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What’s At The Omaha Market

Update: On March 30, 2018, The Omaha Market announced a disassociation with Fairmont Mercantile. Omaha Market no longer exists at Fairmont Mercantile. 

The Fairmont Mercantile (AKA Hollywood Candy to most of us, thought it’s really connected to the candy shop) is full of many, many odds and ends. In March 2018, the owners opened another space within the mercantile for another assortment of goods: The Omaha Market.

Omaha Market

The Omaha Market is tucked away in the Fairmont Mercantile, which features collectibles, antiques and other odds and ends.

The Omaha Market is a collection of handmade items, almost all exclusively made by local artisans. There are some beautiful things, practical things, and more than a few giftable things. Everything is for sale in The Omaha Market.

This is likely going to be my go-spot for gifts now.

I attended a sneak preview, and had the chance to meet a few of the creatives with products sold at The Omaha Market:

Big Dob’s Beard Balm – Alan started making his own beard balm and got so many requests for it, he now makes small batches as Big Dob’s to sell to other bearded fellows. He had me smell one, and I can vouch for the stuff smelling pretty good.

Big Dobs Beard Balm

Alan probably knows a thing or two about the right way to care for a beard. He sells Big Dobs Beard Balm at The Omaha Market.

The Gourmet Granola – Nicole is the woman behind The Gourmet Granola, handcrafted granola made here in Omaha. Be on the lookout for the granola with BACON in it.

Gourmet Granola

Nicole had me at granola with bacon. She sells The Gourmet Granola at The Omaha Market.

Deepfried Woodworks – Jason is a chef at one of my favorite Omaha restaurants, La Casa, but let’s not talk about that. He carves spoons and other items out of wood, and their quite pretty. Check out his work on Instagram.

Deep Fried Woodworks

Jason carves all the spoons he sells by hand. Find his stuff labeled as Deepfried Woodworks at The Omaha Market.

Wander Rock Photography – I didn’t technically meet Chelsea at the preview, but she was there, and is a Twitter friend, so it counts. Chelsea takes awesome photos and sells them.

Other artisans at The Omaha Market

Benson Soap Mill (soaps)

Wick & Oil (candles)

Artemis Teas (teas)

The Green House (home and garden)

The Anastasia Co. (stationary)

Reboot Roasting (coffee)

The Barnwood Store (wooden products)

Omaha Screen Co. (Tshirts)

Biologic Pottery Studio (pottery)

Sweet Harvest Popcorn (popcorn)

War and Pieces (signs – many are really funny)

Creative Clay Cafe (pottery/jewelry)

Amazen Popcorn (popcorn)

Chalking With Love (signs)

Love Yo Pup (dog treats)

The Omaha Market

It looks like there’s a possibility to add more soon, so this list is probably going to change. Check Artisan List here to see if anyone knew has been added.

To keep tabs on events at The Omaha Market, follow Fairmont Mercantile on Facebook.

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Meredith Sikorski

Monday 19th of March 2018

This is a wonderful addition to the Old Market shopping scene! How kid friendly is the space if I have a curious toddler with me?


Monday 19th of March 2018

The whole space is a treasure trove of things for kids to discover. So much to see in there! Mine have loved it for years (probably the candy store, the most). I'd say it's fine to take a toddler, just know the artisan area is tucked in by memorabilia and antiques.

Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

Thursday 15th of March 2018

Sounds like a neat place and would be a good spot for anyone visiting Omaha to check out.


Thursday 15th of March 2018

I agree!

Erin @ Visit Omaha

Thursday 15th of March 2018

Nice rundown of what we can find there! It's great to have all these Omaha-made items consistently in one spot now.


Thursday 15th of March 2018

Thanks! I'm thinking this will be my go-to Christmas shopping spot.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.