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What’s TAGG & How Can A Family Use It?

What’s TAGG & How Can A Family Use It?

If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have noticed a post or tweet (or two) about Together A Great Good, or simply, TAGG. TAGG is a local app that helps you easily raise money for causes you support. It’s super simple.

Here’s How TAGG Works:

Step One: Download the TAGG app.

Step Two: Visit participating businesses and snap a photo of your receipt.

Step Three: Choose which cause to support. The business will donate to your cause.

Step Four: Share your good deed with others (ie. tweet or post about it).

Super simple. And it’s been around for a while and keeps growing (I wrote about it two years ago), so if you aren’t already, it’s time you started TAGGing.

And there really isn’t a catch to it. If you shop or dine in Omaha, there’s a good chance that you’re frequenting businesses that participate in TAGG. There are even services like insurance, chiropractic care and roofing that are on the list. See the current list here.

A night out at V. Mertz makes a great date night and it’s a participating TAGG business, so V. Mertz will donate a portion of your bill to a cause of your choice.


Plan a nice night out – like a date night to V. Mertz – and you can donate a nice chunk of change to your favorite nonprofit.

Things Families Might TAGG

My kids and I joined fellow bloggers at The Makery recently for a TAGG event to make succulents. Even making succulents at The Makery is a TAGG-able thing.

My kids and I made our own succulents at The Makery. When you go to The Makery, you TAGG your purchase and The Makery will donate a percentage of your bill to the cause of your choice.

I think families will likely TAGG a lot of restaurant outings. Some of my family’s favorite restaurants are TAGG businesses, including Blatte Beer & Table, eCreamery, and Varsity Sports Cafe & Roman Coin Pizza (49th and Dodge location only).

That’s just the food stuff, though. You can also TAGG your outings to Aksarben Cinema (concessions & bar only), Boulder Creek, BounceU, Dave & Buster’s, Maplewood Lanes, Papio Bowl, Papio Fun Park, Pump It Up, Sempeck’s Bowling and Entertainment, The Escape Omaha, and Tregaron Golf Course… for example.

And because we’re all forgetful (or is it just me?), you have some leeway on TAGGing things. We went on a trip to Lincoln and I forgot to TAGG our afternoon at Lost in Fun. You have a week to TAGG your receipt, so even if you forget the day you made your purchase, you can still TAGG it.

What Can You Support With TAGG

The app allows you to create a list of charities, teams and organizations you want to support. When you’re ready to TAGG a purchase, choose from them for each purchase. Or just pick one and funnel all of your donations to it. Your call.

For families, this may mean choosing a sports team, a school PTA, or church. My current causes include my kids’ school, some local theaters, the rescue groups that saved our family dogs, and American Cancer Society.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.