skill levels. Bring your own clubs, or rent a set, and play 18 holes in about an hour. If you’re competing with a partner, reserve an extra hour to ensure your duo has plenty of time for a fun competition.


908 N. 102nd St.

The Omaha Topgolf venue
Photo courtesy Topgolf

Topgolf is a fun experience for golfers of all levels, even if you’ve never played the game. From a quick game featuring nine shots at three targets to a full game, perfect for advanced players.

With two levels of climate-controlled bays, you’ll have your own space to enjoy a round of golf. Bring your own clubs or use Topgolf’s complimentary selections. After your game, enjoy a meal or drink in the restaurant and lounge.

Whether you’re a pro or a first-time player, Omaha has the perfect golf course to match your skill level. Of course, you can always enjoy the comfort of climate control and part a few rounds indoors. And, you really don’t need to yell “Fore!” before your shots. Unless…

Whether you're a pro or a first-time player, Omaha has the perfect golf course to match your skill level! Here are the most popular golf corses in the city, as well info on golf simulators and Topgolf.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.