February 17, 2014

Teaching My Daughter About Fitness + Jillian Michaels Giveaway

I recently listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast. A co-worker of mine is a Jillian podcast devotee and talks about how motivating they are. Since Jillian’s coming March 12, I figured I should check it out too.

I picked a good one for parents – she talked about teaching her daughter about health and fitness. And how she wanted her daughter to know the benefits of being active – how being active will build her confidence. She wanted her daughter to know it wasn’t just about being skinny.

Jillian really hit close to home on what I’d been worried about. I know first hand how a girl can obsess about a size. Or a number on a scale. That was me. It has taken me a long time to not give those numbers much credit and instead pay attention to how I feel, how my body feels when I run – that’s a better indicator on whether or not I’m slacking.

Mooch on spinner

My darling force of nature, Mooch, at the playground.

I don’t want number obsession for my daughter. I want her to be active for health’s sake, and because it’s fun. When I describe my daughter, I love that fitting words include determined, tough, agile and beautiful.

When she’s with me, I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to be the kind of woman I want her to become. I eat my vegetables. She’s seen me running, she’s seen me sweaty after a workout. I play with her and her big brother. If a negative feeling about my body pops up in my head, I keep it to myself.

I’ve always respected Jillian, the trainer and the wellness expert; now it’s neat to see her in a new light: The mother. I think she has a lot to teach me.

So, I’m really excited that she’s coming to Omaha in March!

Want to see this amazing woman in person?

JM_Promo PhotoOmaha Performing Arts is presenting Jillian Michaels on March 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Holland Performing Arts Center. The show is part of Jillian’s “Maximize Your Life” tour, and it will feature Jillian, of course, as well as an audience Q&A. How cool would it be if she answered your question?!

You can get your tickets now at TicketOmaha.com.

OR try your luck!

I’m co-hosting a giveaway for FOUR (4) tickets to attend Jillian Michaels show on March 12 – so think of your three closest friends you want to bring along! One winner will be drawn randomly on March 2 at 11:59 p.m.

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Disclosure: I work for Omaha Performing Arts; all opinions in this post are mine, though. Bloggers co-hosting this giveaway were compensated with tickets to the performance.