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Best Apple Orchard Near Omaha

Best Apple Orchard Near Omaha

Autumn is the time to head to apple orchards, and most people in Omaha think of heading to Nebraska City to get their haul. That’s a fun day trip, but there’s a spot closer to home to consider: Ditmar’s Apple Orchard & Vineyard. It’s one of the best apple orchards near Omaha!

This post was first written in 2013 and has been updated with 2019 fall information.

Where to pick apples near Omaha - Go to DItmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, Iowa
Farley loved getting to pull apples off trees.

This orchard on the east side of Council Bluffs, Iowa, doesn’t have all the activities you’ll find at the biggest orchards in Nebraska City, but it also doesn’t have the jammed packed parking lots and herds of people. It has enough attractions to entertain your family for about two hours, maybe more on a nice day.

If all you want from an apple orchard is a bunch of apples, don’t drive any further from home than you have to, right? For us, it’s about a 20-minute drive to this orchard!

Things to do at Ditmars Orchard

Where to pick apples near Omaha - Ditmars Orchard is the place to go, plus they have a corn maze
Farley took the lead in the corn maze, mainly because Mooch was batting 0 for 8 on all guesses on the right path to take. Aunt Amy was a good sport trekking up and down the maze with us.

The corn maze – I was surprised that my kids got so into it, but my preschooler really enjoyed guessing which path to take. It’s a decent workout (especially hauling a toddler around), to boot.

The food – The small shop has a kitchen where you can buy small treats and sandwich entrees (no meatless). The fried apple pie I’ve raved about was not on the chalkboard menu that day. But, I’ve found a new love because of that – fresh apple cider donuts.

Where to pick apples near Omaha - DItmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, Iowa. While there, get some fresh apple cider donuts!
My family of four inhaled six apple donuts at Ditmar’s. I’m afraid to see what we would’ve done to a baker’s dozen.

I’m not a huge fan of donuts, but these are warm, cakey treats that get devoured quickly. These donuts are so good, they made the list of the best donuts in Omaha (though, technically not in Omaha…they’re just that good).

They also sell hot apple cider, and they offer wine tastings if you catch an employee near the bar (I believe the first three tastings are free).

DItmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, Iowa - Hayrack rides takes you out to the orchard.
Chilling on the hayrack ride.

Hayrack ride – My kids’ favorite part of the visit was probably the tractor pulling us up a big hill to get to the orchard. It’s included if you buy an activity band (more on that later). The tractor rides are only available on the weekends.

Where to pick apples near Omaha - Go to DItmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, Iowa
2013 was a good year for apples in Iowa, apparently. The trees at Ditmar’s were heavy with fruit.

Apple picking – There are several varieties at the orchard to pick and take home (here’s a list My family kept finding the honey crisps, which wouldn’t you know, cost extra (and apparently, we aren’t supposed to pick – there was a big to-do about it, there’s some sort of tape marking the trees off but most people didn’t notice it until after picking the trees and I didn’t pay attention to it at all).

Where to pick apples near Omaha - Go to DItmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, Iowa
You’ve got to make sure you like the apples you take home, right? I feel the need to defend my little gluttons.

My kids enjoyed sampling the apples before placing some in the bag. That’s not allowed these days, but try explaining that to a preschooler.

Things adults will like at Ditmars

In addition to picking apples, there are a few extras to mention, especially for the 21 and older crowd. Ditmars makes wine blends, including a few that uses apples from their orchard. It’s one of quite a few wineries in the area.

If you go

Ditmars Orchard

Where: 19475 225th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa – It’s not far off Interstate 80, take the Iowa Western Community College exit – head east, then take the next left (Hunt Avenue), follow that gravel road a ways and then, bam, you’re there.

2019 Fall hours

Wednesday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


It’s FREE to visit the orchards, though you pay for the u-pick apples. If you are going to play on the playground or do any of the other additional activities, you will meed to purchase activity bands. They are $9.95 per person; and FREE for 2 and younger. Passes allow you to do the following: Tractor ride, corn maze, playground, bounce house (weather permitting), bumper ball soccer, barrel carts.

It’s worth getting the band for the hayrack ride if you have younger children, they love that stuff. The orchard begins not far from shop so you can just walk to the trees and begin picking.

I noticed this year they added bumper balls and a bounce house on their activities page.

They hold special events through out the year, including a very popular balloon glow called Fields of Flight, Midwest Winds Kiteflyers and the Pumpkin Festival.

Mooch love playing on the tractor tire pile during the balloon glow at Ditmar's this summer. Never has there been a filthier girl than my child upon leaving the orchard that night. Congrats, Mooch.
Mooch love playing on the tractor tire pile during the balloon glow at Ditmar’s this summer. Never has there been a filthier girl than my child upon leaving the orchard that night. Congrats, Mooch.

We caught the tail end of Fields of Flight on year. It’s a weekend-long festival, so if you can’t make it one evening, you have a few other chances.

It’s pretty impressive.

Fields of Flight balloon glow at Ditmars Orchard & Vineyard in Council Bluffs.
I don’t care how hip you are, when you see hot air balloons, you become as giddy as a school girl. Or a pyro.

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One of the best things to do each fall in the Midwest is visit an apple orchard. There aren't many orchards near Omaha but there is a great one just across the Missouri River! The closest is Ditmars Orchard in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Here's a look at the activities at the orchard, as well as some of the special events held there annually. #Iowa #USA #apples

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